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supra Mar 23 @ 5:56pm 
FumbleGodKe Mar 23 @ 5:00pm 
gg orospu evladi, senin anani sikim emi
supra Mar 20 @ 4:42pm 
np anytime, bonne soiree :)
1coquo Mar 20 @ 4:35pm 
Thank you for responding, it helped clear things up.
supra Mar 20 @ 4:22pm 
yeah but we asked you to switch multiple times later and you didn't
i think it was more of a misunderstanding right now and quite unfortunate situation, because i didn't have any problem with you playing medic and i don't think anybody else did
playing med is always on tf2c is always a community service cuz nobody wants to do it so all respect goes to u for that
1coquo Mar 20 @ 4:05pm 
I was disconnected because of my co, so I'm reconnecting as quickly as possible. Medic had already been taken, so I can't take him anymore, so I went scout. And then you wanted to kick me. I asked you why and you said I couldn't change classes (something I didn't know because I'm new). So I quickly went to medic as soon as the person left the medic, then you wanted to kick me again. I couldn't do anything more. I was kick when I was playing in my class