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Carry Mod Beta.
Version: 1.0

Mod adds the ability to carry players, due to compatibility reasons there are some restrictions, players cannot attack while in carry mode, also the player carrying cannot climb or jump while carrying a player, to enable those features it would require editing default files increasing the chance of the mod breaking with updates.

Walk up to a player and hold interact (as if you were inviting them to a clan).
To drop a player tap the "dodge key", both the player carrying and being carried can drop.
Player must be within 3 metres when accepting a carry request.

Admin Commands

Mod configuration can be accessed via Mod Control Panel (requires admin rights).

No default files were edited so it should work with all mods.

Mod Control Panel
Supports Mod Control Panel

This is the first public test version of the mod and may contain bugs and/or be unstable.

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o0neza0o Nov 10 @ 8:23pm 
This mod still works as I use it!
hades  [author] Oct 28 @ 8:22pm 
@Pablo Morningstar

I've not had a chance to fully test it as it requires at least 3 people to run a proper test and everyone is busy fixing/testing their own mods atm.

It doesn't cause the game to crash so it should be working, but again I've not been able to get a group together today to test the actual carrying function.
Pablo Morningstar Oct 28 @ 7:33pm 
Is this mod good to go with the latest update?
Ecthelion Oct 5 @ 10:31pm 
Kazii Oct 5 @ 3:19pm 
Mod Id?
ᛄᚩᚺᛁᛕᛈ Sep 21 @ 1:22am 
Good day! I would like to clarify whether it is planned to finalize the modification, namely, the correct display of the animation?
hades  [author] Sep 15 @ 4:00pm 
@Davven has confirmed the mod is actually working =)
Yuriko-chan Sep 15 @ 2:26pm 
hello we need an update on your mod to be able to continue using our server we count on you <3
Abusiva Sep 15 @ 2:25pm 
Atualiza isso ai
Momo Jun 26 @ 9:49am 
Hello! Is there any plans to make the carry animations more immersive? I would love to utilize this mod for my RP/PvP server but the animations that are used by both the carrier and the carried, are far to immersion breaking to be used. thanks for you time!