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SirKillalot Sep 4 @ 9:30am 
Hello good sir, First of all I'd like to thank you for the awesome Faerun Mod for Civ5. I would like to implore you though to pick up some extra love for the Faerun BNW mod. People, including myself would love you to (somehow) enable the hotseat function, currently not working... Also the True start mentioned in the description doesn't seem to work either. Again, fantastic work with this mod but it's begging to be 'upgraded'.
TF2 Heavy Sentry Aug 13 @ 5:36pm 
Hello, could you please make a Move capital mod for Civilization VI?
pfcole Jun 8 @ 11:21am 
Just wanted to thank you for your modding, you are awesome!
Mr House May 18 @ 6:04am 
can you update your civ mod ecomny
framedarchitecture Jan 23 @ 2:24pm 
Send me a full translation, and I can update the mod.
Johann von Floydmann Jan 22 @ 9:54am 
Hello, can I cooperate with you on creating the Polish language version of the economic mod for Civilization 5?