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Barbarian Barber
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Barbarian Barber

Hello folks!

I played this game since one year daily and can't see the vanilla hairs anymore. I took a look in the DevKit and Blender, played around and making some other hairstyles.

And now say hello to "Mello" my Co-Author of this mod. He now making some nice beards for the males out there!

I want to share them with you, give them a try and I hope you like it!

Added 6 hairstyles for men, 5 beards and 4 hairstyles for females. They maybe look a little bit messy, but I'm working on it. Consider there are no physics on this hairstyles and I have to find a way to make some physics on this hair und making it looking better. Please be patient, the way from static to wiggling hair is a little bit difficult.

If you have questions and ideas to combine some vanilla hair or making it different - look on my new discord for suggestions.

You can took them normally at the character creation or vanity (RA). Works with the modded hair of RA and Akubas Salon. Is there a problem, please write a comment!

Works with RP Aesthetics and Akubas Salon. The mustaches from emberlight working with the mod and without it.

Please Note: If you want to use this mod with Akubas Salon and RA make sure have the load order in the following row:

1. Barbarian Barber

- THEN -

2. Akubas Salon

- And at at last

3. RA

If you are using Haircuts and more too:

1. Haircuts and more


2. Barbarian Barber

- THEN -

3. Akubas Salon

- And at at last

4. RA
My future plans are adding some physics to the ponytails and other hairparts to make them more lively, making beards and maybe there is a possibility to add more accessoires like feathers to the hairs. But first the physics. ;)

Let me know if you like the new hair!

And now with physics on some hairstyles!

Link to my discord (under construction): Attention: Please join here for more and actual informations. It's much easier to manage your questions here. :)

Mod-ID: 2050780234

Mods used in this pictures:

Immersive Armors

Here is a very nice showcase from Milkshake (KiahOnFire). Thank your very much for that! :)

Special Thanks to:

WaffleButter and AtzerriGold

Very special thanks to:

Arboria and Mello

Arboria making the mod Haircuts and more.
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EvilGrin  [author] 20 hours ago 
Hello @all.

Sorry for no response, but I had a longer break and announced it in my discord. Forgot to so this here. :/
armbarchris May 29 @ 10:37pm 
Never mind, got it figured out.
armbarchris May 29 @ 12:49pm 
I just added this mod along with Akuba's and RA (in the order specified in the description) and now the slider, instead of have the hair from all 3, just has 3 different copies of the hair from this mod.
The Ur Pigeon May 28 @ 1:07pm 
These styles look great! Considering adding to my server.
opsedar May 25 @ 9:14am 
Works great! Thanks bunches!
Baffy May 23 @ 4:18pm 
Ty love this mod<3
TwoJay May 21 @ 12:24pm 
@BLACKWIDOW You can use the Hair and beards if you use another mod which allows customization of your character like Pippi, CharLiteEdit, Emberlight, IQOL .....
BLACKWIDOW May 19 @ 11:45am 
@EvilGrin can you tell me how to use the mod after I already subscribed and have it in the game? thanks
TwoJay May 18 @ 10:51pm 
If you have Mods which allow changes after the character creation it is possible later. (i.e. Emberlight)
Robcat May 16 @ 8:36am 
@Marshmehlyn Good to know, thanks.