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Mods used in screenshots include Akuba's salon for hair, IQoL for body modifications, Devious Desires for posing, and Grim's Productions for the belly jewelry.

Important: Wonderbutter is no longer a valid pak file name. It is now Buttermilk_Body.pak

Buttermilk Body is a Female body replacer that hopes to evolve to a general body replacer for everyone. It will also come with special clothing and items for the body over time.

This mod currently incorporates the most popular parts of wonderbody while introducing a new lower body. This change is to prepare the body for armor conversions sponsored by Shreb. The lower body has had some adjustments made by popular demand in the hip and posterior.

The original wonderbody was produced by astralify, since, he has returned, you may subscribe to the original mod if you prefer it. But it cannot be used together with this mod.

This mod contains female clothing for use with the body including swimsuits, jewelry, and a few pieces of converted armor. There is also a UI item that allows for a few customization features.

To use the UI, craft the Promiscuity Cosmetic item, and use it in your shortcut bar. The UI should open. You can currently use it to remove body hair, apply your choice amount of body oil (skin shine), and hide your bracelet.

Known issues: In an effort to reduce crashing and maintenance updates, Buttermilk has been further encapsulated from the native assets used from the game, however it still replaces native female meshes and I'll continue to try and move away from this in future updates.

Mod conflicts: Incompatible with RA scars, tattoos, and skin imperfections. Generally any mod that modifies the skin texture in any way will not be able to access the materials used by buttermilk unless the changes are restricted to warpaints and other options found in the native skin material.

This mod may not be used with other body mods without conflicts. I recommend only installing one body mod at a time.

Load order: Please place this ABOVE IQOL in the load order to make sure the sliders work for this body. If you insist on using RA character creation, put this mod BELOW RA to ensure that the UI features within Buttermilk Body work properly.

This mod's items will be included in my ID range: 946000-947XXX
Converted armors have been placed in the 95XXXXX range.