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SWR Full Crew Avenger WotC
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Aug 30, 2017 @ 9:22am
Aug 31, 2017 @ 10:10am
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SWR Full Crew Avenger WotC

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Second Wave Remastered
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Second Wave Remastered: Full Crew Avenger (Updated V.2.1)

Ever notice that the Avenger doesn't seem to have as much crew walking the halls as before?
Well, now you can have back your Avenger teeming with Activity!

***Notes***While this works with Vanilla, a Vanilla specific version has been added for user convenience.
It is located here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=654623819

What this mod does is boost the MaxVisableCrewConfig for each graphics quality level to 60. This way, no matter your settings, it should return the crew size to normal.
It's a quick edit of the XComUI.ini for those who don't want to modify the .ini themselves.

This is literally a lightning fast "Bug Fix," something that the Dev's will probably remove the need for in only a few patches time.
Still, it is nice to have, and it was a real quick fix.

If you'd rather do it yourself, simply go to XComUI.ini in your Config folder, look for [XComGame.UIOptionsPCScreen], and change the MaxVisibleCrewConfig at each level to your desired crew size.

V.2.0 Update Notes: A new tweak has been added! There is now a slight addition to the XComGameData.ini, under the [XComGame.XComGameState_HeadquartersXCom] section.
It boosts the NumClerks value for each act, increasing the number of Non-Soldier Characters able to wander the halls alongside your soldiers in each act of the game.
Maximum crew has been boosted from the mod's original 30 members to 60 to accommodate the larger number of NSCs, making the Avenger overall feel much "fuller."

V.2.1 Update Notes: Updated through the WotC SDK so it realizes it works with both. Also bumped the character limit up to 90, since the avenger has more rooms. Bumped up the Clerk count too.

Installation Note:
Make sure you go into your game options from the main menu, and have it check your graphics settings for a default. Then save and Exit.
Exit the Game and Restart it. Load up your current save and make sure the mod is in correctly and everyone is walking around.
Change your settings to whatever quality you prefer, and have fun!
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Nov 20, 2018 @ 9:47pm
Cheers, Commanders!
< >
Mertius  [author] Feb 7 @ 10:12pm 
@Brightest Light I'd say it depends. Firaxis didn't change the numbers, but WotC certainly made the game more forgiving when it came to crew placement. Still, depending on your graphics settings and the number of staffed crew, your Avenger may start to feel Empty. Even then, the Avenger's not always "full" even at the best settings, and sometimes you just want more, which this provides.

At the end of the day, it comes down to taste. If you're fine with the number of crew displayed at your graphics settings, you don't need the mod. If you want more, try it out. If it's too much, you can always modify the mod's .ini files (or the actual config) to something more your preference. If you do go that route, and you need any help, let me know I can help you out! So yeah, choose what you feel makes the game the most fun!
Brightest Light Feb 7 @ 6:33pm 
is this mod still needed, or does the base game have more people walking around now?
Big N. Strauss Feb 2 @ 1:55pm 
@Mertius That's perfectly fine, I totally understand, no guarantees needed! I'm glad it's not just me, I hate little visual bugs like that and I struggled to find anyone else reporting them, so I'm glad you're familiar with them as well.

Please let me know in the future if you discover any fix for these issues or manage to get his mod to fix them. For the time being I'll hold off on purchasing the DLC. Please let me know if I can assist you in the future with anything. Thanks again!
Mertius  [author] Feb 2 @ 1:03pm 
@Big N. Strauss No problem!

However, as for a fix, that's a bit more of a problem. To my knowledge, there is currently no fix for it. I knew the bug because I myself use "No Hunter's Lodge" and it causes the same problems. While I'd always planned to see if I could fix his mod, I never really had enough time to sit down and take a solid whack at it.

I don't want to advise purchasing something to fix a bug (especially since it changes the armory's look entirely), but I don't know another way. Maybe if I get some free time later in the day, I'll take another look at it, but I can't make any guarantees.
Big N. Strauss Feb 2 @ 11:54am 
@Mertius Thanks for your reply! I really appreciate it. I agree, I did not think it was your mod as well. I assumed it was something in the game itself that your mod makes apparent. I understand what you're explaining and it all makes sense. I'm very glad you've seen it before and it's not just me haha.

I am not using the “No Hunter’s Lodge" mod and the only DLC I have is WotC. You mentioned Pre-AlienHunter's animations. It sounds like purchasing the Alien Hunters DLC changes the animations due to the changing of the armory in the Avenger, which also makes sense.

Okay, so you're familiar with these issues as well. I suppose my question is now, do you know of any way to fix them? Aside from purchasing the Alien Hunters DLC (which should fix them if I'm understanding what you said correctly).
Mertius  [author] Feb 2 @ 11:38am 
@Big N. Strauss Hey! So, I did some testing, and I have good news and bad news. Bad news is, it should not be this Mod. FCA is only a settings tweak, and while having more crew around the ship can make in-built bugs more apparent (IE. the LQ bug letting troops sit on each other's lap is more likely with more people), it doesn't touch the systems involved in this. However, the good news is, I've seen this before. The floating head issue and T-pose issue noted in the other thread seem to be tied to the Pre-AlienHunter's Animation for that portion of the ship and how it caches things. If a soldier walks off screen, it's forgotten, causing it to reload (awkwardly) when they walk back on. Likewise, entering the barracks cancels the animation of the engineers when going into the room. Also, the floating-head-soldier walking to the computer is part of that older animation.

Are you perhaps using “No Hunter’s Lodge?” Or running the game without certain DLC?
Big N. Strauss Jan 31 @ 11:10pm 
@Mertius Do you or anyone else know about Avenger crew memebrs in the hangar around the dropship T-posing? I made a forum post about it because I thought it was something to do with the game in general but after installing it on a different computer with only your mod (so that my crew would show in the Avenger) it happened there too.


There's another issue in that thread as well that I assume is related to your mod. It didn't seem to happen in the base game with your mod so it seems to only be in WotC. I'm not criticizing or anything, just trying to help work out bugs and help with a potential fix. Thanks.
tomomi1922 Jan 17 @ 9:47pm 
Thanks guys, the comments really help. I have a faster computer than @ LiTe Em uP and my fps went to 15fps. So now I tone them down via .ini and see what happened.
Contke Jan 17 @ 7:06am 
Thank you!
Mertius  [author] Jan 17 @ 1:54am 
@「 LiTe Em uP 」No problem! It's in the mod's XComGameData.ini file. It's the number of grey clerk characters around the ship. Each act was bumped up by 15 more Clerks. Fills things out even when soldier counts drop. Soldiers still get priority, but dropping that down will reduce the number of visible crew that aren't your soldiers, potentially reducing resource costs while still letting you keep a good number of your own custom characters.