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[WOTC] The Hive
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[WOTC] The Hive

In 1 collection by MrShadowCX
CreativeXenos WOTC mod collection.
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-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK, Animations, Substance painter, Photoshop, unit creation/conceptual idea : Super awesome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk
-- Maya modelling/armourconcepting, Substance painter texturing, unit creation/conceptual idea : HulkCX --
-- Coding, Serif Art Studio and unit creation/conceptual idea : Shadow79 --
-- Weapon Particle Effects work : Claus --
-- Coding/Weapon creation : Iridar --
-- Coding guidance and just an overall great guy ;) : Musashi --
-- Physics on units : Kexx
-- Coding and code clean up : Astral Descend --
-- Ability Icons for the Chryssalids : Zyxpsilon --
-- VO work : TheTommyTrials --
-- Autopsy/Corpse Photoshop : IronGroin--

Special thanks to Robojumper for helping with the initial code for the Queen to act like a Ruler and NeIVIeSiS for added help on targeting icons (more to be added later). And to Sacred Soul for all his early support on the mod wit ideas and early Queen concepts of which we managed to add in a way to honor him. Hope he likes it ;)

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE HIVE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The Elders are growing weak. Their power is no longer strong enough to hold the mind control over one of their most prizes possessions. The Chryssalid Hive Queen has broken free and running wild on Earth. She is building a new hive and taking back her children that still fall under the control of the Elders. She will not hesitate to kill anyone or thing in her way. The Hive will be reborn.

Hive Queen
1. Queen Slash (can cause Chrys Poisoning)
2. Queen Heal (like Prime Reactions/every time she takes damage she will auto Regen some back. Also has a Massive heal she can use up to twice a battle that heals 10HP per use)
3. Hive Domination (used to dominate Chrys that are on Adv's side)
4. Queen Spit (Goo spit works like frost and can be healed with any Medikit or Gremlin that can heal Frost)
5. Retreat like other Rulers.
*Hive Call (Random)*
Will show up for the first time at or around Force Level 13

1.Ripper Slash
2.Needle attack (deals minor mobility debuff for 2 turns)
Force Level 5

1.Warrior Slash (can cause Chrys Poisoning)
2.Adrenal Rush (boosts hive stats around Warrior)
3.Hyper Reactive Senses (boosts Warrior's stats)
Force Level 14

1. Drone Slash
2. Drone Burrow
3. Drone Unburrow
4. Lightning Reflexes
Force Level 5

1. Chameleon Slash
2. Rending Claws (multi hit/does rupture)
3. Vanish
4. Vanish reveal
5. Fleet Of Claw (Vanish and scamper away when wounded)
6. Lightning Reflexes
**** NOTE Chameleons can not vanish if burning****
Force Level 12

1. Zombie Slash (if killed by slash humans and Adv are turned into Infected Zombies)
Force Level 10

Infected Zombie
1.Standard Zombie attack
2.Gestate(will randomly turn into either a new Infector or Hybrid) If killed before allowed to gestate, will not turn into new Infector/Hybrid.
Force Level 10

1.Hybrid Slash (consumes HP on hit to stay alive longer. Humans or Adv killed by a Hybrid will rise as a new Infected Zombie) These will become more Hybrids.
Force Level 10

1. Shrieker Slash
2. Shrieker EMP attack (does not do damage to organics but will disable their weapons/disables robotic weapons too but also does damage to robotic units with a chance to shut them down)
3. Wall Phasing
Force Level 15

Brood Mother
1.Brood Mother Slash
2.Brood Mother Heal (can heal 2 HP a turn)
3.Breed Rippers
4.Weak against Melee
Force Level 12

Hive Guard
1.Hive Guard Slash
2.Acid Cannon Attack (launch a high ranging artillery-like Acid blob across the map)
3.Hardened Carapace (acts like Blast Padding)
4.Melee Resistance (takes less damage from Melee attacks)
5.Guard Deflect (20% chance to deflect any incoming attack with its leg shields)
Force Level 15

Spawning Pit "Gestation Pit"
1.Immune to EVERYTHING but Acid and Explosives
2.None moving
3.Hive Gestation (spawns random Hive until its destroyed)
4.Weak against explosives.(explosives do double damage to the pit)
Force Level 14

Juvenile Queen
1. Chryssalid Slash (can cause Chrys Poisoning)
2. Juvenile Queen heal (heals 1 HP any time damage is taken)
3. Dive Bomb (Can fly up and dive bomb her enemies. The impact will do damage and set the targets on fire)
4. There is a early, mid and late game version, each tougher and can call in different Chrys...Drone/Infector/random
Force Level 6

Almost every Chrys in the hive can be researched when killed.

Rippers allow for Ripper Grenades to be built. These act like Needle Grenades from XCOM EU. Needles pierce though cover and solid objects to damage enemies but will not destroy cover or map objectives. Can be upgraded to Ripper Bombs later.

