Xtreme_Shoot -2012 FPS Pro-V Player   Mimarsinan, Istanbul, Turkey
I am Artist, i am love creations, i am help to people if i can. I am Love Linkin Park, i wish make SFM with together. have great times.
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I started the game late for once in spring-june 2018, but why didn't I see a big update for once? officially every place I enter is created bad luck. because of me. either by coincidence or timing. :'-'( i hated my Life. With come once bad times...

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Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory & Meteora - Masterpiece's - Başyapıtlar.
I don´t believe in miracles. I don't believe in destiny and fate. I believe what I see and saw.
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no one crossed to cross the roads. to do what no one else has done. to apply and do whatever comes to mind. and tons of stuff! just be brave! and do whatever comes to mind! otherwise your revolution will be forgotten forever. so doing now is better than doing nothing! How lucky I am to be a secular and western person! And I'm proud of myself! as long as there are words of legendary people and go through those roads and learn and share with people, community.

Eğer Sevdin bir şey varsa onu yap. Şimdi yapmaktan, Asladan daha iyidir. If you love do want whatever want something, do it then now, Beacuse better than never.
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And Mores! Live Your Life Beacuse: Until then, life was actually worth living... - Keep Going, Buddy [SFM] Poky 28 September 2020.
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Today i'm going to show you how to bring back the old timer and old class hud icon, without mods. Enjoy it your nostalgia! :-') <3

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[HELP İT TO PINEAPPLE.TF] Dec 7 @ 6:36am 
You too guys. :'-') <3 you are my best friends too!
MeowWw Dec 7 @ 6:07am 
He is the best :)
Player 1 Dec 7 @ 4:28am 
No problem, you are soo kind <3 I don't know anything about Blender, just trying :ggslayer:
[HELP İT TO PINEAPPLE.TF] Dec 6 @ 1:51pm 
your avatar from movie & second... probably you friend get CS Wave ban. if i don't wrong remember it.
traverthegoat Dec 6 @ 7:47am 
Whats ur comment about
[HELP İT TO PINEAPPLE.TF] Dec 5 @ 11:56am 
Mostly Best Hearts Of İron 4 Player You Are Mann. :-') <3 Thank You Mann. <3 :steamthumbsup: :steamhappy: :steamthis: :balloon: :spycon: