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[WotC] Richards Classes Redux (Plus LW Weapons) [WiP]
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[WotC] Richards Classes Redux (Plus LW Weapons) [WiP]

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A collection of my classes combined to work with the WotC Expansion. This pack condenses the previous 12 classes I made into 8 more focused ones and I have tried my best to overlap as few abilities as possible. Please note that this pack will stay combined as it is easier for me to edit so please just disable the classes you don't want (see below).

This also disables the Vanilla WotC classes so please check the contents to find out how to re-enable them in the config.

2 Perks per level:

3 Perks per level:

3 Perks per level PLUS LW2 Weapons:

1/ Class Summaries
2/ How to Disable My Classes
3/ How to Enable Vanilla Classes
4/ How to Balance My Custom Perks (Config File)
5/ Non-WotC Version (Requires LWPP)
6/ Longwar 2 Version
7/ Recommended Add-Ons

1/ Class Summaries

This mod requires the new promotion screen mod as it allows you to choose from 1 of 3 perks per level (see discussion tab for perk lists by class) and also requires the LW2 Secondary Weapons mod for WotC.

i. The Assault
The Assault unit uses a Shotgun and Sword. They serve as a more aggressive variant of the ranger with a focus on both shotgun and sword use.

ii. The Commando
The Commando unit is an assault rifle focused user with a combat knife as a sidearm. They excel at flanking enemies and can use CQC where required.

iii. The Demolitions
The Demolitions unit uses a Shotgun and Grenade Launcher. While they have a focus on explosive they also output significant damage with shotgun related perks.

iv. The Gunner
The Gunner unit primarily uses a Cannon with a Sawn off Shotgun in reserve for self defense. They provide mid to long range support fire, covering fire and take multiple shots in a turn.

v. The Mage
The Mage is a psionic class. They level up like a normal soldier but have the lowest rate for rookies to take this class.
They have a range of offensive and supportive psionic powers but this class may not be for everyone and can be disabled (see further down).
This class does not effect the Psi Lab or vanilla Psi Operative in anyway. (it's complicated...)

vi. The Sentinel
The Sentinel is the heavy stealth class in this pack as well as the only sniper in this pack. They are designed as a more mobile sniper, have ways to remain concealed and utilize pistol abilities.

vii. The Support
The Support class primarily serves a medical role. They can heal allies from a distance with 'healing darts' but also have unlimited close range healing though they cannot heal themselves.
In addition to a focus on healing they can also use the arcthrower to stun enemies and can have a range of offensive abilities they can use too.

viii. The Technician
The Technician operates the Gremlin and is the primary hacking class for this pack. They have a wide range of gremlin abilities they can use in combat but can also focus as infantry support.

?. The Pyrotechnic
The Pyrotechnic wields the mighty LW Gauntlet and mixes rocket and flame attacks to devastate everything in its path. While they do carry an Assault Rifle they treat it like a sidearm, instead relying on the mighty guantlet for their attacks.
This class is disabled by default as I don't really like it, you can re-enable it if you want. (see below)

2/ How to Disable My Classes

Go to this location in your Steam Workshop folder;
Then open "XComClassData"
Then you can comment out the ones you wish to disable with ";"

; Toggle What Classes You want to turn on/off here by commenting out with ";"
+SoldierClasses="AssaultRS" ;Assault (Frontline Sword/Shotgun)
+SoldierClasses="CommandoRS" ;Commando (Infantry Rifle/SawnOffShotgun)
;+SoldierClasses="DemolitionsRS" ;Demolitions (Shotgun/Explosives)
;+SoldierClasses="GunnerRS" ;Gunner (Cannon/Knife)
+SoldierClasses="MageRS" ;Mage (Psionics)
+SoldierClasses="SentinelRS" ;Sentinel (Sniper/Stealth)
+SoldierClasses="SupportRS" ;Support (Healing/Support)
+SoldierClasses="TechnicianRS" ;Technician (Gremlin Hacking/Support)

The above example would disable the Demolitions & Gunner Classes.

