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If you have questions about item making, ask them here!

Official TF2 items I've made

Tough Stuff Muffs
Snagletoothed Stenson
Cryptic Keepsake
Vicar's Vestments
Huntsman's Essentials
Mann of the Seven Sees
Poacher's Safari Jacket
Unknown Mann
Bonk Batter's Backup
The Balloonibouncer (Taunt)

I also contributed to

The Dogfighter (Rigging)
The Mann of House (Rigging)
The Marsupial Muzzle (Facial flexes)
The Graylien (Facial Flexes + LODs)~
The Dustcatcher (Rigging)
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In order for your item to be added to the collection, be sure your item's thumbnail has the Mayann thumbnail overlay and that it respects the project's guidelines for items.

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Created by - JPRAS
Workshop Showcase
Eder el cool pony Apr 13 @ 6:03pm 
Hey, JPRAS, I just gave to your proyect, a little touch of "Friendship is Magic" (Is not anything agasting you, but something to prove that this adventure, is not gonna end well. Feel free to share it with friends, comment on it,add it to favs, whatever you wanna do with it.)
sugarblood Apr 1 @ 12:21am 
The mayann site is down. You got the assets still?
Wolf | TF2.GG Mar 17 @ 8:44am 
Added to talk about one of your taunt animations in a comp setting so we can unban it from the whitelist
Robrogineer Feb 7 @ 8:01am 
Greetings JPRAS! i am robrogineer, i am a gmod animator and a big fan of your work! what i wanted to ask is if you could send me the models of The Adventurer's Vestments and The Finder's Fedora to use in poster and such.
thanks in advance
=[P.F.F]= Dafuq? Dec 26, 2017 @ 4:35am 
For some reason, the Mayann project website gives me a 403 Forbidden error if I try to access it. How do I fix that?
bread Nov 15, 2017 @ 3:31am 
i hope this will be in the game