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Thrall War Dungeon Mod
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Thrall War Dungeon Mod

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Thrall Wars
8 items
Mod to compliment the Thrall Wars Conan Exiles Server.

* Full PVP capture system, Player Truncheon, Player chain, Player wall chain ring.
* 170 extra feat points when hitting level 60 to have points to make the things from the mod.
* The mod adds Keys to empower use of Pippi doors in admin made dungeons.
* Age of Conan Style Critical Rating and Critical Damage rating system to swords from this mod.
* Deflective and Retrubutive shield mechanishm that bosses can use which can only be taken down with tainted weapon.
* Hud shows when making critical hit
* 11 spells that channel corruption to enable sorcery.
* Pick Pocket learnable skill.
* 2 new shields. (Admin spawned or given is loot in admin made dungeons or events)
* 4 new shields - (Crafted with feated recipie)
* 2 new one handed swords. (Crafted with thrall recipies)
* 2 new one handed swords (Crafted with feated recipie)
* 2 new two handed swords (Crafted with feated recipie)
* 2 new daggers (Crafted with feated recipie)
* 1 new Katana.
* 1 new bow type. (Crafted with feated recipie - Crafted with feated recipie)
* 1 new Club weapon.
* 1 new arrow type.
* 1 new Spear - (Crafted with thrall recipie)
* Many legendary armor pieces.(stat modified existing items)
* Countless many new armor pieces using new mesh models.
* 8x raid bosses that drop keys for Pippi doors to compliment our dungeons and events.
* Atlantian Powder - Obtained in admin created dungeons and other such.
* Atlantian Powder Rare Red Variant - Obtained in admin created dungeons and other such.
* Atlantian Powder Rare Blue Variant - Obtained in admin created dungeons and other such.
* Atlantian Steele Bar - Crafted at furnace with Hardened Steele Bar, Atlantian Powder and Star Metal Ore
* Atlantian Coating - Crafted with recipie from T4 Alhemist called Gabriela.
* Atlantian Poison that can be applied to weapons. Recipie is learned from the Atlantian Wisdom feat.
* New T4 Alhemist Thrall called Gabriela who knows how to make some items from this mod.
* New T4 Blacksmith that knows how to make Erik the Red sword - his name is Ivar the crafty one
* New T4 Blacksmith that knows how to make some items from this mod - her name is Alfhild
* New T4 Armorer that knows how to make some items from this mod - her name is Thorunn
* New T4 Carpender that knows how to make some items from this mod - her name is Hekla
* 2x New T4 Taskmaster that knows how to make some items from this mod - his name is Viek the Spire and Lady Elizabeth Killigrew
* 8 Quests
* 3 brands that go on War paint layer.
* Water block placeables (deep and shallow versions)
* One new wall type.
* 4 admin placeable journal books which teach recipies.
* Two types of spike traps (Dungeon version that automatically reloads in 10 seconds and the trap cannot be destroyed)
* 2 potions that reset feat and attributes separately.
* Erik the Red - Log - Page 3 and Page 7 item
* Small water trough that acts like a well.
* Mini chiller box to store food in tight spaces.
* Personal Chest items which lock to the owner keeping your goods safe from your guild mates.
* Thrall crosses (3 types)
* 8x Emoters (Belly dance, Slow belly dance, Submissive, Arms crossed F, Arms crossed M)
* 1x Dungeon emoter that does not take damage and emits corruption (Slow belly dance)
* 6 types of decoration beds to place decorations on instead of using as spawn points
* 2 types of wearable backpacks that add encumbrance and hot or cold buf (attaching to shoe point)
* 2x Hair of a special red head item (craft items)
* Mud consolidant material
* Wood sealant material
* Beryllium material
* Mercury material
* Turan steele bar - Made in furnance from Iron, Bark and Beryllium
* Tainted Pirate tooth item
* Foul substance item
* Darfari tent with feated recipie for those that RP darfari caracter. (The tent is walk through to make it RP-able on inside)
* Map discovery points for Pondlake and Shabam.
* Shrine of all religions capable of making all T1 religion items.
* Ark of all religions capable of making all T1, T2 and T3 religion items.
* Admin building blocks that take no damage to build dungeons and other admin structures.
* Support beams building blocks.
* Icreases item stacks of many things in the game.
* Merchant table crafting station (For admins to spawn).
* 2x different Merchant thralls that sell different things (for the Merchant table).
* And many many more things

We reccomend having the excellent Sexiles mod also, as some things we got compliments it. But the mod should also work without it.

Mod ID: 1326031593
We use item ID's from 298454001 to 298454400 and 189221 to 189240 (Bug in the game requires us to use the lower numbers for some items)

We have discord with help and info about the mod:

Special thanks to Dragoonduneman who helped with some things in the mod, Eilri for armor mesh work, Horizon for armor Mesh work and animations , Lira for some mesh work and Deanimator for mesh work.
To Maker of Pythagoras mod for having shared his support beams and bars to the public.
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Is there a way to get previous versions that we can use while waiting on our perspective servers to update?
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torkatla  [author] Jun 30 @ 11:21am 
Why would we respond to that ? There is nothing we can do to update your Server. Its only your Admin / Server owner that can handle that sittuation. And if your using bad host then you may need to FTP it in. Once again there is nothing mod authors can do to help admins update their servers.

Wrong version simply just means your administrator needs to update their server.
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It has been hours, the update has not hit the server yet. Could we at least have a response to show this is being worked on?
Funmizer Jun 29 @ 6:58pm 
The reason you are getting wrong version is because workshop updated YOU, but the server you are trying to log into is not updated. You have the new version, the server has the old version. Therefore, you have the wrong version according to the server.
Funmizer Jun 29 @ 6:55pm 
This mod was updated almost 6 hours ago in Workshop. The mod update still has not reached my server.
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ditto below
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wrong version alert