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I'm Ronnie fucking Pickering   Finland
:csgo_crown: I've always wondered; In Palestinian passports, under ''occupation'', do they just put ''Israel''? :csgo_crown:
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:csgo_crown: CS:GO Teams 2018 - 2021
:csgo_crown: (Giovanni Giorgio, ImL, n£$t!, VollStreckeR, Kalapuikko, SN4P)
:csgo_crown: Knights.css (Kevi[N], Bobbusss, Harvey, Lastlook, Giovanni Giorgio, n£$t!)
:csgo_crown: NiF.Knights (Giovanni Giorgio, ImL, n£$t!, Kevi[N], VollStreckeR, Bobbusss)
:csgo_crown: European.MEN OF WAR (Giovanni Giorgio,T-Mac, n£$t!, sry_about_that, GNR, lowhitbox)
:csgo_crown: UCAP.GENEX (Davis, Blakeee, Bones, Giovanni Giorgio, MCK)
:csgo_crown: Youninstall!css (Giovanni Giorgio, T-Mac, sry_about_that, GNR, lowhitbox)

:csgo_crown: :t39trophy: Monsterhack LAN 2018 - 5000 SEK
:csgo_crown: :MR4Trophy: Monsterhack LAN 2018 - 1000 SEK
:csgo_crown: :t39trophy: Monsterhack LAN 2019 - 5000 SEK

:csgo_crown: :t39trophy: Keita Gaming Monthly Finals February - 400 EURO
:csgo_crown: :t39trophy: Keita 5v5 CS:GO 5v5 #22 - 200 EURO
:csgo_crown: :MR4Trophy: Games4u Nordic masters qualif. - 3000 SEK

:csgo_crown: youninstall!css ladder highlights
:csgo_crown: | NiF.Knights | TeamMovie | NiF.Kcss^ |
:csgo_crown: Giovanni Giorgio CS:GO highlights

:csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown: :csgo_crown:

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BO$$ This is my last goodbye comment. I love you all. I hope to come back one day.
E F S A N E L E R O L M E Z Mar 26 @ 10:25am 
Best Gamer And My Bestie
E F S A N E L E R O L M E Z Mar 19 @ 9:51pm 
I'm bestie Good Morning :)
E F S A N E L E R O L M E Z Feb 23 @ 12:54pm 
Have a good night <3
E F S A N E L E R O L M E Z Feb 14 @ 10:39am 
𝘏𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘺 𝘝𝘢𝘭𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘦'𝘴 𝘋𝘢𝘺