Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Skyve v3.3.2.1 [Stable]
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Oct 28, 2022 @ 9:07am
Oct 28, 2023 @ 6:15am
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Skyve v3.3.2.1 [Stable]

Skyve is the fresh re-make of the previous Loading Order Mod 1/2 & Compatibility Report.
It features a completely new and slick UI, integrated & real-time compatibility management, advanced filtering, dark mode, Find It! custom tags, Linux & macOS Compatibility, and much more! See also the answer to the question: Old Compatibility Report worked fine, why this big change?

Make sure you are not subscribed to the Beta version.
You can only have one version at a time.

If you're coming from LOM 1, your previous settings will carry over, and your previous profiles will be converted once you open the new tool.

Loading the game with Skyve enabled will automatically sort mods in a deterministic manner (independent of subscription order) that will put harmony first. This default load order solves load-order-related bugs and minimizes the loading time for most cases.
This is now automated, so you don't have to worry about the Order Number like LOM 1

The Skyve app, which is included in the mod, is only copied to your PC (it does not get installed). It does not execute anything without your input.
The shortcut that is created on your desktop is just for ease of use.
This mod is massively tested and we're working in cooperation with Paradox and Colossal Order to ensure trust and alignment with Steam & Paradox's TOS.

Skyve App
Skyve includes an external app that you'll use to manage your mods and assets, similar to the Content Manager, but without worrying your game will explode if you enable a mod!

Skyve.exe is stored in the mod's workshop folder, normally at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\255710\2881031511\App\

Included Functions
  • Custom profiles to have as many setups as you want for your mods and assets.
  • Exclude mods and specific assets from your game.
  • Keep track of outdated mods or packages that haven't been correctly downloaded.
  • Exclude DLCs & CCP from your game.
  • One-click fix outdated or missing packages.
  • Get notified when you have multiple versions of the same mod enabled.
  • Real-time Compatibility Report to help you manage your mods & broken assets without having to open the game.
  • View and subscribe to Workshop Collections from within the tool.
  • Loading Screen Mod Report features:
  • Advanced Filters
    • View and subscribe to missing assets from your save-game
    • NEW View and remove assets you aren't using in your save-game
  • Preview images for workshop packages
  • Include/exclude all assets of the same Workshop ID in one click
  • Unsubscribe mods and assets directly from Load Order Tool 2
  • Local mods automatically show their Steam information

Installation Steps by OS

  • Open the game, and enable all required mods.
  • Click on the new "SKYVE" button in your main menu.
  • A shortcut will be created on your desktop to easily access the tool afterward.

Linux & Mac
  • Open the game, and enable all required mods.
  • Click on the new "SKYVE" button in your main menu.
  • Open Skyve.exe through Wine.
*you might be able to use programs other than Wine to run the tool on your Linux/Mac. If you face issues with it, create a help post on the discord. See also the macOS Installation Guide.

Guide to the Skyve App
Check out the basic Skyve guide[] for explanations to the screens available in the app

Note: Some older Windows versions might not have the required .net framework to use the tool, if Windows doesn't download it for you, you can download and install it here: .NET Framework 4.7.2[].

Release: Chamëleon TBN (Updates, compatibility tests, maintenance, and more)
Coding: T. D. W.
Maintainers: rlas, AguilaSol, Avanya, Shane Turner

Thanks a lot to:
  • kian.zarrin for the first version of Loading Order Mod
  • kryzchu1245 for his work on Compatibility Report 2.x
  • Finwickle for his work on Compatibility Report 0.8
  • aubergine18 for the Compatibility Checker
  • all translators
  • all other modders

[] []


For mod creators to link to Skyve:


You want to donate to T. D. W. for the coding of Skyve?

You want to donate to Chamëleon TBN for the ongoing testing, maintenance and or share in the server costs?

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Monotonous Mar 3 @ 1:37am 
The missing assets issue is getting more and more serious for me :(. Is it just me?
Plazasta Mar 1 @ 6:04pm 
@foxprogrammer chipping in to say I have the same issue as well. Every time I launch the game, I need to reload the playset to see which assets Skyve seemingly forgets I'm subscribed to, then go to their workshop page, unsubscribe from them and then resubscribe. It's frustrating because otherwise, Skyve is so fantastic I can't play Cities Skylines without it. It's become pretty essential to the modding experience
slavonator Feb 21 @ 5:58am 
@Chamëleon TBN please, we wrote to discord but we didn't finish the process, you didn't respond anymore. I created a new thread, there you gave me some advice on how to set up the Skive, but you didn't go any further, I have a few things for you, please take a look at it. thank you very much for your help
STEEMSUCKSSSS Feb 14 @ 5:42pm 
Click --> <-- Switch and app crashes. Brilliant.
slavonator Feb 5 @ 10:55am 
Chamëleon TBN I finally managed to log in to discort, but I still have a problem with writing, discort always wants to verify the email, but every time I enter it, it says that the email is already registered. I do not understand that. without verification, I cannot reply to messages or write anything. and I always have to enter a different email for each verification, so I've used up all the ones I have and I can't use it again. what the hell is this? what am I doing wrong?
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I tried to subscribe to your discort but the link is expired.
2894md Jan 28 @ 4:46pm 
I get an error when I try to install this mod. I get that it belongs to an older version of the game and that it cannot run. I see from the comments that other people are working any idea of what could be the problem
foxprogrammer Jan 26 @ 9:16am 
@hardisonthefloor can confirm that this is happening, and it is very annoying. especially when the networks got unsubscribed, causing the city to not load at all...
just now i noticed how my city looks a bit empty, it's all thanks to this bug
Chamëleon TBN  [author] Jan 24 @ 6:18am 
@Mike - 300k Users and you say it do Not Work. Imho the sentence should be: "IDK why, but im Not able to get it working.", then Reading above description, head over to discord and ask for support....
Mike Jan 23 @ 5:07pm 
Doesn't work at all.