Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Accurate Maps
A collection of mods I use when playing my scenario maps.
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Accurate Earth
Created by framedarchitecture
Two huge World Scenarios with pre-placed Civs and resources. Founded and captured cities are automatically named based on their location.

Accurate Earth I: Shoshone, America, Aztecs, Brazil, Spain, England, France, Germany, Rome, Russia, Ottomans...
Accurate Europe
Created by framedarchitecture
This large map of Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East has accurate geography and resource placement. Cities will be named automatically based their location and the founding Civilization.

* Brave New World and G...
Kievan Rus' (Brave New World)
Created by Tomatekh
Adds Kievan Rus' to the base game.

Kievan Rus' was a medieval polity and historical precedent to the modern Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian peoples. Although a loose federation of independent principalities for most of its existence, it was b...
Resources Expanded
Created by framedarchitecture
Adds four map-based resources and buildings that produce three additional luxury resources. Map resources will be automatically distributed on any random map type.

Map Resources
Coffee Trees Bonus Resource, only found near the equator.
Amer-Asian Resources
Created by framedarchitecture
Adds four map resources; each will be automatically distributed on any random map type.

*Rice Bonus resource, only found near rivers and in warm climates.
*Tea Luxury Resource, found on hills in warm climates.
*Maize Bonus Resource, found on flat gras...
Better Bad Civs
Created by framedarchitecture
The following are civs that I don't like rolling in random games. Some of their bonuses are useless or marginal at best, and some are worse than no bonus (I'm looking at you Iroquois!). This mod makes minor edits to these civs' weakest bonuses to make the...
Better Bad Wonders
Created by framedarchitecture
This mod slightly edits the following wonders, which I almost never build because their bonuses are marginal or situational. Some of these wonders are okay, but they're at an inconvenient place in the tech tree or they compete with other buildings and wond...
National Wonder Collection
Created by framedarchitecture
Adds six new National Wonders to the later Eras.

v.3 not compatible with v.2 saved games.

* Vanilla; Gods and Kings; Brave New World; all DLC
* Most mods, except those that fundamentally alter the Tech T...
Unique Building Collection
Created by framedarchitecture
Adds a Unique Building for most Civilizations that have two Unique Units. Also replaces a few Civs' Unique Improvements with Unique Buildings.

* Vanilla; Gods and Kings; Brave New World; all DLC
* Most mods, except...
Unique Trait Collection
Created by framedarchitecture
Replaces 13 base game Unique Traits.

* Vanilla; Gods and Kings; Brave New World; all DLC

Alexander: (Hellenization) Captured and founded cities receive a free Amphitheater. Great Gene...
Beyond the future
Created by arbogli
IMPORTANT: thanks to everyone for the support and the help. Unfortunately this mod became old with the pass of the time and I can't keep updating it. Check out the "Future Worlds" mod, is quite nice and you are going to enjoy it.

In this mod the players...
Eastern China Maps
Created by framedarchitecture
Features two maps of eastern China with navigable rivers and a new bridge improvement that allows you to span them.

Includes one blank map and one with pre-placed Civs, City States and Bridges. Both maps include renamed Natural Wonders....
Ethnic Units
Created by Pre Vizsla
Adds new unit skins for many of the Civs

Thanks to danrell, bernie14, JTitan, Snafusmith, Wolfdog, hangman and Patum333 for the unit skins.
Also to Gedemon for his tutorial and R.E.D Modpack which was used as a reference.
Gedemon's Tutorial link
Grand Canal Wonder
Created by Pouakai
The Grand Canal is the main arterial route of the Italian city of Venice. It is lined by the history of the city, with buildings and architecture from most time periods of Venice. During the years of the republic, gold-laden merchant ships would sail up th...
Gripsholm Wonder
Created by Pouakai
Gripsholm Castle is a fortress located on the shore of Lake Mälaren, near the town of Mariefred, Sweden. It was built during the 16th century on the site of a medieval fortress, and served as the residence for the Swedish royal family throughout much of th...
Historical Religions Complete (BNW or GK)
Created by Tomatekh
This is a stand-alone edit of my Historical Religions mod (you do not need to use the main mod to use this version), which can be found here:

Historical Religions (BNW or GK)...
La Maestranza Wonder
Created by Pouakai
La Maestranza is the oldest bullring in Spain, having been completed over a hundred and thirty years ago. It is said to be the most demanding and challenging arena for matadors, as the crowd is very knowledgeable on the subject. Ingame, La Maestranza provi...
Pena National Palace Wonder
Created by Pouakai
Pena National Palace is a large Romanticist palace located on a hill in the Sintra region of Portugal, close enough so that it can be seen on fine days in the capital, Lisbon. It was constructed on the site of a former monastery, which was in turn construc...
Sagrada Familia Wonder
Created by Pouakai
Sagrada Familia is a large Catholic Basilica under construction in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Construction began in 1882, and is not expected to be completed until the year 2026, when all 18 spires will be complete. It has already been granted the prest...
Santa Maria del Fiore Wonder
Created by Pouakai
Florence's Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower) dominates the Florence skyline to this day. Construction began in 1296 and took nearly 150 years, not being completed until 1436. The Cathedral is an engineering marvel, wi...
Santa Maria delle Grazie Wonder
Created by Pouakai
Santa Maria delle Grazie is a Dominican convent located in the Italian city of Milan. It was constructed during the second half of the fifteenth century as a church in addition to the convent. It it most known for Leonardo da Vinci's mural, The Last Suppe...
St Mark's Basilica
Created by Pouakai
Located in the centre of Venice and alongside the Doge's Palace, Saint Mark's Basilica (Or Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco) is one of the most opulent churches in Northern Italy, and serves as a prime example of the fusion between Italian and ...
St. Peter's Basilica
Created by Pouakai
St. Peter's Basilica, officially Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano, is a large Roman Catholic Cathedral located in the Vatican City. It is among the holiest sites of the Catholic faith, and is said to be built over the tomb of the Basilica's namesa...
Topkapi Palace Wonder
Created by Pouakai
Overlooking the waters of the Bosphorous, Topkapi Palace is a large complex that served as the palace for the Ottoman sultans during much of their over six-hundred year rule. It acted not only as a palace but also as a walled village of sorts, with all ame...
Wartburg Wonder
Created by Pouakai
The German castle of Wartburg is one which is representative of the Bavarian castles which dot the south German countryside. It was built from 1068 onwards in a feudal fiefdom, and served as the residence for Martin Luther following his excommunication fro...
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