D'on The Dragon
Karl Thonon   Brabant Wallon, Belgium
I don't accept random friend request due to phishers. Please! Leave a comment with a reason for adding me or you'll probably be ignored.

-I am just a friendly belgian dragon who loves chinese food, his family and friends.

-Metro games are my favorite! :MSparta:

-I have a hard time to trust new people so don't be surprised if i'm acting careful.

-I'm rarely pissed, except in mann vs machine.
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D'on's character bio :
Born and raised in Belgium, D'on is an unique Dragon to the others. His Dad was Human and his Mother was a dragon. (There are furry/scalie individuals in his universe and they are anthropomorphic). He took a trip to Russia for a holiday to visit the capital (Moscow) until one day a global nuclear war started while he was chilling in his rented home (both his parents stayed back in Belgium, their fates are unknown).

He inherited from his Dad : His gender (male), physical strength, endurance, a bit of his Dad's mentality and taste in foods/drinks (although D'on has most of his own personal mentality from his own view of the world), D'on's hands are more human-like with 5 fingers that have short claws on each of them. (Unlike his mother and all other anthropomorphic furry/scalie individuals which have 4 fingers). He inherited the ability to see the spirits/souls of the dead and the ability to communicate with them just like his father because he was a mysterious shaman.

He inherited from his mother : His draconic look and features, his mother's scales were more pink-ish with a black underbelly but D'on's scales are more purple-ish and also with a black underbelly, D'on's yellow scales are unique to only himself. D'on has wings but they are medium-sized which requires more strength and endurance to use for his body to fly (which is why he can only fly for a short time and glide at ease). He can breath fire but only uses it to defend himself or to cook things easier. Since birth he has shown through medical and biological exams that he is 95% dragon and 5% human in body, appearance and features. So the doctors classified his species's name to be dragon (not hybrid or dragon/human) since he's way more draconic. Which is why he is referred by everyone and himself to be a dragon which both of his parents find "fair" and they are fine with it.

Regular traits : Being stealthy, very good in unarmed/melee combat (only to defend himself or to knock down his enemies), talented Tinkerer with air weapons and homemade sharp objects. Athletic build, able to fly for a short-time and able to glide in the air and breath fire.

Unique traits :

- Able to see and communicate with the spirits/souls of the deceased at all time.
- A Strange mutation of his scales and body that are unique to only him that makes him very resilient to most physical, psychological and chemical damage. D'on is still vulnerable to areas with contaminated air or with a lack of air at all, which is why he carries two gas masks of his own design with him at all times with a spare small oxygen canister. (the second mask is a backup).

Likes : Justice, people that are kind, redemption and forgiveness from people (Alive or Dead), exploring the Great Library, pork slices and tea from VDNKh (Even though D'on's home station is in Polis), his job has a Ranger of the Order (He helps defend stations from hostile bandits and mutants), his other job as a Polis Kshatriya and being a ghost whisperer to calm down spirits/souls that are wandering abandoned stations or the surface (He can also relay messages from them to their loved ones who are still alive to make them happier).

Dislikes : Selfish individuals, The poisoned air of Moscow's surface, cruelty, Bandits, The Fourth Reich, The Red Line, Hanza, Nosalises, Shrimps, alcohol and smokes, Killing his enemies, especially those who aren't hostile mutants (The spirits/souls would always wander around afterwards confused and scared and D'on has to explain what happend to them and what comes next) and he HATES anomalies because he hates the shock received from their attacks.
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Personal contract : "The weapons above reached 1000 Kills by playing Casual/Mann vs Machine."
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I like the game, played it a few times i think...?
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As a metro fan i'm really impressed with this game. I'll give it a strong 9/10, the cons down below are just my opinions and it can be different for each players.
Pros :
+Good graphics.
+Good story.
+Good weapon management.
+Cool mutants.
Cons :
-Fire damage is extremly powerful, especially towards Artyom. (stay away from oil lamps and campfires), it wasn't that bad in the previous games.
-Fall damage is frequent, Artyom jumps way too far for no reason even with the most simple jump. It makes going down a staircase very scary for no good reason.
-The boat handling is pretty slow. (Makes it a nightmare to handle during ranger hardcore with the shrimps spitting at you).
-Artyom's health has been lowered in metro exodus and makes ranger harcore a lot harder when fighting humans, making it bordeline frustrating because you only can take 2 to 3 bullets from any guns/range and die.
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