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WW2 Phones
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WW2 Phones

WW2 Phones

The mod uses functionality of the Task Force Arma 3 radio[] mod to realize the corded phone communication .


Mod requires v0.9.12 or v1.Beta of the TFAR mod.

To use phones place several phones in the editor. Set unique 3 digit phone number for each phone unit in the attributes. In the mission take the receiver and dial a target number using numerical buttons on the keyboard. Once the target phone receiver is taken the communication starts, no extra button usage is needed.

The field phones require a connection from Cable reel if checkbox 'Stationary' is not checked. Using numpad numbers (sw radio channel selection) one can select a 'line' the field telephone is connected to, thus sub-nets of phones of the same type can be organized. To talk use Push-to-talk button, the same as for the short range radio communication.

To be able to use a long range radio of a Radio Operator unit place 'Radio Operator Module' on the map. Use Push-to-talk button, the same as for the long range radio to talk.

The mod changes the default rope model to a thinner one.


Great thanks to [RATS] ARAB who initiated the phone mod development and did a lot of mod testing together with his squad.

Big thanks to Kate Pospelova[] for providing very nice model of the Soviet radio station "North".

The mod was developed for the RED BEAR Iron Front[] community making weekly TvT games with missions dedicated to WW2 battles.
If your team is interested to participate in those games you are very welcome!

Thanks to Frank Wickets for translation to czech language and deep test of the phones.

P.S. Here is also a simple demo mission on Altis where any caller phone location is displayed on a screen with the map when someone calls 911: map_phone.Altis.7z[]
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Marccanen Aug 27 @ 3:16pm 
Hey again,

have had two problems repeateadly:
- When there’s two editor placed phones with at least the other having a pre-set number, it just beeps (as if such number doesn’t exist).
- Different sides can’t hear each other (had the TFAR option for coding off)

Dunno if it’s our mods (can’t think it would be), but have you had this behaviour ever?
[ANVIL] KpoT  [author] Aug 23 @ 10:44am 
@Don'tGetVaccinated, misuse of the mod is at your own risk.
TheLaserman Aug 22 @ 7:27pm 
Would I be able to use these as props in editor without ACE?
[ANVIL] KpoT  [author] Aug 21 @ 12:25am 
@SGTdanny, one does not need sync the module with units. The action menu is added to any unit when "InventoryClosed" event fired and the unit has LR tfar backpack. So open and close unit inventory after respawn should be enough to get the interaction menu back.
SGTdanny Aug 20 @ 7:24pm 
We had two players, both synced to the module, one of us died, we then tried to use the radio from the backpack after he respawned. It gave no option until he picked up his old backpack radio upon which we got the option for the handset back.
SGTdanny Aug 20 @ 7:07pm 
Hey, we've just done some testing, when a player dies when synced and then respawns. They cannot be interacted with again to use the radio from the pack. Is there a way to go around this currently?
[ANVIL] KpoT  [author] Aug 19 @ 11:00am 
@Fuzzle,I think that with the next update of the mod, this functionality will be available.
Fuzzle Aug 18 @ 9:20pm 
Have been running this mod with my unit for a couple of months now, love the functionality it adds. As a feature request, would it be possible to add a small static radio to allow someone at a base to talk over long range while interacting without needing to pick up a radio in their inventory?
[ANVIL] KpoT  [author] Aug 14 @ 1:20pm 
@Marccanen, keep in mind that the phone without a number set in editor get the number when someone picks the receiver first time.
Marccanen Aug 14 @ 12:17pm 
Cheers for the answer. We had a session yesterday and we found that out. It's a change for the better if you ask me :)

Sadly, the editor spawned satellite phones didn't seem to be working. I got the 3x beeps you get when there is no phone available with the said number, even though there were those two phones, one I was standing next to. Didn't have too much time to test that particular function, just to let you know. Could've been something on my end, I'll do some more testing.

Anyways, great work, enjoying your mod a lot. It's a must have :)