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Saxton Hale: Jungle Inferno SFM
Universe: Team Fortress
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Dec 19, 2017 @ 1:31pm
Dec 26, 2017 @ 4:37am
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Saxton Hale: Jungle Inferno SFM

Saxton Hale is a daring Australian, President and CEO of Mann Co., and the star of many comics series.[]
Saxton Hale appears in the Jungle Inferno[] update with his own unique model.
This is not the Valve's original Saxton Hale model, It's an imitation.

- HWM / Wrinklemaps.
- Presentgroups (SFM only): Face / Fingers
- High resolution textures / normals.
- Lots of hair and abs.
- Skins. (Normal / Blue / Saxxy)
- Bodygroups: Belt, Hat

Model Credit:
Maxxy - Modelling, Promo art: 1/2 + showcases.
JPRAS - Mayann Hale body reference, Feedback.
Valve - Saxton Hale from Team Fortress 2 / Jungle Inferno[].

Video Credit:
Hex - Lead video producer / animator.
Musetrigger - Voice actor (Saxton Hale).
Stachekip - Voice actor (Mercenary).
Magnus - Composer.
Maxxy - Lighting / scene build.
Calvin - Animating, prop modeling, Texturing.
Mall - Saxton Hale's Facial Animation.

Special thanks:
Sync - Model testing / Promo art: 3/4.
Badgerpig - Feedback / body shape guideline.
Velly - VSH coversion basics.


- "The model is not working, textures are missing, what can I do?"
- Download the legacy addon from here.[] Install it to your game folder (usermod).
- "I'm a server owner and I run VSH on my server. Can I use this model?"
- A VSH version is available for free to everyone, here![]
- "Why can't we have the original model?"
- The original model is not yet released. I messanged the SFM team about it and I haven't received a reply.
- "Will you guys release more character models in the future?"
- Yes. However there is no approximate release date for any of the potential models.

Note from Maxxy:

Before Jungle Inferno[] was released JPRAS already worked on a Saxton Hale model which was used in the Mayann short video.
I was planning on helping the release of the model, but not long after I started Valve revealed Saxton Hale[] in the Jungle Inferno short on October 20. The idea after that was to create an imitation of the model.

Before starting I messanged the Source Filmmaker team if we could have the official model released by any chance, if not, would it interfere with a potential re-creation? Since I received no reply, I started working on the model based on the video.

All sorts of camera angles / changes were taken into consideration before I ended up with the current look. I think it generally captures the characteristics of Saxton Hale very much, same goes to the wildly expressive HWM face which I created with DMXEdit. It was a really fun process, but I was hoping to get a reply from the SFM team which could have anwsered some of my questions regarding custom assets created for their short films. ( It was promised that SFM gets more guides from Valve / Meet the Team sessions / Assets )

Please in this case if the team reads my note, send me a mail at:,
I would gladly discuss this matter further here and in the name of content creators.
I hope Saxton is going to help and inspire content creators for the upcoming Saxxy Awards 2017[], good luck and enjoy the model!

Click here to view an album of work in progress pictures![]

Other links:
GMOD version!

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HAHA! That's a handsome bloke if I ever seen one!
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Worked great, thanks!
Maxxy  [author] Feb 20 @ 1:07pm

I made a google drive link, let me know if it works.