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SWR Full Crew Avenger WotC
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Aug 30, 2017 @ 9:22am
Aug 31, 2017 @ 10:10am
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SWR Full Crew Avenger WotC

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Second Wave Remastered
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Second Wave Remastered: Full Crew Avenger (Updated V.2.1)

Ever notice that the Avenger doesn't seem to have as much crew walking the halls as before?
Well, now you can have back your Avenger teeming with Activity!

***Notes***While this works with Vanilla, a Vanilla specific version has been added for user convenience.
It is located here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=654623819

What this mod does is boost the MaxVisableCrewConfig for each graphics quality level to 60. This way, no matter your settings, it should return the crew size to normal.
It's a quick edit of the XComUI.ini for those who don't want to modify the .ini themselves.

This is literally a lightning fast "Bug Fix," something that the Dev's will probably remove the need for in only a few patches time.
Still, it is nice to have, and it was a real quick fix.

If you'd rather do it yourself, simply go to XComUI.ini in your Config folder, look for [XComGame.UIOptionsPCScreen], and change the MaxVisibleCrewConfig at each level to your desired crew size.

V.2.0 Update Notes: A new tweak has been added! There is now a slight addition to the XComGameData.ini, under the [XComGame.XComGameState_HeadquartersXCom] section.
It boosts the NumClerks value for each act, increasing the number of Non-Soldier Characters able to wander the halls alongside your soldiers in each act of the game.
Maximum crew has been boosted from the mod's original 30 members to 60 to accommodate the larger number of NSCs, making the Avenger overall feel much "fuller."

V.2.1 Update Notes: Updated through the WotC SDK so it realizes it works with both. Also bumped the character limit up to 90, since the avenger has more rooms. Bumped up the Clerk count too.

Installation Note:
Make sure you go into your game options from the main menu, and have it check your graphics settings for a default. Then save and Exit.
Exit the Game and Restart it. Load up your current save and make sure the mod is in correctly and everyone is walking around.
Change your settings to whatever quality you prefer, and have fun!
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Mertius  [author] Jul 12 @ 1:13am 
Oh, no problem! Sorry I didn't reply in time for that last bit. Glad to hear it's working, though!
p6kocka Jul 10 @ 10:44am 
Ok. It worked only by changing shadow quality. Thank you
p6kocka Jul 10 @ 5:20am 
It is enough to change only one specific setting like from shadow detail to high and then back to max? Because I won't mess with default settings because I have done some tweaks to engine.ini.?
Mertius  [author] Jul 10 @ 1:16am 
@p6kocka Yeah, it's just an .ini edit. Nothing bad should happen from using it, or removing it. Keep in mind, if you uninstall, you may need to do similar tricks to get it back on the normal settings, namely changing graphics from one tier to another and back. Basically, a reverse install.
p6kocka Jul 10 @ 1:03am 
If something happens...like it won´t work..is it safe to deinstall this mid campaign pls?
p6kocka Jul 9 @ 11:52pm 
Thanks for explanation.
Mertius  [author] Jul 9 @ 10:03pm 
@p6kocka It should work mid-campaign, IIRC, but it can take a few tries to get it to start using the modified .ini files. The best way to do that is to (from the main menu) change the graphics settings, either to a different preset, or by having it check for default settings. Save and Exit, and after restarting it should be using everything properly, and then you can set your graphics back to the desired settings. Basically, we're just re-doing the installation instructions above until the game takes the modified .ini files.

If it continues to fail, though, let me know and we can keep working on it!
p6kocka Jul 9 @ 1:42am 
Does this work mid campaign pls? I have subbed to this but no extra soldiers are showing up in Avenger....
Militus Immortalis May 25 @ 4:01am 
Ohh, interesting! So if soldiers are available it will replace these Clerks automatically? That's really cool though. Thanks :D
Mertius  [author] May 22 @ 9:18pm 
@Militus Immortalis It's both! This came about after a Vanilla performance update left me with only three characters running around the Avenger at any given time, soldier or otherwise. So I upped the value of allowed visible crew. However, even with the value increased, the game limited the number of Clerks (non-soldiers), which meant with a small pool of soldiers the Avenger still felt empty. So, after some user feedback, I upped the number of Clerks in each act. As such, the Avenger will try and fill with Clerks when soldiers are unavailable.

If you want to reduce the number of Clerks, you just need to update the game's (or this mod's) XComGameData.ini, and under [XComGame.XComGameState_HeadquartersXCom], reduce the “NumClerks” for each act.