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Less Building Placement Restrictions
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Less Building Placement Restrictions

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New patch! Very important to read the Change Notes page!

Want beds in caves? Click here for further details.

First version of the Collision update/add-on is coming out once I have a page finished for it. ETA, very soon!

New to the mod and want even more freedom? Or have you been using the mod but miss being able to overlap building types with all things (such as foundations, stairs, etc)? That feature was recently removed, but I have uploaded a 2nd version to keep this as a feature. Link can be found here

Description of Mod

Mod id: 1369743238

INC wall of text. Please read everything carefully, there is important information and links below. And plenty of opportunities to laugh at me.

This mod is meant for single player, small private servers, and a godsend to RP servers (true story, probably). This mod wasn't made for PvP in mind what so ever, so use your best judgement on that.

The core idea behind this mod is to open up building possibilities, within realistic guidelines. You won't find that you can build floating fotresses or build without any structure support here. What you will find is less limitations on where you can build. For example, are those stupid NPC camps "too close"? Well scoff at those NPC's cause now you can build on their heads! That annoying "can't build here" message went bye bye.

Finally, you can build a giant man hole cover over the giant sand pit and laugh at the poor skeletons. How about when you find a cool waterfall area and a stupid exile camp is blocking you from your ultimate vacation spot? Yup, say bye bye to those pathetic Exiles. How dare they build their piece of shtako fire pits by my waterfall anyways? I mean the nerve....what was I saying? Oh right...anyways you can build lots of stuff with many restrictions lifted.

What's that? You just want a list of what you can do because you're all like, tl;dr? FINE, yeeshe. Picky picky.
  • Build near, around, or in NPC bases. CONQUER ALL THE THINGS!

  • Stuff that yelled at you about collision are reduced. This means you can build deeper into the ground, further into cliffs, partially within a random giant tree I tested on that wouldn't let me put a foundation on it before, etc.

  • Create whatever you want around teleportation areas. This MIGHT break a PvP server. Just a hunch.

  • Able to have more freedom with various furniture types; tables closer together, chairs pushed in, shrines buried halfway in the sand tipped over sideways, religious buildings can be placed right next to each other so they can make sweet sweet love (hey shrines gotta get some too ya know), more banner placement freedom, you name it.

  • Brought back being able to build walls on foundation faces. This was a thing, but Funcom said na we don't want that thing, and I said yes we do want that thing. So now we have the thing back. You can even build walls on top of walls now for frankein.....unique creations.

  • Allows more freedom in where you can place your Thralls when considering distance from items and building pieces. Great for decorating and defensive purposes.

  • Cave building. Yup. Be the Gollum you were always meant to be. Now keep reading, stupid fat Hobbit.


  • Please follow this link and read the instructions carefuly on how to make Thralls work in caves, NPC bases, and other normally restrictive areas.

NPC Spawning Warning and Unsubbing

Needless to say, building a wall around an NPC camp just might break the poor NPC's will to live and cease their spawning, and can give cause to those players who like to create all sorts of building havoc (fun?) on large populated servers, so use at your own risk. As far as unsubbing to this (for some silly reason that I cannot imagine), my brief test run shows that anything you have built previously should be okay. Always create backups of your game.db's before unsubbing (or subbing) to be extra safe.

Feedback Request

Please feel free to leave feedback on what you did or didn't like about this mod, what you hope to see, what made you unsub, why you worship the ground that I walk on, did you get an error that broke your game, was it what you were hoping for, etc etc etc. I have some goals I would like to do to expand on this mod, but feedback will ultimately drive the direction of the mod itself and is extremely important to me. Like Homer Simpson loves his beer important. If you do like this mod, please give me a epic thumbs up (don't make me beg, it's not pretty). If you hate this mod, that's fine, it's not like I will pray to all the Conan Gods for your character's imminent demise via a terrible and painful death or anything.....>.>

AAAnnnnyyywaaays, other then that, have at it.!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (Evil laughing required)

Upcoming Updates and Future Goals
  • Provide updated collisions on specific items to improve where they can go. This will also make it so overlapping of building assets will finally be gone. Thanks to newly available code, I can finally resume this objective once again.

