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Advanced Building Level Control 1.1.2
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Jun 17, 2020 @ 6:29pm
Jun 22 @ 7:29pm
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Advanced Building Level Control 1.1.2


Enables fine-grained control of growable building levels

New in 1.1:
  • Add option to randomize building apperance to include models from one level lower or higher when upgrading
  • Add fix for building flags left incorrectly set by 'No Abandonment' mod
New in 1.0:
  • Historical settings control
  • Set (or unset) historical status for all buildings in a district with one button click
  • Can automatically set historical status for all new buildings in a district
Key features:
  • Set minimum and maximum growable building levels for each district
  • Separate settings for residential and workplace (commercial, industrial, office) buildings
  • Minimim and maximum levels can also be set for individual buildings (overriding district settings)
  • Buildings spawning from empty zones will spawn with the minimum level set for that district (so yes, level 5 buildings can spawn directly from empty zones)
  • Existing buildings won't be immediately affected by level settings; however, when they next upgrade, they'll keep repeatedly upgrading until they reach the set minimum level
  • Upgrades can be manually forced for individual buildings or all buildings in a district
  • Buildings can also be manually downgraded, either individual buildings, or for all buildings in a district
  • The make historical option is observed by this mod for both upgrading and downgrading - when a building is not historical, upgrading/downgrading will trigger a change of appearance; when a building is marked as historical, upgrading/downgrading will change the building's level without changing its appearance.
  • Building abandoment can be prevented - selectable for either for historical buildings only, or for all buildings.
  • One-click buttons can add or remove historical status for all builings in a selected district.
  • All new buildings in a district can be set to automaticallly be made historical as soon as they are built.

Use boformer's Building Themes mod to help manage which buildings can spawn in which districts.

Key restrictions:
  • Normal upgrade restrictions apply: iif a building is not marked as historical, it building won't upgrade or downgrade if there's no available building to upgrade/downgrade to (e.g. a building of the same size and category and one level higher/lower).

Basic instructions - districts
A new district "Level control" panel will appear immediately to the left of the info panel for all districts. Use the dropdown menus to select minimum and maximum levels for each district for both residential and workplace buildings (see above dot points for key notes).

Selecting the 'Random spawn levels' option for a district means that new buildings will spawn with a random level between the minimum and maximum for that district.

The "Force upgrade" button at the bottom of the district level control panel can be used to force upgrades for all buildings in that district that are below the set minimum level; those buildings will be immediately upgraded directly to the set minimum level.

Buildings in a district won't upgrade beyond the relevant maximum level for that district (existing buildings already above the maximum level will NOT be downgraded, but won't upgrade any further).

The "Force downgrade" button willl immediately downgrade all relevant buildings to the maximum level set for that district. Buildings already below the district maximum level will remain unchanged.

Basic instructions - buildings
A new "Level control" panel will also appear immediately to the left of the info panel for all eligible growable buildings Note that this panel won't appear for building types with only one level (e.g. leisure/tourism/organic commerical/IT cluster/resource extractors/processing buildingss). As with the district settings, use the dropdown menus to select the minimum and maxmum level for that building.

Individual building settings automatically take priority over district settings (this includes both maximum and minimum levels).

The "force upgrade" button in the building level control panel can be used to force an upgrade for a particular building. Pressing this will immediately upgrade the building one level. Unlike the district panel button, the building panel "force upgrade" button can upgrade the building beyond of the set maximum level; if this happens, the maximum set level for that building is automatically updated to the new level. This can be used to further fine-tune specific building levels without customising a lot of settings.

The "for downgrade" button in the building panel similarly triggers a downgrade of one level for that building; the set minimum level is automatically updated as required to accomodate the new level.

Historical settings (districts only)
The "Force historical" button in the district panel will make all the existing buildings in that district historical; the "Clear historical" will remove the historical status of all buildings in that district.

When the "New buildings historical" option is selected for a district, all new buildings (including buildings that have replaced other buildings as part of an upgrade process) will automatically have the 'historical' flag applied.

Incompatible mods
As with all Harmony 2 mods, this mod is incompatible with the original Painter mod (use Repaint instead) and Garbage Bin Controller (use Garbage Bin Manager instead).

