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Saxton Hale: Jungle Inferno SFM
Universe: Team Fortress
Models: Character
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Dec 19, 2017 @ 1:31pm
Dec 26, 2017 @ 4:37am
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Saxton Hale: Jungle Inferno SFM

Saxton Hale is a daring Australian, President and CEO of Mann Co., and the star of many comics series.
Saxton Hale appears in the Jungle Inferno update with his own unique model.

This is not Valve's original Saxton Hale model, It's an imitation.

- HWM / Wrinklemaps.
- Presentgroups (SFM only): Face / Fingers
- High resolution textures / normals.
- Lots of hair and abs.
- Skins. (Normal / Blue / Saxxy)
- Bodygroups: Belt, Hat

Model Credit:
Maxxy - Modelling, Promo art: 1/2 + showcases.
JPRAS - Mayann Hale body reference, Feedback.
Valve - Saxton Hale from Team Fortress 2 / Jungle Inferno.

Video Credit:
Hex - Lead video producer / animator.
Musetrigger - Voice actor (Saxton Hale).
Stachekip - Voice actor (Mercenary).
Magnus - Composer.
Maxxy - Lighting / scene build.
Calvin - Animating, prop modeling, Texturing.
Mall - Saxton Hale's Facial Animation.

Special thanks:
Sync - Model testing / Promo art: 3/4.
Badgerpig - Feedback / body shape guideline.
Velly - VSH coversion basics.

- "The model is not working, textures are missing, what can I do?"
- Download the legacy addon from here.[] Install it to your game folder (usermod).
- "I'm a server owner and I run VSH on my server. Can I use this model?"
- A VSH version is available for free to everyone, here![]
- "Why can't we have the original model?"
- The original model is not yet released. I messaged the SFM team about it and I haven't received a reply.
- "Will you guys release more character models in the future?"
- Yes. However there is no approximate release date for any of the potential models.

Note from Maxxy:

Before Jungle Inferno was released JPRAS already worked on a Saxton Hale model which was used in the Mayann short video.
I was planning on helping the release of the model, but not long after I started Valve revealed Saxton Hale in the Jungle Inferno short on October 20. The idea after that was to create an imitation of the model.

Before starting I've sent a mail to the Source Filmmaker team, asking if we could have the official model released by any chance, if not, would it interfere with a potential re-creation? Since I received no reply, I started working on the model based on the video.

All sorts of camera angles / changes were taken into consideration before I ended up with the current look. I think it generally captures the characteristics of Saxton Hale very much, same goes to the wildly expressive HWM face which I created with DMXEdit. It was a really fun process, but I was hoping to get a reply from the SFM team which could have anwsered some of my questions regarding custom assets created for their short films. ( It was promised that SFM gets more guides from Valve / Meet the Team sessions / Assets )

Please in this case if the team reads my note, send me a mail at:,
I would gladly discuss this matter further here and in the name of content creators.
I hope Saxton is going to help and inspire content creators for the upcoming Saxxy Awards 2017, good luck and enjoy the model!

Click here to view an album of work in progress pictures![]

Other links:
GMOD version!

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