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Good MOD bad DLC... Seriously why are people ok with the precedent this sets for the future of mods in ARMA and in other games. Steam tried to monetize the Workshop, Bethesda is trying to monetize its mods with the Creation Club. Each of those times people made their voice known but here i'm not seeing it as much as id like.

Additional: as of 5/24/19, i have not found any attempts be servers to implement this content. yes a few do but they are obsolete and not popular, KOTH and Wasteland have not done so yet making the content worthless unless you like the annoying campaign or other singleplayer content.
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loot closet Dont use me im from bioshock
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Mitochondria Jul 23, 2019 @ 1:26pm 
To do this:

This guy is a BL shift codes savior and saved me hours of grinding