British Beef
Craig   Devon, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Achievement completionist, checkout how I'm doing at

Twitch app xbeefybeefsterx (mainly stream Fortnite StW but open to other suggestions)

Epic games launcher nickname (Beefy Beefster) mainly used for Fortnite StW

Overwolf (multi IM app) nickname Beefster

Blizzard app nickname Beefster (please don't ask me to play Overwatch, hate with a passion)

Origin nickname APEXBeefy

UPlay nickname Beefster

Aged 37. (25/2/82)
Father of 3 ,oldest is 10 (male) and youngest (twins) are 7 (male and female)

Been PC gaming since 1999 (first game UT)

Been gaming in general a-lot longer (first game I ever played was Asteroids) which I believe was on the Atari 2600

Fave genre? FPS

Fave gametype? PvE Co-op (prefer to go toe to toe against AI bots but i can manage my own in PvP although being told i've been "owned" by a younger gamer, it is very off putting now a days)

Longest game played? LoTRO, started Beta 2007 and been off and on with over 4,500 hours of gameplay (not counting steam records)

want to ask me something? go right ahead i'm an open book
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you want a war game thats not just running and gunning that you need to work as a team and use cover unlike the CoD and Battlefield games you need tactics, learn the ropes with the weapons and learn to flank,retreat and hold ground because the AI bots can and will.

top down perspective (some gamers will turn their nose up at RWR just for that alone)

tough learning curve (but feels fair and damn fun all the time)

stigma attached to Early Access games (no fault to RWR on this one)


easy to mod (maps,weapons,factions,vehicles)

random events that pop up every so often (stealing enemy trucks)

co-op at its finest. i've heard the most players fit on a server is 52 thats with AI bots and others things happening too

ranks (gain XP from killing...obviously)

its not pin point accuracy (unless of course you change your stance)

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+rep :wavetree: Just so you know i love to trade cards so send me some offers if you want to trade! have a awesome day! :wavetree:
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You a real gamer 😎
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