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January 3, 2014
Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs: Part II
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Mr.'Lega[CY|^_- Nov 20, 2021 @ 8:14pm 
Welcome to The Legion 🖐️
Open Public
The Legion Multi-Gaming Community

We strive to create a fun friendly, and entertaining playing experience. for people to hang out, have fun, find gaming buddies.

Let's make it happen!, Join us today! :doublejump:

insinitywarrior23 Aug 26, 2021 @ 9:05am 
Good Morning! We are looking for recruits for our clan.

Who are we?

We are Sarcofers, a clan that plays the role of the American army.
What we want?

Sarcofers wants the maximum military realism to make you feel like a soldier in the Spanish army!

We dispose?

We have maximum seriousness, discipline, realism and fun.

We have the following branches: Army of the Land and Army of the Air.

Clan of Discord.

TS ip: sarcofersmilsim





Clan of Discord.
Chris Mar 18, 2021 @ 4:36pm 
Xtreme Gaming PvE
A 7 days to die server 26920
Server Side Mods (no download required)
Custom Zombies ( 50 different types )
Custom quests for new players
Custom Poi's ( all poi's from combo pack 46 )
Custom Weapons
New Player Starter Kit
Safe Zone (Lobby)
Public Bloodmoon Base
Nitrogen Map (8k) with big cities
42 New Colours For Your Outfit
Moded Junk Turret
Vehicle Mods
5 New Different Vehicles (craftable)
15 New Different Lights (craftable)

Our target is to bring a unique experience to all players, and make them feel important. This is not a pay 2 win server so nobody will offer you "special offers" . This is a server where everyone can chill out after a bad or booring day we accept players that know how to be friendly
Even if you never played this game before or never tried a multiplayer game, we are here to offer support and items if necessary. Visit our server website for discord and direct connection to our server {LINK REMOVED}
Babol Mar 16, 2021 @ 7:05am 
Witam Chciałbym zaprosić na Serwer TeamSpeak3 .

Serwer powstał z Myślą dla ludzi którzy chcą wejść porozmawiać czy również pograć ze znajomymi
 Serwer posiada Sympatyczną Administracje 

IP serwera posiadamy 128 slotów !!! oczywiście mamy w planach również większe ilości slotów.

Serwer jest w dużej części automatyzowany  również posiadamy bota od kanałów prywatnych rangi zarejestrowany.

Posiadamy stronę internetową
Na którą zapraszamy wszystkich chętnych, na naszej stronie internetowej można sobie samemu nadać rangi serwerowe. 

Serwer się cały czas rozwija
Zapraszamy serdecznie na

Pozdrawiam Babol  
Mr.'Lega[CY|^_- Feb 12, 2021 @ 11:00am 
The Legion Multi-Gaming Community for everyone to enjoy.
Our goal is to bring tons of gamers together!. Make Friends/Gaming buddies!.
We have created a toxicity-free environment for people to hang out, learn, have fun and find gaming buddies
Now we are expanding into other genre of gaming worlds. Looking forward to recruit more members.

Our community information is on discord! - Steam is group open!

AirydMine Jan 16, 2021 @ 5:01pm 
Play with us! right now.
Hello, are you looking for a server that won't punish you when you kill or destroy something? Are you looking for the adventures of PVP and PVE? or some roleplay? :goldclick:

you are in the right place my friend :sacrificed:
we are a group of friends who hosts our own server in space engineers :ghsmile:
which we bought for 5 years and we plan to build big things

you can join us or join the war against us. we play pure survival vanilla and only a couple of modes that modify A.I :stress:

our server is based in europe so people from europe will not have any problems with ping server is good

:FIA: join right now! adventure awaits you :FIA:

IP :

You are Welcome :secrectorder:
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