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This game is, as a re-re-release of the '99 "Back to Nature", or re-release of the '03 "Friends of Mineral Town", is pure nostalgia, and probably one of the best modernisations of a game I have seen to date.

Not only is the original game praised as the best entry of the series, but the gameplay is modernised in fitting ways and while the 3D-Graphics are not impressive, they give the game a very retro feeling.

The most important changes are the beatifully redrawn character portraits, the controls perfectly suited for the new platform and a whole new inventory system. But also some smaller changes like walking on crops and changes in tool usage make it more comfortable to play.

New additions are new animals, the option to play as a girl (which was introduced in "More Friends of Mineral Town"), a new Bachelor and Bachelorette and new events.

All in all, if you liked any older entry of the Harvest Moon series, you will love this game, since it brings all the good memories from those games back. But please be aware that the newer series entries play quite different, and are therefore not always comparable.
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