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A Better ADVENT: War of the Chosen
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Sep 2, 2017 @ 2:51pm
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A Better ADVENT: War of the Chosen

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-- A Better ADVENT --
-- Enemy Overhaul for War of the Chosen --
-- by DerBK --


A Better ADVENT is an ambitious enemy and AI overhaul for XCOM2: War of the Chosen, introducing new enemies with their own abilities, behavior and equipment.

The goal of the mod is making the tactical layer of the game more exciting. This is done through enemy variants and by completely overhauling the AI. This mod’s goal is not just to add more enemies to the game. It adds “better” enemies that open up new lines of gameplay with their impact on combat tactics. To that end, a high priority has been put on making AI changes and improvements, both global (Mimic beacon behaviour, engagement ranges, …) and local (Snipers stay back, Shotgunners flank, …).

With the combination of smarter AI, more resourceful enemies and new endgame challenges like the Prime Enemies, the game gains a lot of extra challenge that can’t just be neutered by one or two dominant strategies. All the things in A Better ADVENT are designed to work together. The mod doesn’t just add a bunch of unconnected random stuff, it directly improves the core gameplay of XCOM2.

FAIR WARNING: A Better ADVENT is considerably harder than the vanilla game.I suggest playing at least one difficulty setting lower than you are used to for the first ABA campaign, as there is a lot of new things to learn.


Please refer to this post to see the current status of what's in the mod, what the known issues are and for what's confirmed to be in the next version:




ABA is built to be as compatible as possible. If it's not an AI mod or a total overhaul, then it probably works with ABA.


This mod wouldn't exist without several people that helped with their contributions, either directly or by allowing me to pilfer some things from their own mods. The list is far too long to post here, i made a detailed list of contributors, advisors, artists and whoever else i felt needed a mention over here: https://derbk.com/abetteradvent/credits-and-acknowledgements/


Any modder is allowed to pilfer, re-use or re-upload any of ABAs assets, scripts, doodads and thingamajigs in any way or form that he wants to. This of course doesn't extend to the assets that i took myself from other people like Kobazco's Elite Viper or Long War Studio's Muton Centurion and Drones. When in doubt, just ask.
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Cthulhu The 3rd 8 hours ago 
I said I would say when I fixed the problem and what it was, and I'm a man of my word. Seems it was just stupidity on my part. I didn't have some of the mods for the custom unit I was using downloaded. Pretty sure the game locked up because it was going to access items that didn't exist. So yeah, it was a dumb on my part when thinning out my mods.
Cthulhu The 3rd 13 hours ago 
Damn it. I was afraid of that. And yeah, I was starting to think that as well. Question. If I were to disable the mod that is causing the issue and load into a save that was having said issue, would it still occur, or would it stop happening? Just asking what you think might happen. I figure I'm just gonna have to do what I always do in this case and turn off half my mods to see what fixes what ,and keep turning off half of the selection that causes it until I find the issue.
DerBK  [author] 13 hours ago 
@Diablo: Yeah sure, that's no problem at all. WotC really opened up compatibility among enemy mods when compared to how annoying that was to deal with in legacy XCOM2.

@Cthulu: The thing that Dies Irae was talking about was concerning the weapon drops from MOCX and how they are not using A Better Barracks weapon rules, thus unbalancing the mod. Nothing crash related,
As for your issues, i really don't think that ABA is in any way related to them. I am not really that great at interpreting logs either, but i suggest uploading them somewhere and showing them to some people. Are you on reddit? If so, then r/xcom2mods could be the place to get help.
Cthulhu The 3rd 13 hours ago 
@Dies Irea Wait wait wait. Did you have issues with MOCX before you edited the file like you said?
Cthulhu The 3rd 13 hours ago 
I honestly can't make heads or tails of the logs to be brutally honest. Then again...I have a LOT of mods. As for the crash being repeatedable, yes it can. So far I have been able to pinpoint the issue to the fact that it only happens when ADVENT troopers or other such humanoid esque characters (Asari Adept is the one that seems to have it happen the most) spot my characters. I've tried killing them before they can spot me, but it doesn't seem to help.

I can send you my Crash Log if you think it will help.
Dies Irea 13 hours ago 
I have all the bio mods, there archons, the new bestiality omega and the sectoid abductees and they all work fine. Also used the celatids mod in the past.

If you are looking for more things to add the MOCX mod is good (though you might want to edit the ini files as is mentioned in one of DerBK discussions) I am currently testing the 4th faction mods and they have no issues so far
Diablo™ ( music ) 13 hours ago 
Hey I was wondering if CreativeXeno's extra enemy mods like (WOTC) Bio Troops are compabilite with A Better Everything overhaul?


Ive been using World War L, no more psiamps, and (WOTC) childred of the king with no issues but I want to spice up the game even more :D
DerBK  [author] 15 hours ago 
@Cthulu: I am currently not aware of any crash-bugs related to ABA. Best guess it's either unrelated or a mod conflict. Does it reliably crash on the same enemy? Did you take a look at the logs?

@Chillbro: Very unusual. No idea, really. If you are getting some enemies, you should get the others as well. For that to be just be random chance, that'd be some very freak chances. Like lottery jackpot chances, probably worse^^
Chillbro Swaggins 15 hours ago 
I'm not sure if this is a mod issue, but I don't seem to be running into many enemies from this mod even though it's active. I see the Anti-Riot Mech, the little support mechs, and the mini Chrysalids on a fairly regular basis, but those are the only ABA enemies I'm seeing in my play through. I'm not very far, just got the skulljack, but I remember seeing ABA variants way more frequently when I played the vanilla version. Could it be a bug or maybe I'm just getting unlucky with spawns?
Cthulhu The 3rd 16 hours ago 
Hmmm...well it's a long shot, but thought I would ask here. Anyone know of a list of mods that might conflict with A Better Advent? I'm getting an odd crash whenever an enemy unit reacts to my forces. Oddly enough it only ever seems to show up several missions in, usually around the time you get your first supply raid mission.

When I get spotted by an enemy, it will zoom in on thier reaction. Before it can play the animation though, the game locks up for a moment, then crashes. I've been unable to seemingly get any help so far, so I thought I might as well spitball here.