Szabó Attila   Hungary
Hi. I'm a Model Creator and a regular gamer.
I usually make TF2 themed models for Source Filmmaker

What I usually make:
- Garry's Mod, Source Filmmaker, Team Fortress 2 compatible models.
- Source Filmmaker posters / lighting for videos.
- Rarely animations. ( old TF2C DM weapon anims )

Tools I use:
Blender, Photoshop CC 2014, Paint(dot)NET, Gimp; Noesis, Crowbar decomplier, Crazybump, Notepad++, xNormal 3.19.2 (x64), zBrush 4R6

Favorite games:
Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Mafia series, Rockstar Games IPs, Crysis 2.

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I prefer emails over friend requests, and that's mostly because I don't want to have too much people on my friendlist. I also reply a lot more faster to emails so feel free to contact me:
Thank you, hope you all enjoy my workshop models. Expect more in the future!
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It is always a great question whether I'm up for comissions or not.
I'd like to focus on more community releases, such as models that everyone can have a benefit from.

To also adress what exactly I want to focus on: ( not in a particular order or in any certainty because these are just the ideas )
- TF2C characters
- Comic characters
- Updated suit on all TF2 mercenaries.
- Update more old models. (Meet the Pyro babies / Enchanted models)

For technical assistance / questions feel free to contact me via e-mail:
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Saxton Hale at the Saxxy awards.
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Bluespook Sep 27 @ 12:33pm 
I love your work, but can you do more?
Goofcat Aug 22 @ 9:46pm 
from Mark Unread's team
Maxxy Aug 9 @ 8:59am 
Very true.
esketit Aug 9 @ 8:27am 
Slovakia is not Hungary
SpillProff Aug 5 @ 10:09am 
Dropbox link works. Thank you!
Maxxy Aug 4 @ 10:54pm 
It was always working, it should be something wrong on your end, maybe your browser? Regardless, I included a dropbox link, let me know if it works