Other mods that affect building levels may or may not be incompatible, depending on how they work (my default recommendation is that you treat them all as incompatible until proven otherwise).

Having difficulty?
  • Ensure that you aren't susbscribed to any incompatible mods (see above).
  • Ensure that you are subscribed to the Harmony 2 mod dependency.
  • Remember that buildings can only upgrade if there's a valid building of the same size to upgrade to (using custom building themes and/or Loading Screen Mod prefab skipping are the usual causes of there not being a valid upgrade target) - in such cases buildings will apper to go through the upgrade process but just end up where hey started from.
  • The "Control levels" checkbox (and building panel) won't show up for any building type that only has one level (e.g. most specialisations).
  • Otherwise, please post any bug reports either here or as an issue on Github[]. Note that I'll probably need your output log to do anything.

Saves its own data to and from the savefile, but doesn't affect any other save data. Can be safely removed at any time.

This mod uses Harmony[] version 2.0 by Andreas Pardeike via the Cities Harmony mod by boformer.

Source available on GitHub[].

Translations for this mod are now managed via CrowdIn[]. Please leave a message below if you'd like me to add another language on CrowdIn.
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BierPizzaChips Aug 10 @ 6:39pm 
This mod is awesome as replacement for the not anymore working 'No Abandonment' mod and boformer's great 'Historical Districts' mod, which i had used before together with an Auto-Delete of abandoned houses.
It is fantastic not just having again an indeed working protection against the wipe out of detailed buildings, but also the features of overall protection or district based protection is awesome.
My game was already a bit bumpy before i installed this, but now the bumpiness increased quite a bit aka vehicles are not driving in a smooth flow even with good frame rate but jump in little steps as if watching a Slow Motion movie.
I am not sure if such is really the result of this mod or if there are left-overs from uninstalled mods in my SaveGame, which may cause this increased bumpiness.
Overall i am very, very happy having now a setup where my detailed houses are not simply disappearing but stay. Many, many thanks for that:
wakirk2002 Jun 22 @ 9:09pm 
Correction, Building Themes, Themes Manager is actually something else. Oops.
wakirk2002 Jun 22 @ 9:02pm 
Superb. I mixed this with Themes Manager. They work Fantastic together. There's a few quarks and odds and ends, but nothing functional for each mod. In fact, it lets me override Theme Manager's behavior where it mimics the game's requirements of L1~>L5 and can directly select the level from the set of buildings set by the theme. Very Nice Indeed. Now I can get the variety I want but not (RICO) plop every single building and still have the monuments on the map. A very big Thank You!!!
algernon  [author] Jun 22 @ 7:41pm 
- Fix 'randomize levels' and 'new buildings historical' settings for districts sometimes not applying when loading a save from when ABLC wasn't active
wakirk2002 Jun 22 @ 8:26am 
Done. I posted and detailed everything in a post as not to continue to pollute the comments:
algernon  [author] Jun 21 @ 10:50pm 
@wakirk2002 Delete your local installs of both Harmony and this mod, and then subscribe to the Workshop versions of both (making sure that you're using the Harmony dependency linked above and not any other version).
wakirk2002 Jun 21 @ 10:49pm 
Alright, Done. I posted the file at

This was just ABLC and Harmony and nothing else. I just started the game, got the error, and closed the game.

wakirk2002 Jun 21 @ 7:28pm 
Roger that, I will do that when I get through my current tasks. Thanks.
algernon  [author] Jun 21 @ 3:48pm 
@wakirk2002 Please don't use Extended Error Reporting, it breaks things and makes it harder to identify issues (ironically). After unsubbing from EER, please try again and post your output log for me to have a lookg at (what you've copy-pasted there is useless on its own, the full log is needed).
wakirk2002 Jun 21 @ 9:26am 
I can't get this mod to load. I did a clean test with a fully wiped and reloaded fresh CS installation, with only Harmony and Extended Error Reporting mod only and this mod. I tried moving to local mod folder because it doesn't even show up correctly from workshop. the following was generated on attempt to enable the mod.

Hopefully this info is useful. I can't get any further testing it.