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About sending friend requests to me
About sending friend requests to me

* Leave a comment telling me why you are adding me.
* If you don't do this, I won't add you. Simple as that.
* If you just want to add me to ask me to do X mod / change one of my mods to fit your gameplay, do not bother sending me a friend request, as i WILL remove you again if that is the only reason for adding me

Some bending of the rules can be permittied

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ObelixDk Nov 3 @ 7:47pm 
No we have decided that we only support workshop as of now.. we stopped supported nexusmods because thier upload system is a pain.. sorry
Jannitt Nov 3 @ 10:26am 
Hello, just wanted to ask if you guys will be posting your mods on some other site in the future?
Astery Oct 30 @ 6:53pm 
hello, there's some blender related qs I wanna ask :) Figured it might be better than asking on your youtube page :)
ObelixDk Sep 2 @ 8:18pm 
@Broodax we are not supporting Nexusmods anymore.. sorry.. there is an old version up there, but it will not get updated anymore
broodax Sep 2 @ 4:44am 
i adore your praetor armor mod but i dislike workshop :(
broodax Sep 2 @ 4:43am 
could you pretty please put some of your mods up on nexusmods.com?