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About sending friend requests to me
1 simple rule to adding me to friend list

* If you dont leave a comment to why you want to add me, ill ignore request

Some bending of the rules can be permittied
Emistro Apr 20 @ 4:37pm 
Im adding you as a friend because it is important to build rapport. life is about what and who you know
ObelixDk Apr 7 @ 8:25pm 
sure, go ahead
Glaive Silver Apr 6 @ 7:53pm 
Hey, Obelix, I was wondering if I could add you, since I've some (actually, a lot of) questions about XCOM 2 modding. I had an idea for a Lost replacement mod that hasn't been done yet, but I'm at a complete loss for everything beyond getting the models and sounds. If you don't mind me plying you with a lot of questions regarding modeling, rigging, importing and the like, I could really use the assistance.
ObelixDk Mar 25 @ 4:59pm 
bolttanker Mar 25 @ 10:37am 
ObelixDK can't find it name??
Adam Jensen 007 Feb 24 @ 6:57pm 
Sure mate I appreciate everything mate. I will let you know when there are free games on steam or humble bundle this is the minimum I can do for you:mpgb_tsubasa: