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Capitalism Currency
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Impulse  [developer] Oct 14, 2017 @ 7:09am
Integrated Capitalism Bank package
Want to keep your money even on a server wipe? You want to easily access your money no matter what ark you are currently logged in to? Then this package is exactly what you are looking for! This stackable modular Capitalism mod provides a cluster wide banking system. It enables you to store your currencies and gain interest on credit. It also gives you a possibility to transfer your element to other arks across your cluster.

- Bank Gus.ini Settings
- Spawn Codes

In ../ShooterGame/Saved/ you'll find next to the normal SavedArks folder another folder, called SaveGames. This folder will pop up as soon as you place a Bank in your game. In order to establish the cross ark synchronisation you need to either symlink (for Linux) this folder to your other arks, or to keep it synchronised with a cloud drive of any kind. It is also possible to create symlinks in windows, just follow this guide[], you could even use a Link Shell Extension[] for symlinks.

How to use it?
To access the banking interface, just press E or F as soon as you are in interaction range with the Bank. This interface enables you to deposit or withdraw money, element, or any other currency you like (if it is configured in the gus.ini). You can also decide if you'd like to give or take interest on credit.

How does it work?
This feature uses like the BountyBoard its own SaveGame files in order to establish a cross ark synchronisation. In this case this bank creates two management files called CapitalismBankGlobals.sav and CapitalismBankIndex.sav (which could also have your cluster id at the end). Each player gets their own save file called CapitalismBankAccount_XXXXXXX.sav (or if cluster even another _XXXXX), in which the XXXXXXX is equivalent to the players implant id. This technique ensures that no one is interfering with other accounts and it won't produce deadlocks. As you can guess, it can be limited to only allow access to your account within the specified cluster.
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