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Steam Multiplayer - Together in Spire
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Feb 5, 2021 @ 5:32am
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Steam Multiplayer - Together in Spire


Multiplayer comes to Slay the Spire!

What is Together in Spire?
Together in Spire is a mod that allows you to play Slay the Spire with up to 10 friends! You can create lobbies using Steam (one click) or with Port Forwarding, with tons of customisable options. Once you're in a game, you can see other players and attack enemies together with them (or even attack your allies if that's what you choose to do).

The mod is designed to be just added on the top of your mod list as it doesn't change singleplayer at all, and it still allows you to collect singleplayer achievements if it's the only mod running.

What features does it have?
The mod has a ton of new features, some of which are:
- Fully customisable difficulty/game preferences
- Trading
- Reviving
- Player Skins
- MP Achievements
- Multiple game save support

Does the mod support other mods?
Yes! Most of the mods are supported, including new character mods. General rule of thumb is that client affecting mods (like visual changes) are needed only on the player who wants to use them, but the server mods (content mods, card packs, new characters, etc..) are needed on all players. The load order does not matter. If you experience any modded issues, please report them in the discord!

Some mods are too complex or they edit the base game too much so their custom content won't work without patches. This is being worked on at the moment with a lot of progress being made quickly!

If you're a mod creator and you wanna partner to make the two super compatible, reach out to me on discord! :)

Partnered mods
Below is a list of mods with whose developers I have talked with to create custom patches for. This is not a list of 'compatible' mods as most mods atm can be played, some with minor issues.

Say the Spire
The Unchained
Ocean's Pencil Case
Marisa: Continued
The Abyssal

Other information

The mod is being actively worked on with new features coming all the time, and there's always bound to be a few bugs.

I HIGHLY recommend joining our discord as there's plenty of important information there:
* bug reporting and crash logs
* setup help channels in case you need assistance
* general chatter

Check out my other mods!

Lastly, if you wanna help support the mod, consider joining my patreon for exclusive testing updates and previews!

And that's about it! Hope to play with you all soon!
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ive only been playing supported mods with a friend and we've had to quit all of our runs so far, because the game crashes everytime, it always seems to happen, when we're fighting the hermit, either as a boss, or as act4 elite.

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Thank you for creating this mod! This is an amazing game and your mod deserves to be implemented into the official game. If this mod no longer worked, I would eventually lose interest in this game and only play co-op on Tabletop Simulator. My friends and I owe you countless hours of fond memories since we also play drinking games with homemade rules.

TLDR: We deeply appreciate you and your hard work! <3
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Whenever I play this mod with Replay the Spire and we get the story teller boss at least 1 player gets stuck on her dialogue the first turn. It doesn't let them click the continue. When they rejoin they can't see the cards. I've never been stuck or had issues on her with just Replay on.
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