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Anno 1800 is the seventh entry in this series of city-building, real-time strategy games.
Unlike its last predecessor it returns to the traditional ocean combat and city-building mechanics, but implemented some ideas from the last iteration, like the multisession gameplay.
It also introduces new aspects to the gameplay like tourism, island attractiveness, blueprints and other industrial-themed features.

Pros :
  • Almost endless playtime.
  • A high learning curve.
  • Good soundtrack.
  • Clean and extensive UI.
  • Complex logistic management.
  • Great AI difficulty.
  • Developers implement user-suggested features.

Cons :
  • Guideance lacks of endgame content.
  • Very predictable and short campaign.
  • Repetitive side-quests.
  • Characters have no real personality.
  • Minor Bugs.
  • No Steam achievements.
  • Needs an external client to run. It is Uplay of course

Miscellaneous :
¹Only available if you preordered the base game on Steam.
²Are included in the Season Pass Year 1.
³Are included in the Season Pass Year 2.
⁴Are included in the Season Pass Year 3.
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