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(A.S.S) [THF] ¤MBM¤™ |TvM| ÁgøûRa°$t3v3   Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
Oh Hai! -- I'm "Agoura_Steve"

sometimes people will impersonate me by trying to recreate my profile to SCAM
(or harass) other players, so please be alert to that possibility (!) because it’s happened at least 5 times already.

My profile / inventory will NEVER BE PRIVATE (or linked to another account) (!!!), and will always be above level 250 (still leveling it up),
if you can't see the level, that means it's private, and therefore it's not me!! Make sure it's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My general account rep thread: https://rep.tf/76561197974225531

I play a lot, then I stop for a year, then I play a lot etc. I'm not consistent so please don't unfriend me for inactivity.

I mostly play, or have played a lot of:
UT2004 (Unreal Tournament 2004), TF2 (Team Fortress 2), Call of Duty
(all versions of CoD), and CS:GO (CounterStrike Global Offensive).
I've logged over 9000 hours of UT2k4 on various accounts.
TF2 hours played are in the thousands of hours.
800+ MVM Tours in Mann up last time I totaled up the badges incl. alts,
I’ve found 15 Austrailiums at the time of writing this.
Earned 5 Gold canteen badges + 1 Silver on alts for Potato MVM as well, so I really have done a "LOT" of MVM.
I'm actually in the MVM hall of fame for 4 different tours at MVMlobby.tf

I joined |TvM| Team versus Machines, an MVM group for TF2 in 2014 (6 years there before leaving in 2019).
and in CS:GO I (was) on Team AkraZia for about a year.
I'm currently a Moderator in [THF] (another Mann versus Machine group).

I've been in some gaming Clans (Groups/Clubs), for competitive team Matches such as Clan [McF] for Mafia Wars,
(A.S.S) / AMERICAN.SUPREME.SOLDIERS Gaming Clan for the game Unreal Tournament 2004 (since Feb. 2005)
and {=TkM=} for CoD2. AkraZia for CS:GO

I've been a Team Co-Captain, I've been a server admin for most all the games I play. I've been a Clan leader as well.
I still love to compete and have been a competition player since 2005.

UGC HL S8 - Soldier (Steel) Second Hand Mercenaries [ShM]
UGC HIGHLANDER S15 - Heavy (Steel) [*LBB*]

**TF2 Platinum Dueling Badge owner! (in top 100 in the world for 2011)
http://steamcommunity.com/stats/TF2/leaderboards/30379 [currently pg.11]

TF2 Backpack:

I really do not trade anymore! It will be SO RARE if I do !! Use this link only at your risk of being blocked immediately,
Maybe even reported if you smell like a scammer (I will usually only decline trades and / or block users).

My (3) Unreal Tournament 2004 Maps : http://www.mapraider.com/profiles/AgouraSteve
Maps review: https://utunlimited.wordpress.com/?s=Agoura

Be sure to check out my Videos (subscribe!) at youtube (Agourasteve1)
Geocaching Stats: https://project-gc.com/ProfileStats/Agoura_Steve

More about me on a personal level:

For the last 10 years I've been reading the Old testament & New Testament of the Holy Bible.
I can see that everything that is in the scripture has come true 100%!!
except for the end times events yet to come, so I am 100% sure that Jesus is God!
It's hard not to see that He told us everything thousands of years ago that would happen just so that
we would believe. Read the book. You will be blown away. The proof is there. (Yes, I’m for real & serious.)

Btw, Are you a good person? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCSUKIhjevo
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Some gaming with Counterstrike Global Offensive / Team Fortress 2 / Unreal Tournament

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Created by - (A.S.S) Agoura_Steve
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For all the legit Christians, followers of Christ that love to game, seekers of truth, and non haters should immediately join this group called Christian Gaming Community - CGC Why? Well you would get to meet some of the most chill, coolest guys (and girls
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(A.S.S) - American Supreme Soldiers
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Really not a trader anymore. I just buy stuff I like.
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Just showcasing these. Really not a trader anymore.
Why would anyone believe in the Lord? (I do)
First off, I'd like to say that the Bible is a true book, not a book of fairy tales.
Why would I believe this?

