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Old Republic HK Droids (Legacy)
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Nov 29, 2016 @ 8:55am
Mar 9, 2017 @ 2:03am
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Old Republic HK Droids (Legacy)


Statement: HK-47, HK-51, and HK-55 are ready to serve XCOM, Commander. Assassination protocols engaged, prejudice set to maximum. Termination of alien meatbags will commence on your command.

This mod adds models for the lovable, homicidal HK-series droids from Star Wars: The Old Republic as soldier armour. Separate torsos, arms, and legs are included for HK-47, HK-51, and HK-55 Mk2 (mid-KOTFE), with heads for each as helmets.

If you wish to further enhance your experience, you may wish to also download my Old Republic HK Voice Pack.

Support has been added for robojumper's Add Part Names mod, which enables torso, legs, and paired arm armour parts to be properly labelled with their name in their relevant Props sub-menu.

I highly recommend the use of RealityMachina's Wear Armour On Avenger mod. With the use of that mod your soldiers will wear whatever armour you have equipped them with inside the Avenger, rather than the underlay outfit they wear by default. If you want to see full bodied HKs inside the Avenger's rooms, like this:


then you need RealityMachina's mod. You may also wish to use Mertius's SWR Full Crew Avenger mod to increase the numbers of soldiers wandering around between missions. Make sure to follow the instructions regarding reinitialising your settings to make it take effect.

As with other similar body mods, this mod provides an invisible head option under Caucasian Male (Race 0). If you already use one or more mods that include a similar invisible head (like the Mass Effect mods), you are free to disable the one in this mod by commenting out the HK invisible head option in the mod's Config\XComContent.ini file (use a semi-colon -> ; ). Preferably do this before running the mod for the first time.

Limitations on adding new heads and the requirement of dealing with non-hidden teeth and eyes means that the original HK head meshes had to be scaled up. They are thus a little bit oversized compared to the originals.

The textures are less than perfect. Unfortunately I lack the skill to properly convert traditional textures to PBR. It also doesn't help that results tend to look wildly different under different light sources (in a manner that doesn't seem to reflect an accurate PBR implementation), making adjustments something of a frustrating exercise. It probably would have been quicker to create all new PBR textures from scratch. The source textures for 47 and 51 were only 1024x1024, which also doesn't help.

Because of the way the bodies were originally modelled, there are a few issues with clipping and shoulders popping out of their sockets. I did experiment with more graduated skin weights to try and introduce some flex (despite a metallic droid chassis flexing when it moves its arms not making much sense), but the result was actually worse given the low subdivision. This is most apparent during firing animations. I may try to address this in a future update.

Original mesh and texture content derived from the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. All rights belong to EA/Bioware and Disney.

This mod makes use of E3245's Extended Material Library, probably somewhat unnecessarily.

I learned a lot by poking through the contents of other people’s mods, such as [GWJ] Kexx and Dor, to see how things worked, as well as reading various tutorials and forum/Reddit posts by the likes of E3245. Many thanks to them and the rest of the X2 modding community for their help, direct and indirect.

Pictures of HK-47 show him using the M82A1 sniper rifle from E3245's Barrett M82A1 AMR :: CoD4: Modern Warfare Remastered mod. Content not included in this mod.

Pictures of HK-47 and HK-51 show them using the XCOM: EU/EW pistol from Mr Kablamm0fish's XCOM EU/EW Ports: Tier 1 Weaponry mod. Content not included in this mod.

Background characters in some pictures feature elements of [GWJ] Kexx's various Mass Effect mods. Content not included in this mod.

Enemies in some pictures are from DerBK's A Better ADVENT 2 mod. Content not included in this mod.

Several screenshots take place in maps generated by McDenny's 09's Even More Maps! - Suffer mod.

The initial inspiration for this mod came from Jafrica's HK-47 Voice Pack. Lack of further development of that mod prompted me to create my own HK voice pack, and subsequently this mod to go with it.

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arismagic Apr 6 @ 4:00pm 
Dear @DrDCB, I am a mere player and I don't have a single idea how to mod or anything. I love your mod and I thank you for it but the main reason for this post is that I have download more than 600 mods from Steam Workshop for this and some other games and YOU sir are the first one that gives acknowledgements to all the mods that you used for your photos. I can't thank you and congratulate you enough for this. You just gave me a really good reason to hope that the modding community is a great band of people that want to share their labor with respect to each other. Thank you again for your mod and your wonderful attitude.
DrDCB  [author] Mar 26, 2018 @ 2:12am 
I'm not downloading a gig to find out, so you'd be best served taking it up with that mod's author. If you post its XComContent.ini to something like PasteBin I can take a look.
El artista Mar 25, 2018 @ 8:18am 
This mod plus the HK voice pack is SO unbelievably awesome! Sadly I think it conflicts with the [Legacy] Star Wars: Clone Pack in some way. Every time I turn the HK mod on, all the arms for the clones just disappear! I'm not especially gifted with solving these kinds of problems So for now I'm gonna have to pass on this which is a shame. Love this mod all the same though!
Catto Aug 30, 2017 @ 9:47am 
Allright, take your time and keep us informed about the progress.
DrDCB  [author] Aug 30, 2017 @ 9:41am 
No, all my mods will need separate WOTC versions (although maybe the voice packs will work). Seeing as that requires a whole other 50GB SDK, it will be a while.
Catto Aug 30, 2017 @ 9:30am 
Is this WOTC compatible?
DrDCB  [author] Aug 28, 2017 @ 10:04pm 
I didn't create the original assets. They are ported from SWTOR. I skinned the meshes to the X2 rig and modified the textures to conform to X2's PBR implementation (with a questionable level of success). I probably need to update them at some point, as I have learned a few things since I initially released this.

In terms of tools used, 3DS Max to skin the meshes (with various scripts to deal with importing both the SWTOR and Unreal Engine assets), Photoshop for texture manipulation, xNormal for creating new textures (like cavity and AO maps), and of course the X2 SDK.
necro55 Aug 28, 2017 @ 9:21pm 
If you dont mind my asking, what tool(s) did you use to make these skins? I have been starting to get into this side of modding, normally just the text based stuff, so I was curious what tool you use when creating these?
Kaiser Hammerfist Jul 22, 2017 @ 5:27am 
A cool total conversion mod idea came to mind that can't escape it, and I have no idea where should I put it so I decided to leave it as a comment here. So Star Wars total conversion set in the Old republic era, but before all that Knights of the Fallen Empire bullshit, or even the before the return of revan. So the player would take command of an elite unit of the Sith Imperial forces, and do tactical missions. Most of vanilla's mission types would work with this setting, unique ones can be made like "board this republic cruiser, take controll of the bridge". For the avenger a catchy name could be made up, than "state of the art sith mobile base" and there you go fits in the lore. Anyway, as I said I'll just leave it here, no idea on which forums could I make a suggestion like this. Also while I'm here, I realized that these models are ported from SWTOR. So might I ask, coulld you please port the various Sith trooper armors from the game?
Zetacius Jul 6, 2017 @ 9:31pm 
Possible for B1 and B2 battledroids? :D