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ARK: Survival Evolved

Capitalism Currency
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Update: Nov 12 @ 3:04am

  • Steampunk Helmet does work on NPCStructures correctly now, added a bunch of workaround logic
  • Added new logic to cover more equipment types for NPCStructures, improved component search
  • Added gus.ini option to switch save path for NPCTrader supply and demand savegame objects (have look into the discussion area)
  • Added gus.ini option to change supply and demand delivery cycle between 10 and 120 seconds. (have look into the discussion area)
  • Merged DinoLoot into Currency, with completely rewriting its source code.
  • Fixed LootSystem issue with hibernation and buff distribution in singleplayer
  • Fixed issue with crashing server upon LootSystem/Actor placement
  • Added new workaround to solve slow dino scanning for LootSystem
  • LootSystem can only be placed once and will be prevented from going into stasis
  • Refined LootSystem log to display colored set added and death events
  • Refractored Capitalism father class to remove uneccessary ref parameter handover in a lot of functions
  • Refractored Capitalism npc trader father class to remove uneccessary ref parameter handover in a lot of functions
  • Refractored Capitalism B+ tree to remove uneccessary ref parameter handover in a lot of functions, added new functions to export tree and goTop node of tree
  • Fixed issue of stopping timer online since for StatisticsProcessor Log autoscroll function, if deactivated.
  • Fixed a coin throw physic error, coins now have a convex type collision box
  • Fixed case where NPCStructures didn't get correct haircut for helmets that also show either facial or normal hair

Update: Oct 14 @ 7:02am

  • merged Bank package into Currency, result thereof is, that the Bank package is discontinued from now on
  • reworked time calculations for Bank interest cycles
  • made list entry loader able to beeing used as general purpose
  • removed GoldDonkey from unicorn spawner
  • fixed wrong colorization of NPCStructure viking beard
  • minor NPCTrader father class code refactoring, small performance gains
  • added gus.ini option to prevent HarvestMulti from beeing calculated for Supply and Demand
  • Bank - Added new widget and functionality for Admin Tab to restore accounts

Update: Sep 17 @ 12:31pm

  • added functionality to lock equipped items in equip slots for NPCStructures
  • catched a case where data singleton stoped delay loop for save file management
  • NPCStructures can now equip tek armor
  • corrected issue with dessert helmet for NPCStructures
  • reworked equipment update procedure for NPCStructures
  • reworked supply and demand savegame logic, to remove referenced actors and replace them with TradeActorIDs
  • added option to rename NPCStructures
  • added completely new logic for NPCStructures to give capability of managing nearby Capitalism actors
  • reworked multiuseentries of all capitalism actors
  • NPCStructures now will get their equipped items autolocked on server restart
  • fixed NPCTerminal Structure unstasis isTributeInventory replication
  • fixed an equipment update issue with NPCStructures
  • refactored NPCStructures equipment logic
  • reworked hide hair and facial hair logic for NPCStructures to disable it in certain cases e. g. nerdry glasses
  • reworked Widget input methods to prevent cases where client produced a crash
  • removed unnecessary replication of default engram infos for NPCTables
  • increased NPCTrader savefile version, this will lead to a supply and demand reset
  • removed unnecessary double init for engrams of AdminTable, PropsTable
  • corrected facial hair for Wisened and Romantic of NPCStructures
  • added viking hair and facial to NPCStructures
  • added display of internal unique TradeActorID to inventory description
  • fixed some missing sound attenuation files
  • added ITEM TYPE to custom item description for NPCTrader
  • added new button/functionality for NPCStructures to force equip first best items from inventory, to circumvent e. g. tek requirements
  • corrected colorization mask of all Capitalism trade actors (tables)

Update: Sep 4 @ 3:33pm

  • fixed issue with wrong BTree key comparison
  • fixed case where server was constantly spamming the web api with seemingly new trade item infos
  • reworked appearence of DebugLog UI
  • added calculated diminishing return from exceeding supply or demand to trade log transmission
  • corrected wrong trade cluster transmission for item infos to web api
  • fixed input mode issue for NPCStructures hair UI, if in single player
  • fixed NPCStructures not getting equipment applied in single player
  • fixed a possible client side crash with NPCStructures and MaterialInstanceDynamic combined with hair changer UI
  • changed StatisticsProcessor DebugLog UI to display active time instead of whole server session time
  • corrected some single player issues with checking is server and is client
  • added applying of capitalism buff on spawned character event
  • removed default equipped items from NPCStructures, will now only get equip as default inventory items
  • reworked reset price changes script command
  • removed inventory requirement for PlayerTable price and quantity note
  • changed DataSingleton id generation logic
  • reworked logic how admins get determined, new logic also decreases amount of replicated data by around 90%
  • added new NPCTerminal structure with Cross-Ark-Item-Verification
  • new savegame logic for Cross-Ark-Item-Verifier
  • reworked Equipment update logic for NPCStructures
  • added Overlapping sphere to NPCStructure base class for server side inventory equip updates

Update: Aug 25 @ 9:07am

  • fixed issue with reinitializing custom blueprints not getting contract id reassigned after server restart
  • added online since time to StatisticsProcessor DebugLog UI

Update: Aug 24 @ 12:00pm

  • corrected 30 minutes delivery cycle bug which caused a 30 min processing delivered goods message instead of displaying timer for 60 minutes
  • fixed problem that StatisticsProcessor didn't pull all available price suggestions from WebAPI
  • fixed issue with CustomTable not displaying correct Item information for Item in first slot
  • Further performance related code refactoring, added two more B+ Trees to replace UE default arrays
  • Increased max quantity input 100k, increased RefillMax input to 100k and increased MaxCapacity input to 200k for CustomTables

Update: Aug 20 @ 4:27pm

  • Added randomness for timer to process delivered goods
  • Added diminishing return on trade actor counter part if items get sold or bought, to reduce addition to supply or demand by 50%
  • Changed pull prices logic for taking more then 10 packages of max limit size into account, up to 50
  • Further performance related code refactoring
  • CustomTables now restore custom blueprint item icons correctly
  • Added own B+ Tree logic to increase server performance with price suggestion comparisons and entry search drastically
  • Changed Prices reset command to also reset BTree
  • NPC Structures now save their initial name
  • Reworked Client/Server behaviour of NPCStructure for Singleplayer/Multiplayer

Update: Aug 16 @ 11:37am

  • Custom Blueprints now initialize item icon correctly
  • Catched 0 values for custom blueprint creation
  • Corrected transmitted SellAll stack quantity
  • Added StatisticsProcessor status values to DebugLog
  • PriceReset script command now also resets StatisticsProcessor PriceSuggestion array

Update: Aug 15 @ 10:27am

  • changed trade actor origin details to modify supply and demand values for items with harvest multi
  • corrected delivery cycle to 60 minutes

Update: Aug 14 @ 6:05am

  • added engram description update for price reset script command
  • corrected button validity checks for quantity and create custom blueprint widgets
  • updated PlayerTrader create contract and remove all contracts widget
  • fixed false update for supply demand item description on trade table counterpart