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Mark Romagnoli   Pavia, Lombardia, Italy
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Cozy and warm from the battery and the lights, you can now spread the festive joy in the tundra without worrying to expose your head to the cold.

- All-Class
- Paintable
- Illuminated lighs
- Animated Lights
- Cozy
1,105 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Mark Unread and Phe
Workshop Showcase
In order to be a hunter, you need a raccoon cap to begin with! And a pair of stache!

- 3 Lods
- Paintable
- Jiggleboned tail
- Face-flexed
- Comfortable for the upcoming winter
14,112 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Toad, TheLazerSofa, bald 2, Mark Unread, and Sparcdoctor
Hey you over here, read me
Hello there, fella!

My name's Mark Unread, and I am a 3D artist. I am a nonbinary person, but you can use any pronoun you want on me.
Add me if you need to ask me something but please, write a comment before doing so.

Things I worked on
Protonic Morons - Saxxy Awards 2016, Honorable Mention (Best Movie Homage)
Manned Up Mannequins - Saxxy Awards 2017-2018 (Nominated best Extended)
Particle Mayhem - Community Event

Items I contributed to
Croaking Hazard (Jungle Inferno Update)
Tundra Top (03/29/2018 - Blue Moon Case Update)
EU Mixes Medals
Candy Cantlers (12/03/2020 - 2020 Smissmas Update)

Videos I conributed to
Team Neighborhood 4 - Models

Places I have been outside Italy
Jelenia Gora, Poland, EU
Prague, Czechia, EU
San Marino Republic
Budapest, Hungary, EU
Horni Police, Czechia, EU

Quotes said by gentemanly friends
AndyO's: "I'm not gonna lie, but you have a pretty good team in your team!

A chat I had in day Friday August 12th, 2016:
18:25 - Mark Unread | Saxxy Awards 2016: Cap, aren't you too from Canada?
18:25 - Cap disconnected.

Thursday 29th, 2016:
10:43 - 2P: I'm such an amateur foggist
10:43 - 2P: I'm also an amateur ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Wednesday 29th August, 2019
I used to be a furry until I started to ♥♥♥♥

May the 4th, 2017:
[]: vabbe fa niente
[]: conosci invece qualcuno che sappia mettere della fica a degli oggetti?
Mark Unread: Della COSA?
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Yes I am the person who went to Horni Police
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After getting this game by my best friend Fred, i can say that this is a game that, at first glance, is confusionary, but as long as you follow what the speaker on the phone says in the first chapter, you get the hand on it.
A game where basically you control the cameras, the censors and the ads of a TV studio, this game has a good story of a nation that seems on the brink of a civil war, and of a corporation with a secret to hide at all costs.
The game, I can say, is good. The three levels released so far are good quality content, and the challenges seem hard at first, but then you understand what and how to do it. What caught me off guard was on level 3, but I won't spoil.

This is like, a Papers Please but instead of being a checkpoint checker you are a worker on a TV station. Your choices, your editings, and your timing are essential on making the news and entertain the watchers.

Kudos to you, devs. It entertained me a lot and I hope to see more content.
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¿Ω|PinguinoPolentone|? May 7 @ 1:47am 
Madonna quanto adoro sto uomo, sei un grandissimo man!
♥Xilekai♥ Apr 7 @ 1:43am 
Do you have the textures that were shared among all of your hair uploads for sfm? The skye hair model went down, I accidentally pressed yes, and now they've all got missing textures.
A ghost wolf🐺 Mar 3 @ 3:04pm 
++rep good friend to have,
JayTuut needs FTTP Feb 27 @ 7:36pm 
We used to be friends and I played your gamemaker game, let me know if we can be mates again!
SharkWolfGaming Feb 27 @ 2:53pm 
Hey Mark! its Kai!
Mönkey Feb 8 @ 12:22pm 
Still waiting for my warpaint review. Also nice cool mittens with a snowball that got in that nobody wears.