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Cahos Rahne Veloza Nov 2 @ 7:47am 
It doesn't affect the Photobooth? Then why is the "Regular\Original WotC Photobooth" poses for Psi Operatives show them without their Psi Amps with the mod installed? A lucky side effect perhaps? LOL Anyway, if it's something you can't touch then I guess C'est la vie :)
ObelixDk Nov 2 @ 7:11am 
The poses are static meshes that call for the original Amp, and my mod does not effect the photo booth.. Sorry
Cahos Rahne Veloza Nov 2 @ 4:44am 
I'm not sure if somebody else has already reported this to you regarding your "No more Psi Amps" mod, but it seems the "Tactical Legacy Pack" has added two new "Photobooth poses" specifically for Psi Operatives known as "Amped Up" and "Die-electric" which are unaffected by the changes the mod has done to the basegame Psi Amps as those two poses still have the Psi Amps showing when you select them as poses for your Psi Operatives. Also I would've posted a comment on the mod's page itself but I'm banned from the XCOM 2 section, originally on the forums section only, but the last changes to Steam has connected forum bans with the workshop which is why I can no longer give feedback to mods I'm subscribed to.
............ Sep 24 @ 9:01pm 
thank you
ObelixDk Sep 24 @ 9:00pm 
that would work yes :) ill make sure this gets added and credit you