Well, firstly, because the Bible claims to be true, and proves itself to be true.
The bible is 30% prophecy, with a fulfillment ratio of 100%. Prophecies so exact that even names are given hundreds of years before they were born, such as King Cyrus prophesied about in the book of Isaiah (44:28). (The Dead Sea scrolls gave us a copy of the Isaiah scroll that is dated around 1,000 to 2,000 years old.) We know that the book of Isaiah that we have had in our bible all these years is a match to the oldest known scroll copy, so we know it is unchanged in context and content. Similar to the plates that a $20.00 bill are created without flaw to make exact copies, so in the same way the scrolls were copied almost perfectly as a copy, of a copy, of a copy etc. We do not have the originals but there has never been any flaw found that affects the doctrine in any way. Only a couple of non important copy errors not affecting anything important. Another person named by name before he was born was Josiah (1 Kings 13:2). Not just names of people were in prophecy, but events. Most notably 353 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled regarding the coming Messiah (Odds of 1 man fulfilling this many prophecies is mathematically improbable. Basically impossible), and the formation of Israel coming together as a nation on May 15, 1948 as prophesied in the book of Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones.
Can a nation be formed in a day after not being a nation for 2000 years in their land?
This has NEVER happened in history before...with all language and national, cultural and ethnical factors intact. Surely this was done to show God is real and true to His Word.
Modern scholars believe that the 66 books of the Bible were written by at least 39-40 authors over a period of 1,500 years. Written by Sheepherders, Farmers (Amos), Kings (David, Solomon), and people from all walks of life. Poor to rich. All perfect in harmony without contradiction.
Other religions have books written by 1 person over a short period of time, with no archeological evidence to support anything whatsoever.

Secondly, the Bible makes claims that it is true and inspired Word of God. In several places it makes claims that the "Lord said".

It is a Jewish book, written by all Jewish authors (with the "possible exception" of Luke in the New Testament). All the apostles were Jewish, Jesus was (and is) Jewish,
all the early Church was comprised of Jewish Believers in Christ, worshiping in Jewish Synagogues with Jewish people, and in homes. When the Jewish people rejected Jesus as the Messiah (They did not reject Messiah, only that Jesus was Messiah - They believe to this day that a Messiah is coming) this paved the way for non Jewish believers to be grafted into the shared worship of Messiah.
The Message was for the Jew first, then the Gentile (Non-Jew), and Jesus commanded His followers to go out to Jerusalem, then Samaria, then the world. First to His Chosen people, then to anyone who has ears to hear. This is good news!!

The Bible shows that there are some prophecies still to happen. Such as the Temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt when a peace treaty is confirmed for 7 years. The peace treaty will be broken after 3.5 years (temple sacrifices will be restored and then halted) and the Anti-Christ will be revealed proclaiming himself as god in the Temple. Then the great tribulation will be so bad that God Himself will intervene so that life doesn't get wiped out from the earth as would happen if He didn't step in. There is a description of Fire and eyes dissolving in their sockets (Sounds like Nuclear war). So we know what is to come before Jesus comes back as He said that He will.

