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Feb 9, 2016 @ 5:36am
Jun 17 @ 8:30am
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Additional Teamspeak setup[] required!

Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) is happy Make Arma Not War winner[].

War is not only about moving, waiting and engaging targets. It is also about communication. Task Force Arrowhead Radio provides a way to dramatically increase gameplay realism and atmosphere by seamless integration with TeamSpeak. More than 50.000 subscriptions only at Steam, hundreds of servers - enjoy!

You can find installation and user instructions on mode webpage[].
Documentation for modders and scripters is available on github[].

TFAR gives your a way to communicate using your direct voice or 14 different radios (including rifleman, personal, longange, airborne and underwater radios).

Some features:
  • Radio and direct speech (3D)
  • Voice volume
  • 3 rifleman, 3 personal, 4 manpacks, 3 airborne radios
  • Multiband radios
  • Full Zeus support
  • Speakers on radios
  • Manpack models
  • Day and night interfaces
  • Underwater speech and radio communications
  • Signal interference depending on distance and ground surface
  • Vehicles sound occlusion
  • Radio volume
  • Spectator mode
  • PvP and PvE modes
  • Ability to pick up radios from killed enemies
  • Encryption codes for radios
  • Stereo channels for radio
  • API
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Izuku "Deku" Midoriya Oct 18 @ 1:36pm 
"waiting for unique radio server" please give an option to remove this message...
HawK1 Oct 3 @ 4:26pm 
We noticed on our server the issue that sometimes players with the same radio / frequencies can not hear each others. then always radio must be changed and it will work again. Is there a solution to this problem?
Broccoli Sep 29 @ 3:30pm 
What do the new radio packs in contact mean for this mod? Will the new radio packs be useful like the ones in this mod or are they just purely cosmetic then?
Alex Sep 22 @ 3:06pm 
Hello. Can I use task force on my server? Can I include your pbos in my mod?
DAMN Sep 14 @ 7:01am 
Bussole broken again
Kilos Sep 12 @ 6:21pm 
9/10 why can I hear my friend when he unplugs his headset
RyanSetGo Sep 9 @ 7:14pm 
if anyone can share some advice on getting TFR set up on a Host Havoc server, I'd greatly appreciate it! We are getting a "No Task Force Radio Deployed on Server!" message
Max200012 Sep 7 @ 1:50pm 
not working for my unit too, same thing happening as to the person below
Mascot Sep 3 @ 10:41am 
A few friends of mine and myself are having problems with using the additional channel, whenever we set it up so C1 is 50, and A1 is 52, we get back to C1 becoming 52. Only happened recently. Thank you for the mod, is absolutely amazing
Dragontiger229 Aug 28 @ 11:05am