Drones offer 2 new PCS Chips.
PCS: Tactical Coverage = Grants the user the Covering Fire ability as well as a small defense bonus

PCS: Tactical Withdraw = Grants the user a mobility and dodge bonus as well as the ability, Get To Da Choppa. This ability can only be used in the evac zone and gives all human allies outside the Evac Zone +10 to dodge and +6 to mobility for 1 turn. User must not evac until all allies have taken their turn or the effects will be terminated, Now... GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!

Warriors offer 2 new PCS Chips.
PCS: Tactical Senses Offensive = Grants a boost to Dodge, Will and Mobility on the soldier for a short time when using Hyper Reactive Senses. Also has a permanent small boost to Mobility and Offense.

PCS: Tactical Senses Defensive = Grants a boost to Dodge, Will and Mobility on the soldier for a short time when using Hyper Reactive Senses. Also has a permanent small boost to Mobility and Defense.

Brood Mother grants a one time build Brood Gauntlet. This Gauntlet is a living organism that spews fire (like a flame thrower) But also has a tongue pull that is a free action and does not break concealment. This pull however, is meant to pull allies up to higher elevation and or from harm. The Gauntlet also lets you can in a Single Ripper that you can use as a scout, attack with and run up to enemies and sacrifice as a mobile Needle Mine.

Hive Queen grants a new Ruler Armor. This armor grants all her immunities, added HP, Armor and the ability to call in your own random Chrys follower(s). The Armor has 4 cosmetic Helms you can equip as well.

The Juvenile Queen and Hive Guard will offer you a one time build added weapon attachment for the Hive Queen Armor's Back. Hive Queen Wings and Guards Acid Cannon. Youll also start with Rending Claws on the Armor, that work like the Chameleon's claws. the Claws allow for rending/rupture and wall climbing, the wings allow you to fly up to higher elevation and dive bomb and the Acid cannon allows you to fire a glob of acid across the map and Grants Juggernaut... a form of wall breaking that is triggered by you, grants you an Action points back when used so you can run though walls and still have full actions to take the fight to the enemy. Or carry a fallen ally to safety.

MUCH MUCH more! New Sitreps as well a Rogue Hive faction. These are the Chrys that follow the Hive Queen. They can show up and attack EVERYONE. They will fight other Chryssalids that are on Advent's side. At any time when the Hive (Advent or Rogue Hive are in play, more Chrys can show up from either side)

The Hive Queen is a Ruler. However, she does not have Ruler Reactions because of the type of abilities she has. If she had the ability to react the way the other Rulers do, it would be WAY OP.

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The Pineapple Lord Jan 6 @ 5:45pm 
I've skimmed through the description multiple times, I might be missing something because it's super late but XCOM is life, but are rouge ADVENT pods part of this mod as well? I had a VIP escort mission and there were 3 ADVENT pods and 3 "HIVE" pods but the HIVE pods were all ADVENT and Alien units with purple HP bars. I also had the Royal HIVE Sitrep or something. Is this a bug? Am I tripping? Did I miss something in the description? Thanks for any answer I get lol awesome mod regardless!
ObelixDk  [author] Jan 1 @ 5:06pm 
the helmet shouldnt be availible until you get the armor, if you have a mod that opens for the cosmetics before that, it will open up for it to be included in the generation of new soldiers.. sry
The Pineapple Lord Jan 1 @ 11:32am 
Sorry to bother, but is there a way to keep generate soldiers from spawning with hive helmets?
It seems all my recruits generate with these helmets, thanks for all your guy's work
4rrakis Dec 29, 2021 @ 4:54am 
What if someone would make a bridge mod to make The Hive compatible with LwotC?
ObelixDk  [author] Dec 29, 2021 @ 4:13am 
short answer.. you dont.. it has not been made to be compatible with LWOTC
Milf-Hunter Dec 29, 2021 @ 2:48am 
Guys sorry if this has been answered before, how do i make it run nicely with LWOTC ? The faction spawns but has no AI doesent do anything ( Thank you in Advance
Stolas Dec 29, 2021 @ 1:04am 
Made the mistake of using this with Multiple Sitreps Guaranteed and The Hive was out of control with sitreps Feral Hive, Hive Off The Grid and Hive Royalty oh and there was an alien ruler archon on the map and then of course Advent and the aliens there were over 100 units killed by the end of the mission it was ridiculous
ObelixDk  [author] Dec 27, 2021 @ 11:41pm 
if you are using the alternative mod launcher you can see what's missing
patrickevans61 Dec 27, 2021 @ 8:40pm 
not missing any it only takes 2 an got both
i gonna unsubscribe from all an start over an see what the hell thanks thou
Dragon32 Dec 27, 2021 @ 5:21pm 
What are those missing dependencies?