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Roleplay Redux
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Dec 17, 2020 @ 5:54am
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Roleplay Redux

Wait for the mod to load (you'll see a progress bar on screen) and press Shift + R (by default) to toggle the mod UI.
You can also open your character sheet through the emote wheel.

The mod does not work in singleplayer/coop!

Required Mods
Sudo Exile

Recommended companion mods
Tot ! Chat

Custom dice systems
You can fully customize the attributes, skills, and even the type of dice you roll. The mod's Perk system allows you to create character classes, powers and special abilities to suit your server needs.

Custom chat
The mod comes with a custom built chat system with many roleplay-centric features. It has configurable chat radiuses that support all IC interactions like emotes and dice rolls, emotes and speech formatting, and many more cool things!

Raid mechanics
You can kick down doors and pick locks once more!
The mod offers extensive customization to each raid type per door, gate, chest an vault. As an admin you can require specific skills or items to perform these actions, as well as set cooldowns to prevent abuse.
Only works in the owner player or clan is online.

Just like the original mod, there's lots of new emotes for you to roleplay with. Roleplay Redux adds and ever-growing collection of different poses and contextual animations for interacting with furniture.

Roleplay tools
The mod offers many other roleplay enhancements: chat bubbles, character bios and consents, custom titles, and more.

Load order and mod compatibility
- Mod ID: 2323901287
- Not compatible with Nameplates Off mod.
- Should be placed after Fashionist.
- If you want Unlock+ lock mechanics, place it after this mod.
- If you want Roleplay Redux lock mechanics, place it after Unlock+.
- The mod does not work in singleplayer/coop!

Mod Discord server: