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Ploppable RICO Revisited 2.4.7
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Ploppable RICO Revisited 2.4.7

Seeking help with translations! I've set up a Google Sheets spreadsheet here[].

The old Painter and Garbage Bin Controller mods conflict with this mod. Compatible modern replacements are Repaint and Garbage Bin Manager.
New in 2.4:
  • Configurable cost overrides.
  • Option to automatically lock the building level of plopped growables (requires Advanced Building Level Control).
  • Add mod/author/local settings selection menu to settings panel (to see settings other than the currently active one).
New in 2.3.5:
  • Growable options now have Plop the Growables behaviour enabled by default.
  • Add warning if Plop the Growables is also subscribed. This is a warning only - both mods can still be used together, if their settings are consistent!
  • Improve mod conflict and Harmony error notifications.
New in 2.3.4:
  • Add options to turn on or off confirmation for bulldozing and/or auto-demolish (building over) RICO ploppables.
New in 2.3:
  • Integrate 'Plop the Growables'-style functionality; separately selectable for RICO and non-RICO buildings.
  • 'Plop the Growables' is no longer required or recommended; using both is possible, but may give inconsistent results unless your settings are aligned - simply disable ALL relevant options in this mod.

Not recommended for use with disasters - rescue teams will get 'confused' by RICO buildings

Allows RICO (Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Office) buildings larger than 4x4 to be placed in the game. Want a functional and realistically-sized large apartment tower, mall/department store, or imposing office building? Want that custom building you downloaded to be more than just a tourist attraction? Then this is for you!

This is a continuation of AJ3D’s excellent Ploppable RICO. The list of improvements and extensions to the original has now gotten too long to include in this description, but a summary list is available[].

Note: Don't have both this and the old RICO mod subscribed at the same time. Disabling is not sufficient. Choose one or the other.

Safe to subscribe/unsubscribe at any time (noting that if you unsubscribe after using it, then any RICO buildings you’ve plopped will lose their RICO functionality and will revert back to being basic decorations/parks/unique buildings).

As with all mods, ALWAYS exit to desktop before reloading a game

A complete list of instructions and guides can be found on the original mod’s page, including guides for asset creators. Many suitable assets on the workshop already come with RICO settings included, and either this or the original mod is required to make them actually function as intended (without a RICO mod you’ll still be able to place them in-game, but they’ll just be a park or tourist attraction - not apartments/factories/shops/offices).

This mod adds a “Ploppable RICO” icon to the toolbar (to the right of the “Policies” icon). Clicking on that will bring up a menu from which you can select RICO buildings to place; the “Settings” tab enables you to create your own local custom settings, either modifying existing ones or creating new ones from scratch.

The mod also adds a "Ploppable RICO" icon in the top-right of every building's information panel that will take you directly to the settings for that building.

A guide to the mod's options panel[], including descriptions of each option's functionality, is available on the wiki.

Settings panel
After selecting a building in the leftmost panel (the icons and search bar at the top can help narrow down what you’re looking for), use the “Add Local” button in the centre panel to create a new custom config for a building (edit the details in the rightmost panel). After making your changes, be sure to press the “Save” button in the centre panel, otherwise your changes will be lost! The safest way to apply changes is to exit the game and reload your save.

Changing settings of already placed builings
Buildings already placed will have their RICO settings updated on the next game load, or when the 'Save and Apply' button in the settings panel for that building is clicked. As the changes may not be recognised by other mods until a game restart, it is recommended that you be careful with this option (save a backup of your city before using it and check afterwards to make sure that it worked as you thought it should).

Use with Natural Disasters
As of version 2.4.7, Ploppable RICO buildings will not be collapsed by natural disasters. This is to prevent several fundamental issues and bugs caused by the Natural Disasters DLC not being written to take into account the existence of Ploppable RICO buildings (which is fair enough, really).

Having difficulty?
  • Ensure that the mod is activated in your content settings.
  • Ensure that you're subscribed to the required Harmony mod (see 'required items' at right).
  • If you're using a realistic population mod and you can't seem to change household/workplace numbers, have you unchecked the 'use realistic population' option for that building?
  • Ensure that the original Ploppable RICO mod is unsubscribed (not just disabled, unsubsribed).
  • Ensure that you understand the basics of using mods for Cities:Skylines (starting with this guide by AquilaSol – especially the bit about always quitting to the desktop between loads.
  • Check that you're not subscribed to any known conflicting mods[].
  • Check that you’re not running with any outdated mods (see this list of currently broken mods[] by AquilaSol and Avanya).
  • Read this guide on output logs and common errors.
  • If problems still persist after that, please leave a comment (preferably including a link to your output.log) and I’ll see if I can help.

Comments are actively curated in order to keep the comments section useful and relevant to others.

Credit where credit is due
Huge thanks to AJ3D, the original Ploppable RICO author, and to everyone who contributed to its design, coding, and updates (most notably boformer, Tailgunner, and especially BloodyPenguin). Thanks also to Boogieman Sam for the UI work, and thanks to TPB for the original Plop the Growables mod.

Thaks to everyone who's helped out with the translations.

This mod uses Harmony[] version 2.0 by Andreas Pardeike via the Cities Harmony mod by boformer.

Source available on GitHub[].
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algernon  [author] 3 minutes ago 
@Neil DeSalt Tyson If the game is crashing because that mod isn't installed, then something is *seriously* wrong with your game install. You might want to try an uninstall/clean reinstall.
Markus050 7 hours ago 
Alright, thanks for understanding!
Neil DeSalt Tyson 11 hours ago 
Yeah, also It's probably because I enabled the Plop the growables mod. But I cant disable that because otherwise the game crashes
algernon  [author] 11 hours ago 
@Neil DeSalt Tyson Haveyou tried pressing 'Esc' to bring up the game menu, and then resume?
Neil DeSalt Tyson 12 hours ago 
Everything is blurred and I cannot interact with anything in the game
Neil DeSalt Tyson 12 hours ago 
Always worked, but suddenly when i start the game, i cant seem to click anything because of the "Whats new" tab
algernon  [author] 13 hours ago 
@Markus050 Ah, now I get you. Yes, sure - I can make it optional.
Markus050 Sep 25 @ 3:02pm 
Markus050 Sep 25 @ 5:59am 
Can't you make it an option? Like by default rico buildings wont collapse, but you can turn that off?
Markus050 Sep 25 @ 5:59am 
I like to destroy my city a lot.... and when I throw meteors on it... all rico buildings are unaffected and just hover over the crater.