3/ How to Enable Vanilla Classes

Go to this location in your Steam Workshop folder;
Then open "XComClassData"

To Enable Vanilla classes set NumInForcedDeck to 1 and NumInDeck to anything above 0.
; eg. NumInForcedDeck=1
; NumInDeck=4

[Ranger X2SoldierClassTemplate]

[Sharpshooter X2SoldierClassTemplate]

[Grenadier X2SoldierClassTemplate]

[Specialist X2SoldierClassTemplate]

4/ How to Balance My Custom Perks (Config File)

Go to this location in your Steam Workshop folder;
Then open "XComRS_SoldierSkills"

In here you will find data for my custom abilities (arranged by origin class) that you can edit. I have left notes to make it as easy as possible. Changes here will now update the perk text descriptions but any time the Mod is updated your changes will be reset.

5/ Non-WotC Version (Requires LWPP)

For the Non-WotC Version go here;

6/ Longwar 2 Version

For the Longwar 2 Version go here;

7/ Suggested Add Ons

Cost Based Ability Colors (Utility)
Color codes abilities based on AP usage. Is useful good, much fantastic, many recommend.

Additional Icons
Displays HP and some key stats by the vanilla health bar.

Not Created Equally
Gives rookies random starting stats, works great as this mod has a form of hidden potential.

Detailed Soldier Lists
Great for viewing key soldier stats in the avenger menus.

UI Mod for Defense / Mobility / Psi
Shows Defense for soldiers in their barracks screen as well as Psi Offense for any unit with a psi amp (such as the mage)

A Better Advent & A Better Campaign (Plus)
My class mods make the game a lot easier, this mod along with A Better Campaign (especially the plus version) will bring back the pain, ur I mean "balance".

Limited Reloads *Shameless self promotion*
If you wanna nerf yourself, especially on abilities that grant multi-shots then I've got you covered, sort of.

Richards Hero Rework *Shameless self promotion*
This buffs the Hero Classes in the game to keep them on par with my own classes, also fills out their perk trees.

Richards SPARK Rework *Shameless self promotion*
This buffs the SPARK Class in the game to keep them on par with my own classes, also fills out their perk trees.
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< >
RedDobe Jul 21 @ 11:36am 
Is anyone else having a this probelm? The templar is not progressing after they reach squadie. None of the stats are going up once promoted to corporal and above.
Kazraan Jul 21 @ 11:08am 
@Richard, thanks. I had figured.

The reason I asked was because I have a 500+ character pool. 100 of them are my own personally created guys over the course of dozens of games. I wanted them to have 3 perk classes, and the rest to have 2.
Richard  [author] Jul 21 @ 2:14am 
@RedDobe yeah there is some stat randomization but its not as brutal as it was in previous versions :)
@Kazraan they will likely conflict with each other, is there a reason you want the 2 perk version? It doesn't support the LW Weapons.
Kazraan Jul 20 @ 3:27pm 
Weird question. Can I enable this mod and the 2 perk variant? Or will that blow up my computer?
RedDobe Jul 15 @ 5:22pm 
Well I figured it out. The random stat works like this. If you set it to 2 than it can either be a 1 or 0. Set it to five and it is a random number from 0-4. Make sense because 0 counts as a number. I used the developer console to level everyone up after changing random to 2 and it added 1 hp to about half of the soldiers.
RedDobe Jul 15 @ 11:51am 
Very strange. I wonder if it's something to do with using a MAC. I just installed windows 10 on boot camp. About to try that out.
Cato Heresy Jul 15 @ 7:42am 
That sounds very strange. It's unlikely to be resistance ranks, thats a simple text string edit of mine which I've used with Richards Classes for well over 200 hrs.
RedDobe Jul 13 @ 6:21pm 
Hey Richard. Thanks for the well made mod here. I really appreciate your work. I am not sure why this is happening but my soldiers HP aren't progressing in a new campaign. I am using the resistance warrior rank mod for WOTC so I have custom ranks. I have the equilvalant of 5 squadies and 3 corporals and all of them are still at 4 health on Legendary. Is the random HP gain turned off by default? I noticed in the ini that it's a random 1 for squadies and corporals.
Kazraan Jul 10 @ 11:47am 
I have been playing L/I and aba plus. Its a hellovalota fun. People die. A lot. I use grimy's loot and 8 man squad to keep things interesting. Adding in the creative xenos and riftkeeper/generators have been keeping me going all game. Also used larger starting barracks to have a big roster lol.
Catto Jul 9 @ 2:24pm 
I don't play ABA, mainly since i kinda dislike the existance of prime reactions tbh.