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Ashley Williams Squadmate (WOTC)
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Oct 22 @ 8:09am
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Ashley Williams Squadmate (WOTC)


This mod adds armour models for Mass Effect's Ashley Williams, along with a retextured version of one of the base XCom heads and a couple of hair models. Options include both her casual and hardsuit ME3 armours, as well as her ME1/2 pink and white Phoenix armour (medium version), along with two ME3 helmet variants and a ME1 Phoenix helmet. The ME3 casual armour has two options, one to match the supplied Ashley head, and one for regular XCom heads with tintable skin.

I would suggest using Galw1n's Ashley Williams Voice Pack as a companion mod. While it is for the base/legacy version of the game, voice packs appear to work fine with WOTC.

Lucubrations Infantry Class Wotc seems like a thematically appropriate choice for Ashley (as used in the screenshots).

Support has been added for robojumper's Add Part Names mod, which enables torso, legs, and arms props to be correctly labelled with their name in their relevant Props sub-menu. This has not been updated for WOTC and some users have reported issues, so use at your own risk.

I highly recommend the use of RealityMachina's Wear Armour on the Avenger (for WotC) mod. With the use of that mod your soldiers will wear whatever armour you have equipped them with inside the Avenger, rather than the underlay outfit they wear by default. You may also wish to use Mertius's SWR Full Crew Avenger WotC mod to increase the numbers of soldiers wandering around between missions. Make sure to follow the instructions regarding reinitialising your settings to make it take effect.

Emissive effects appear to have been neutered, so trying to get the lights on the armour to work required boosting the values to ridiculous levels. That may cause issues if Firaxis ever change/fix it in a patch. Also, make sure you have bloom enabled to see it properly. Also note that turning off AA seems to break it as well.

The ME3 hair has physics, but also a lot of clipping as a result.

I originally intended to port across Ashley's actual head model, but I had a few issues getting it to play nicely with the X2 eyes and teeth. I blended her ME3 face texture with the vanilla texture as a stop-gap measure. The head model may be revisited in a future update.

The textures aren't the best. The source textures maxed out at 1024x1024 for the armour diffuses, and the helmet and face textures at 512x512. Normal maps were half the size.

Some of the deformations for joints like elbows and knees aren't the best due to lack of skill on my part. Also fingers are the bane of my existence.

Original mesh and texture content derived from Mass Effect 1/2/3. All rights belong to EA/Bioware.

Many thanks to [GWJ] Kexx for his gracious offer to use some of his existing ME3 armour assets. Unfortunately, while the source mesh that Bioware used was undoubtedly the same, the UV layouts differed between the Ashley and Asari versions shipped in the game, so I wasn't able to take him up on his offer. I do greatly appreciate the gesture though.

I learned a lot by poking through the contents of other people’s mods, such as [GWJ] Kexx and Dor, to see how things worked, as well as reading various tutorials and forum/Reddit posts by the likes of E3245. Many thanks to them and the rest of the X2 modding community for their help, direct and indirect.

Background content in some pictures feature elements of DerBK's A Better ADVENT: War of the Chosen mod. Content not included in this mod.

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N7Rumble Oct 22 @ 10:07am 
Yeah, it's no problem. This mod is working well. All mod's is wirking well. My problem have not in mod.
DrDCB  [author] Oct 22 @ 9:46am 
I have updated all my mods. They all seem to be working judging by a quick test.
N7Rumble Oct 22 @ 7:49am 
This mod does not work after the last update of the game. Please update this mod for [WoTC]
TeK DeLorean Sep 24 @ 11:26am 
How did I miss this? Thank you.
Plasma Sep 16 @ 12:03am 
So doesn't look like anyone else had my character pool issue from earlier, but I figured I might as well share a possible solution. I was using the WOTC version of XCOM EU/EW Ports, and for some reasons they're the ones causing my "new characters settings aren't saved and get randomized each time I select them in CP" bug. It might be because I can't seem to select No Shins in the menu, it always says Shins: 2. Uninstalling these 3 mods have fixed my CP...
Soul D. Dragneel Sep 15 @ 3:07pm 
Its the onr i use atm
Gliese581 Sep 15 @ 1:00pm 
Yeah none of the base faces are not that close to Miranda's. However you guys should check out Destroyer's Female Face mod if you haven't. It contains a broader face that is closer to Miranda's and fits quite well.
Soul D. Dragneel Sep 15 @ 12:24pm 
@Samsonian i second this! it wouldst be quite the awesome addon.
Samsonian Sep 15 @ 11:20am 
I love Mass Effect and I think this is an awesome addition. Thank you! In the future, would you be able to do a Miranda Lawson face to go with Kexx's Miranda Lawson mod?
Reffy Sep 15 @ 1:10am 
The infantry class indeed fits the best for Ashley. I always disliked the classes in XCOM 2, except Psi Operative. The second weapon slot choices is what's bothering me with every class.

Thanks for the mod.