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ARK: Survival Evolved

Capitalism Currency
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Update: Aug 17 @ 9:54am

  • Bank 2 corrected selected currency name label, overflow is now hidden
  • Corrected StatisticsProcessor is now sending actual S&D values to backend
  • Added new placement limitation gus.ini options
  • Bank does now give interest to all accounts in list, not only the last one
  • Added LootSystem admin access to DebugLog, not only owner
  • Added StatisticsProcessor admin access to DebugLog, not only owner
  • Bank 2 changed widget replication to reliable, so that no information gets omitted
  • Added new policy info widget to MUE (only if StatisticsProcessor does exist in game world)
  • Release of web platform

Update: Aug 15 @ 1:38am

  • MarketAreaEnabler can now be placed in regular prevention zones
  • Fixed issue with tek and manticore script commands, it is now working in singleplayer too
  • Give armor set for tek is now correctly unlocking the required tek engrams beforehand
  • Fixed issue with NPCTrader Log Viewer not beeing able to load savegame data, with reliable replication of it. This will prevent it from beeing omitted.
  • Fixed script command for KillOldPlayerPawns, it is not using the CaptialismBuff to determin the last time with active player controller
  • Added new script command for ForceKillAllOfflinePlayerPawns
  • Added logic to prune old custom trade actor crafting requirements
  • NPCTrader delivery time stamps do now persist on server restarts
  • Raised version of NPCTrader S&D savegame to 2.4, this will result in a general savegame reset for everyone
  • Raised version of NPCTrader PriceSuggestions savegame to 1.0, this will result in a savegame reset
  • NPCTrader is now displaying the using bank notification only once

Update: Aug 13 @ 12:18pm

  • added new script command to destroy old unpossessed player pawns accross the map (is currently not working as expected, is not taking the time without controller into account)
  • added new script command to complement the armor set cheat command from wildcard with missing ones (tek with auto engram unlock is currently not working)
  • Bank 2 localized history time stamps, so that they will take server time instead of GMT
  • Added option for admins to force unlock and force remove pin from trade actors
  • Refactored NPCTrader Log UI, to reduce the load on replication. Savegame info and actors from StatisticsProcessor cache get not replicated seperately with 1 sec delay in between.
  • Refactored Bank 2 interest worker
  • Further reduced Bank 2 worker cycle speed to reduce savegame collisions if e. g. dropbox is used for syncing
  • Bank 2 history entries now show up to 3 comma digits
  • Completely refactored the Inventory in Use logic. Also added fallback to unlock inventory again after 30 seconds if player has bad connection
  • Corrected issue where CustomBuy-/-SellTable/Terminal were not able to register their S&D values in Savegame file
  • Completely refactored the Supply and Demand logic, removed it from the actual trade actors and centralized it into a singleton
  • Removed integer from price calculation logic to prevent 32bit integer overflows
  • Reduced NPCTrader price pulling frequency from 2 min to 10 min cycles
  • Massive performance increase for S&D handling and item updates
  • Added new prune logic for S&D item registering to Savegame file, to remove invalid item classes
  • Fixed StatisticsProcessor internal text clipping, overflow is now hidden
  • Fixed issue with delivery cycle not comming out of Processing...
  • Refactored S&D NPCTrader reset after server restart, to get new and correct gus.ini settings
  • Set NPCTrader price pulling to DebugLevel 5, so that it will not spam the DebugLog

Update: Aug 7 @ 9:17am

  • UniqueID of StatisticsProcessor does get serialized into savegame now
  • Added new option to CustomBuy-/-SellTerminal/Table to deactivate automatic price finding for this particular trade actor (not exceeding supply and demand calc, that is a different system)
  • Refactored Capitalism_Buff to decouple strict class linking and making the mod overall more resilient
  • Refactored AITweakerImplant to implement interfaces and reducing hard linking between classes
  • Refactored CapitalismDataSingleton to implement interfaces and reducing hard linking between classes
  • Refactored Father_NPCTrader to implement interfaces and reducing hard linking between classes
  • Refactored Father_LootSystem to implement interfaces and reducing hard linking between classes
  • Fixed Bank2 particle system, it is now round, as intended
  • Refactored Father_Capitalism to implement interfaces and reducing hard linking between classes
  • Fixed issue with StatisticsProcessor sending item type NONE
  • Refactored Father_NPCStructures (male, female and terminal pawn structures) to implement interfaces and reducing hard linking between classes
  • Refactored logic for skin removal on respawn, to prevent cases where simultaneous spawns did skip players
  • Fixed issue that NPCTrader supply and demand was not resetted as expected on server restart (current S&D should stay but gus.ini settings needed to be set anew on each restart)
  • Corrected MarketAreaEnabler border not showing correct color after server restart, as well as not beeing able to change it
  • Added new NPCTrader Log UI to StatisticsProcessor, you can now inspect what is stored in the NPCTrader supply and demand savegame file and what is cached by the StatisticsProcessor (known actors and corresponding items)
  • Refactored NPCTrader savegame logic to prune entries with invalid class names
  • Added new MUE entry to MarketAreaEnabler to give admins the option to choose area entry text display duration
  • Removed the XYZ coords from StatisticsProcessor log entries and replaced them with lat and lon calc, to reduce used line space
  • If StatisticsProcessor gets map info changes from web backend (only with active price calc), it performs a cache clearing, so that NPCTrader Log UI does show correct information
  • Refactored StatisticsProcessor to optimize the amount of save operations, reducing HDD I/O
  • Loading of old PriceSuggestions for StatisticsProcessor does now auto prune invalid entries upon server restart