Having Issues With Something Building?

See this thread on current bugs I know about (with work arounds if applicable), as well as information on what I need from you in order to help further.

Load Order Note

For best shot at compatibility, load my mod after any other mod that adds or edits meshes into the game.

A Message to My Minions (also known as users who pitty me and subscribe to my mods)
I am keeping an eye on new test live and up coming patches as closely as I am able. Due to SOOOOO many out-dated and abandoned mods on the Workshop, I felt it was necessary to spell it out that yes, these mods will remain up to date. If I can be serious for 3 seconds, you are using my mods to improve your game experience. Truly, I'm humbled, but most importantly I feel obligated. You put your trust in my mods in that they will remain up, available, and up to date so they can help you have as fun of a time in Conan Exiles as you can. I take that responsibility seriously. My mods will remain up to date. Period. With that said, go fourth, and pew pew and stabby stabby!

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Thanks Multigun
Multigun  [author] 3 hours ago 
@All New Build. This update removes overlaps for walls, which means the only overlaps remaining are in the highly restrictive areas due to having to have virtually every blocker removed to build in those areas. Other things included in the patch are a couple of features as well. See Change Notes for full details.

Will be able to still build walls on foundations once I launch the collision update, which I'm about to start work on it's steam workshop page here real quick.
Multigun  [author] 19 hours ago 
Let me try again. Using just this mod, if you uninstall after a period of time of using it, your buildings should remain there.
iwas bei 12inch 20 hours ago 
what I meant was, if I installed it and placed objects already...what will happen to them if I uninstall the mod?! Is my english that bad? :D
Multigun  [author] Jul 17 @ 9:54pm 
Add-on delayed until tomorrow. I need to do some more testing before I put it up for public use. Found major issues with fences, so that was a bust. Not a huge loss as fences were obviously not designed for wall use, but still, would have added some extra flavoring.

Foundations and wedges appear good to go as they should, but want to be certain. Have some other ideas as well that I want to add in for the first collision improvements release but, need time to test.
Multigun  [author] Jul 17 @ 7:54pm 
@iwas bei 12inch This mod? Nothing will happen if you uninstall.

The collision improvement add-on, that I'm working on right now, disaster happens if you uninstall. Which is why it's becoming an add-on rather then part of the base mod.
iwas bei 12inch Jul 17 @ 7:31pm 
what happens to the already placed buildings if I uninstall the mod afterwards?
Multigun  [author] Jul 17 @ 3:03pm 

Sometime in the next several hours there will be a patch that will remove wall overlaps. It was also further have removal of wall item blockages to the point where you can put wall item types (banners) in more areas then ever.

Along with that, I'll be launching my first version of the collision updates/add-on, which starts with new collisions for foundations and wedges (way more updates to come). The purpose of the new collision updates for those two types is to allow walls to attach to foundations as Funcom originally had it before they changed it. Except no infinite overlaps this time.

It also will feature the ability to overlap fences with walls (non-window and window). I felt that if foundations could have fences, and walls can go ontop of foundations, then it should be able to have both. So I specifically made new blueprints for fences for this purpose.

Further details will be made available here and on the soon to be add-on page.
Jay Jul 17 @ 10:36am 
I'm glad to hear you're working on something. I hope you do find someone to help with a GUI that would be awesome! :3 Still, great work I'm grateful you're making this.
Multigun  [author] Jul 17 @ 10:34am 
@Jay I want to partner with someone at some point to create a GUI with toggle options. Not sure if I'll ever be able to do it, but it's a goal. Right now I'm hyper focused on getting the collision updates going, but I might be able to come up with something without NPC bases. Will need time and testing, can't give any ETA.