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Overthrow WW2
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Scenario Type: Infantry, Vehicles
Scenario Map: Altis
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Jan 18, 2020 @ 11:57am
Jan 25 @ 3:28pm
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Overthrow WW2

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The free dynamic sandbox campaign based on a deeply reworked Overthrow campaign code, with optimization for cooperative gameplay and dedicated servers (Spearhead 1944 support from
Attention: the campaign is NOT historical, it is an alternative history. If it makes someone burn up - he should hastily leave this topic.

From the very beginning this mod was designed for multiplayer games on a dedicated server. This means that a dedicated server is not just supported, it is highly recommended for maximum comfortable performance.
Local hosting and one-player game also available, of course.

The mod is quite complex, installation can also be difficult (a lot of specifics in WW2 themed mods). The entry threshold is quite high, and if you're not used to the missions are not led by the hand - it is better not to waste your time, children need to avoid it too.
Anyway it is not hard to start, it is hard to win, as you need to learn some of new mechanics - this is what I meant.
Gameplay is radically different from most missions for Arma 3 with a huge number of new mechanics - and at least a brief look at the documentation will be a must.

Q: Why are there so many dependencies?
A: I have collected for you almost all available WW2 mods, with about an equal level of quality, and tweaked most of it to fit the mod mechanics. There aren't many - almost all of them are on the list. And even in this case, the set of equipment and weapons is very small compared to modern times mods.

Q: What is it all about?
A: - In general, about how difficult it is to play as any significant resistance when confronting a serious army - especially if it happens on a small island. No, of course, you won’t have to rummage through the forests, sleep in the mud and constantly run around the island from the Germans - after all, the original mod is a pure sandbox, and for such a gameplay everything would have to be developed from scratch. In OT Reborn, I did this, but with the latest events, I don’t even know when it will be time to finish ...
As for this campaign, for experienced players it can take up to a week, until the turning point condition (when the resistance forces become sufficient for a massive offensive), and longer for beginners.

Q: - Why does it take so long to load?
A: - It's just fast - compared to the first version :) Replacing millions of objects on such a map with blunt enumeration (which is used in most other auto-replace scripts) took 15-20 minutes. As I raised my programming skills, I managed to immediately optimize the load speed to two or three minutes on a good CPU. But it probably won't be any faster without new engine tools.
Anyway, this is the only way to bring Altis into a roughly time-appropriate view.

Q: - I have a bug / nothing works.
A: - Please do not waste time - for almost any such comment, I will ask for at least a log. Therefore, we attach a log to each bug report. And where to find the log, you can read in the discord, in the FAQ section - which is required reading.
But first of all, you yourself need to go through the list of activated mods, and check if there is something superfluous there that is not indicated in the dependencies. 95% of all reports are due to this inattention.

Q: And why is there no support for mod X?
A: Since, as stated above, I have collected almost all WW2 mods, they have all been tested extensively (if possible, of course), and support for some of them, like CSA38, has been removed due to very low quality and critical bugs.
Some were too large for the number of objects that could be used in the campaign - remember, that every single mod with game objects will consume your physical memory, reducing the game performance.

1. Install the mod and all dependencies which are in the modlist, AND ONLY IT. No need to write that "it activated automatically". Yes, some mods have original IFA3_AIO or ace as dependencies - these are third-party mods, and if I also re-upload them just to replace dependencies, it will just be a waste of disk space. You need to activate ONLY what is listed (well, plus in the collection of recommended / specially adapted).
Minimal mod set as a collection.
2. In the launcher, activate everything you need, save as a preset. Check again that @IFA3_AIO_LITE, standard GEIST and standard ace mods are not in the mod list.
3. If you played any other versions of the Overthrow mod, delete the vars profile settings file (again, look in the FAQ), otherwise you will catch a bunch of bugs with scripts, the variables for which are stored there. Don't ignore this step, otherwise it can ruin your gameplay.
4. Go to Discord[] and read the FAQ (at least first entries).
5. Start the game, create a local server, select Altis - Overthrow WW2 and play. If the mission is not in the list, check if someone's naughty hands turned on mission filtering (top right).
6. If you liked it, don't forget to go here and push the like button and/or write a feedback. It is the most important step, the mod will not work without it!

NB: What it is NOT recommended to install:
- Any ACE modifications other than those that are in dependencies (but theoretically, those that add something to the functionality of ace are possible - except for those that modify endurance)
- Any AI mods will most likely break scripts/missions to hell
- Any scripts that change camouflage system
- Any scripts that change view distance
- Most of looting scripts
- Any anti-bouncing systems for planes
- Lighting mods - mod has a non-standard system
- Advanced towing (it's already embedded)
- Scripts for jamming/weapon failures (embedded)
- Any scripts that change the medical system
- In general, any "combines" (otherwise someone has already tried to install Achilles, and reported about bugs).
- Mods for Zeus - it is embedded. Otherwise, you can also break the scripts.

What is supported:
- Almost any sound mods
- Almost any graphic, if night lighting is not affected (Blastcore and forks not recommended, as it brings many unwanted side effects)

What is recommended: a list of adapted mods (some will require compatibility files from the Optional mod folder, don't ignore it)

NB! Despite the status of the "campaign", it is still a mod - with a huge number of mechanics, to the point that the versions of IFA3 and ACE for it - are specially modified separate branches of the original mods. For more than three years, everything used in the mod has been improved, refined and balanced just for it. So be careful with running other missions when the mods from the dependencies are activated - you can get an improvement in some aspects, as well as very unpleasant side effects.
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MaxP  [author] Jun 2 @ 4:15pm 
Hi, check your mod list carefully.
TSvic3nt3ar21 Jun 2 @ 4:13pm 
Hello, I have a problem and when I start a partia in editor mode I get out file.ace_mx157.pbo is outdated :steamfacepalm:
MaxP  [author] Jun 1 @ 6:57am 
Скорее всего ты трогаться пытался на склоне, движок просто не потянет по логичным причинам. Чуть скорость набери и заезжай.
Loko Jun 1 @ 6:49am 
Привет, а что за прикол с топливным голоданием? Ханомаг на уклоне в максимум 5 градусов глохнет каждые 5 сек
MaxP  [author] Mar 10 @ 6:29pm 
Some videos do not represent the actual gameplay, of course.
We plalyed almost all the time the mod was developing.
bigd Mar 10 @ 1:57pm 
I was watching your videos. Your second video where you threw a grenade at one of their vehicles. and hid behind the building. Once it detonated, they knew where you were at without you exposing yourself. Also, when you was on top of a hill at night time peeping over, the enemy was shooting at you from long distance before you even got a shot off
MaxP  [author] Mar 10 @ 5:20am 
Mmm, and how does it tied with the OTWW2? The mod has a complex mechanics to avoid this.
AI is almost blind at night.
bigd Mar 9 @ 8:47pm 
They can spot you across the map and their bullets will make it to your location as if there is no bullet drop for them. And they be on point.
bigd Mar 9 @ 8:45pm 
That's one thing I hate about ARMA. AI can spot you in the dark with no NVG, long distance, and through objects with precise accuracy.
MaxP  [author] Mar 5 @ 3:12pm 
You forgot to attach the log