Update: Jul 31 @ 1:59pm

  • Bank2 - fixed precission issue with fractal days calculation for interest cycles
  • Refactored StatisticsProcessor so that manual API key addition is not stalling all other functionallity
  • Fixed bug with direct API Key input in StatisticsProcessor DebugLog
  • Added new script command for porting to LootSystem: admincheat ScriptCommand Capitalism PortToLootSystem
  • Added new script command for porting to StatisticsProcessor: admincheat ScriptCommand Capitalism PortToStatisticsProcessor
  • Refactored Capitalism data singleton to improve server performance with Capitalism Buff distribution
  • Fixed Currency Short handover for Supply and Demand exceed warning messages
  • Reduced Glory Coin throw speed and increase size, to ensure collision beeing initialized
  • fixed issue with CustomBuyTerminal it now rolls on equip with quality like the CustomBuyTable

Update: Jul 28 @ 3:20pm

  • Added game.ini option for Bank 2 to disable account archiving if account has negative balance
  • Fixed NPCStructures inventory issue. Reworked referencing to further harden class integrity for the future
  • Bank 2 worker speed was reduced drastically to prevent writing conflicts. New logic was added to create user account on demand, if user opens ui and account does not exist jet, that it gets initialized just in time

Update: Jul 28 @ 9:15am

  • Minor refactoring of NPCStructures equip logic
  • Minor refactoring for LootSystem dino buffs
  • Refactored GloryCoin logic, added completely new logic to prevent coin from dropping through map (attempt to)
  • Bank 2 - refactored widgets to display correct alternative Currency name
  • Fixed alternate Currency Name issue with Bank 2 accounts, added new logic to periodically check and fix alternate currency names

Update: Jul 27 @ 2:46am

  • Bank 2 minus numbers are now getting formatted red
  • Removed renaming logic from Bank 1, to buggy and since that version of Bank is no longer maintained, it's not worth the effort
  • Fixed duplication issue with NPCStructures and Bank 2 spamming multi use entries
  • Fixed crash issue with Bank 2 and managing through NPCStructure
  • Did revert the base class name back to normal of Glory Coins

Update: Jul 21 @ 5:14am

  • Added new function to rename/mask GloryCoin with gus.ini option, ChangeCurrencyName=Glory Coin,GC
  • Corrected check if coin is inside inventory of an actor with existing ShooterPlayerController
  • Reworked logic for new Bank2 completely, therefore it's incompatible with the old system, massive performance gain
  • Bank2 got new game.ini settings instead of gus.ini settings like the old Bank
  • Bank2 add functionality to pull money directly from bank account if player buys something form NPCTraders (if GloryCoins do exist)
  • Bank2 added input validation for max 1023 on all text input fields, to prevent NET error on replication
  • Bank2 added new logic to automatically archive bank accounts if inactive for give time, setup in game.ini
  • Bank2 added AdminSettings, to claim, set invincible, hide and switch to old bank actor mesh
  • Bank2 added diminishing return logic, to limit interest at a certain point, setup in game.ini
  • Bank2 added functionality to automatically create accounts for found players on server
  • Bank2 added game.ini option to disable tribe interest completely
  • Bank2 added new logic which allows custom savegame location, setup in game.ini
  • Gave new Bank2 actor crafting requirements of 200 GloryCoins
  • Fixed issue of MarketAreaEnabler, that disabling market area buff was not working as intended
  • Minor refactoring of old Bank system
  • Skin removal logic is no longer falsely removing Torch blueprint from player inventory on spawn
  • StatisticsProcessor - added APIKey to DebugLog as new header information entry, in GUI
  • StatisticsProcessor created an alternative input for APIKey with own UI
  • Table inventory in use issue fixed, where access rights were not granted after leaving inventory reliably
  • Loading CustomTable save now creates S&D entries correctly

Update: Jul 6 @ 3:19pm

  • fixed inventory issue of NPCStructures, added new child classes in an attempt to permanently fix it for the future...
  • changed color of MeatBuy-/-SellTerminal hologram text, to make it more readable against the background
  • refactored Capitalism Buff distribution logic
  • enabled MarketArea buff per default, and changed MUE entry color from grey to white since users did preceive it as deactivated...