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Sep 25, 2020 @ 6:38pm
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Say the Spire

This mod provides screen reader accessibility for the visually impaired. Note that this mod is currently in early public beta so not all features are fully implemented. New and returning users should make sure to read the docs found at the link below.


GitHub Readme and Repository:

The mod currently provides:
* Keyboard support which emulates controller inputs.
* The game outputs text to screen readers. NVDA, JAWS, Window-Eyes, Supernova, System Access, and Zoom Text are supported, with SAPI or text being copied to clipboard as a fallback.
* In game UI is read out including map information
* A convenient buffer system (mapped to the right stick and control plus arrow keys by default) to provide easy access to all relevant information for currently visible game elements.
* Narration of in battle events, such as cards drawn, buffs/debuffs applied, etc.
* A configuration file to customize the mod to your liking.
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Xvordan Nov 14 @ 9:53am 
Also please consider cleaning up the input.json file? It's just a bunch of json keys without any line breaks. It's such a nightmare to edit or read that file, especially since we don't have a better way to bind keys yet.
Xvordan Nov 5 @ 10:09am 
Two small requests, if they're not too difficult:
1. Would it be possible to add the facility to right click on cards and relics? I have some mods that use this functionality to trigger them.
2. Would you consider supporting the Prune The Pool mod? It lets you filter out cards that you don't want for that run, and I'd love to be able to use it to weed out the cards that just don't fit my current setup.
Totally Not A Player May 31 @ 10:05am 
i don't need this, but i found this mod very cool
bradjrenshaw  [author] Apr 3 @ 2:21pm 
Xvordan thanks, I'll add the note about controllers to the documentary. I'll look into the card viewer issue; a few people have had problems with those that I'm trying to track down.
Xvordan Mar 4 @ 5:56am 
Thank you so much for this beloved mod that enables me to play this game. I'm really looking forward to support for the mods menu. You might also want to make a note in the documentation that if you're using a controller via steam input rather than standard x-input, the mappings won't work. My Dualsense under steam input will crash the game if I press the R2 key, for example. There's also an infrequent issue when picking to transform cards at the starting Whale screen where Say The Spire will not navigate or read the cards presented.
bradjrenshaw  [author] Feb 26 @ 10:04pm 
@ChipsAhoyMcCoy Hey, these are a few glitches and quirks with how the game works, not bugs with the mod itself. Also sorry I completely missed this comment, I really wish Steam actually notified me there were comments.

- Regarding the tutorial message, that is a bug. I don't actually know what is causing that to be read out or how to interact with it. I'll look into this one as I completely forgot about it. To play the tutorial again you can make a save file and it'll just start automatically.
- the mods menu isn't part of the base game and is added by ModTheSpire. I prioritized getting everything in the base game to read first; I will work on that one eventually.
- About the abandon run confirm and other confirm popups, look at the UI section of the documentation. the game has a number of UI quirks due to controller support being added in later by the developers.
ChipsAhoyMcCoy Jan 19 @ 3:52am 
Hey! Not sure if anyone out there has tried to use this lately, but I seem to have a plethora of issues with the current version. Does it need to be updated to support the latest version of the game perhaps?

List of a few issues I'm running into:
- The game began by stating there was the option to enable the tutorial, but didn't allow me to choose whether ro not I wanted one. Instead, the game threw me into a battle.
- If I enter the mods menu in the main menu, there is no screen reader support at all.
- When hitting abandon run in the main menu, I get no feedback as to which button I'm hovering over, that being yes or no.

This is just what I noticed immediately upon opening the game, and have not been able to play since I can't go through the tutorial.
Nur1 Mar 1, 2021 @ 3:41am 
I personally don't use this, but as someone with impaired vision that has to make heavy use of the bigger text option, I fully support this.
Garenne Jan 21, 2021 @ 10:31am 
@bradjrenshaw : When will the new version of the mode arrive?
I encountered the bug I reported quite often. So, I'm waiting for the new version to get back to the game.
Lisbeth Dec 21, 2020 @ 1:36am