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Hello! and welcome to GrimSovereign's mod production page!

here you will find all mods that i makes for conan exiles in one pack to reduce mod order bloat. this mod will be constantly updated with new outfits, armors, weapons, accessories, building items and more in the future to come! hope you all enjoy.

all outfits are based off the Wonderbody, it is not required but highly recomended. currently all outfits are unloackable at lvl 60 and craftable. most outfits and accessories are ports of my works from skyrim. i have other outfits in the works being made specifically for connan exiles.

Special thanks:
Whiskey for all the amazing systems and help with problems :D
Huge amount of thanks to WaffleButter for his help guiding me through the process of learning how to get to this point haha.
RyanReos: for making the elf sword master outfit.

Mod ID: 1976970830


This Mod Adds:
-accessory system 2.2.0 (open with SHIFT + i or new button in character window just below feet slot)
-high heels system 3.0.0
-Crusader outfit, weapons, and forge.
-Grim's Shrine, where all items are crafted at.
-Dark Mage's Outfit.
-Demonic Bikini outfit.
-DeathMk1 Outfit.
-VampMk1 outfit.
-Elven outfit MK1
-Elf SwordMaster outfit by RyanReos rebuilt by GrimSovereign for conan exiles
-8 equippable elf ears. female and male. must be spawned in by admin.
-Crimson Elf Outfit mk1
-5 equipable horns
-Shino's Miko outfit.
-various nails and accessories.
-Crimson Elves crafting crystal forge.
-2 wigs
-1 tail
-set of hooves

recomended mods:

GrimSovereign's Discord:

GrimSovereign's Links:
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levynthevariant 14 hours ago 
Would you ever consider doing some male slutmog/fantasy outfits? A lot of us would ADORE some love to the non-booby character models <3
JD Sep 29 @ 8:33pm 
So do any thralls fit in the Crusaders Forge?
exile Sep 29 @ 5:30pm 
Thanks Meynolt. I pulled High Heels just to experiment, and I still walk on air. Now, it could be something with the Yamatai architecture I went with.
Althena Sep 29 @ 7:39am 
You delete Answers here? Like a little Kid.
Meynolt Sep 29 @ 2:04am 
@exile I have both mods running on my server, just make sure to put Grimproductions below High Heels in the load order, seems to work fine like that.
Mull Sep 28 @ 11:07pm 
Oh, critical answers will be deleted... your a joke like your mod !
Tafari. Sep 28 @ 1:59pm 
whathappend with the mod going out of the steam workshop? :o
exile Sep 27 @ 4:10pm 
I have this mod and High Heels System V3.0.1 installed, wanted to check out your mod. When I have any boots from this mod installed, I appear to be walking several inches above the floor. Problem occurs with any high heeled boots equipped. Rearrange the load order or remove one of the mods?
Meynolt Sep 27 @ 3:51pm 
@GrimSovereign Would there be any chance we can get those tops with a more normal lift as an option please?
GrimSovereign  [author] Sep 27 @ 8:01am 
its not a load order thing i did that one purpose.