God's scriptures show us that through one man (Adam) who sinned, and passed down the Sin genetics, and penalty, that all sin, and fall short of what is required to get into Heaven.
God's standard is perfection. We can never be "good enough" to get into Heaven.
The 10 commandments from Exodus 20 are familiar to most people.
Thou shalt not murder... Jesus said that if you hate someone then you've murdered them in your heart. God's standard is so perfect that He looks into your heart... This means that we are all guilty. Well there were actually more than 10 commands. The Jewish people believe that the Old Testament (The first part of the Christian Bible) contained 613 commands!
Jesus was showing us that we are all guilty of offending God's laws and commands and we owe a penalty for our transgressions of the law (Sins). The penalty for even 1 small sin, is death. Blood is required...not a drop, but the life that the blood sustains.
We are all guilty, even from birth. innocent babies still are sinners thanks to Adam's transgression.
We are not sinners because we sin. We sin because we are sinners. We are born with original Sin. So now what? We all deserve death? Yep. Sadly, we all deserve death immediately.
Thankfully, God Provided a payment for the price owed.
Because He is just, and must righteously punish sin, He sent His Son, Jesus to live the perfect life that we were not able to do for ourselves, and Jesus willingly went to the cross, and willingly laid down His life to pay what was owed.
If we believe that He died willingly for us to pay the penalty of our sin, that He rose again on the third day after being crucified, that He rose in the flesh (not just as a spirit) and we repent from our sin (Repent means to change our mind, turn away from), He will give us eternal life. Not just spiritual life, but to be adopted as Sons and daughters into God's family. To inherit all things. What does God own? All things.
We hear His voice through the hearing of and reading of His Word. He said my sheep hear my voice, and I give them eternal life.
Another thing Jesus said was that all of the commandments can be reduced down to two commands:
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind. And love your neighbor as yourself.” (Everyone is your neighbor).
It is also important to understand that we are without excuse. We cannot claim ignorance.
(Romans 1:19-20)

I didn't write this to bore you, but for you to know and understand that there is a God who LOVES you enough to lay down His life for you.
A Father better than your earthly Father. If you accept Him and let Him be your Father.
As through one man (Adam) all were condemned, through one man (Jesus), all men can be saved!
*(Romans 5:12-21, Romans 5:17-19, and also in 1 Corinthians 15:21-22)

If you want to know more, just ask me!
If you want to accept Jesus into your life, Ask Him! By no means will He turn you away!

I wrote this hoping that my online friends would actually read it. - Steve / Agoura

PS. Great video I was just checking out on the subject. Worth watching.
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Pretty biblical in narrative. I'm glad I stumbled onto this franchise. It's a hard game. Glad that there is a save feature!
Very similar to another game I recently played (GabeN's Final Decision). I like old school RPGs. I'm from the 8 bit Nintendo era, so this seems pretty cool to me although the graphics are a bit rough even for an 8 bit game.
So far, I like the game.
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My Map :) (UT2004 |PIG| Pyscho-Instagib)
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Wow! It's a profile within a profile!
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Raining fire meteors Comes in four color variants: green, orange, purple and blue Not a team-colored nor paint-based-colors effect.
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Status - Pending, Created by - Cordial and Saint Lombax Akatsuki Na'vi
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Sprays in Mann up mode MVM Expert (not typical to be seen)
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Gamers Encouraging One Another, Spreading the Gospel! =======================✞=======================                 Stand For What is Right Even if it Means Standing Alone!
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I just now realized I have had all of the available Zen Garden plants for years now.
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Agoura_Steve CSGO Awping & rapping a flow - Yep that is me rapping lol!
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(A.S.S) Agoura_Steve Sep 17, 2021 @ 10:24am 
If I un-friended you because you change your name constantly, then I can't figure out who you are anymore (because I was too lazy to nickname 1,000+ friends) it's not personal.
Jaws Sep 11, 2021 @ 9:03pm 
+rep amazing person and he's very kind and chill! alsooo he has an awesome voice and amazing friend!!! <3 have a blessed day <33
Bubbles Sep 10, 2021 @ 2:36pm 
+rep this guy is one of the best guys I've met on csgo and maybe even as a person. He's respectable,nice,generous,patient,and all around a great guy. Love playin with this guy! Amazing person 100%
面臨財務危機 May 13, 2019 @ 6:54am 
+rep good person
Scorpionswag May 5, 2019 @ 2:28pm 
+rep run for president
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Thanks bro, and Merry Christmas :) :orangeheart::GoldCross:
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