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Aug 2, 2019 @ 8:26pm
Nov 3, 2020 @ 3:37am
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Mod Control Panel

Discord Link[]

Mod ID: 1823412793

Version 1.1.2

This mod aims to add a convenient UI widget that supports modules, this will mainly be used as the primary settings HUB for all the mods I develop, although it is possible for any mod developer to add a supporting module.

Officially Supported Mods:

The control panel can be opened by pressing Shift+End (this can be disabled in the options) or by entering "DataCmd ModControlPanel" into the console

Developing Supporting Widgets:
Adding your widget to the "Mod Control Panel" UI is relatively easy, you create your widget as you normally would and add it to the UIModule datatable in the normal way.

Once your widget is complete and your datatable is setup we must add some "actor tags" to our mod controller, these are used to determine your widget, how many there are, their name and whether they require admin rights.

We will be using the actor tags as an info structure for our widget, it starts with the "MCP" tag, then we follow the "MCP" tag with our widget structure, there are 2 types of widget structure (see examples below).

UIModuleID (string) - Your widgets UIModule row name.
WidgetName (string) - The name for your widgets button in the control panel.
Rights (string) - whether your widget required admin rights, this should be either Admin or User.
Priority (integer) - Currently not used (default will be 10).

Feel free to start a topic in the discussion area or join the discord for any help or support with developing widgets.

There are a few things to consider when creating a supported widget.
  • Your widget must be self contained, any data that requires loaded should be done so in your widgets "Construct" event.

  • The "Vertical" screen space for your widget is, Viewport Height - 150.

  • Since we cannout actually determine whether the widget is loaded via your mod (ActivateUIModule) or the control panel, it's best to style your widget assuming it will be added to the control panel, then if you load your widget via ActivateUIModule you can call a function in your widget to adjust layout values etc.
  • Some example widgets can be found on GitHub[].

My Other Mod's

This mod contains assets (art, music, code, items, systems and/or designs) that are the intellectual property of Funcom Oslo AS or their licensors

Old Version
For those that need the previous version to connect to servers that have not updated yet.
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hades  [author] May 9 @ 4:54pm 
I'm assuming you mean in the riverboats UI panel? that would actually make it a riverboats bug, I'm also the co author of riverboats so I'll get the source and take a look at the UI =)

Note: just for clarification as this kind of issue has been posted a few times, the UI's that are loaded into Mod Control Panel aren't actually controlled by MCP, they are only presented to the user through MCP, the UI's are developed and scripted by the mod author, in this case riverboats.

Thanks for the bug report ( although snowhunter directed you to the wrong place :P ).
RhemaTom May 9 @ 4:24pm 
I was changing some settings for Riverboats using the Mod Control Panel, and noticed a bug. If I changed the Dock Time with the slider, all was good, but if I typed in a setting, it would not accept it and reset Dock Time to 1 second. I also reported this to Snowhunter of River Boats, but he said the error was in your mod. Just letting you know. Not critical.
Multigun May 3 @ 12:28pm 
o.O Uh, what does MCP have anything to do with Thrall training?
Stone Legion May 3 @ 9:46am 
Just wanted to thank you for this mod. We only been playing it for a few, but already enjoying it's uses. We decided to install this after a Rockslide tore our base apart in a small pve server haha. We can't train the Thrall's fast enough.
hades  [author] Apr 24 @ 9:39pm 

Unfortunately I don't speak to those modders (they might bi in the conan mod discord), but I do know fashionst also intergrated CharEditLite into it and is regularly maintained
Aeden Apr 24 @ 8:08pm 
Thank you hades, it's CharEditLite - Recompiled by Teella and Crucifear. Currently subscribers are resorting to leaving messages on Legion's original page, despite retiring their version some time ago.
DreamDoll Apr 24 @ 7:15pm 
Okay thank you
hades  [author] Apr 24 @ 6:58pm 

Also multigun just pointed out to me, the message you receive is a generic server warning message, it could be that another mod is causing the server to crash and giving you the last warning/error from the console log.

@Aeden depending on the mod and whether the author is still active you might be able to contact him in one of the mod discords, what mod is it? (if I know them I'll give them a DM).
Aeden Apr 24 @ 6:50pm 
On that note, thank you for leaving your comments open, hades.

As a subscriber, it's a little saddening when an author removes all contact methods to report when a mod is actually broken from an update. Currently one of my favorites is broken and there's nothing we can do but hope the author eventually notices.
hades  [author] Apr 24 @ 6:38pm 
That is an issue with nitrado not mod control panel.

It's not practical to update all mods with every update just because the game receives an update, that actually causes more issues for us as mod developers, to put this into perspective my mods combined have around half a million subscribers, pushing unneeded updates that temporarily take private servers offline has the potential reek havok in our discords and workshop pages.
(note a lot of mods now disable comments on workshop pages due to this).

I would suggest contacting nitrado support as this is not something mod developers will do.