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Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.2
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Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.2

The mod load order listed on this page is mandatory, not a friendly suggestion. Make sure you have it correct. The majority of users do not use a correct mod order, and don't even read this small paragraph. Some even vocally refuse to use it all together (for...reasons?)

Please, just use the correct load order. All the information you need is on this page.

Mod Updating Guidelines

If you are having trouble updating the mod, we have documentation on our discord to help assist you with common troubleshooting steps.

If you are using a Xbox Game Pass or Epic Games version of Conan Exiles and wish to download mods from Steam, visit this forum link with directions on how you can do that. If this is too challenging for you, please join our discord and we will provide you with a Google Drive download link for all Multigun mods.

How to Download Mods From Steam[]

Description of Mod

Mod id:1369743238


Please direct questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and bug reports to our Discord. All documentation is also only found on Discord due to Steam Trolls.

The Discord is also home to a dedicated group of veteran volunteer builders who love to help others (The Build Guild). We also have a building tips channel containing dozens of tips, show and tell, and finally a channel specifically for showcasing your finished builds! If you want a place to talk about building and decorating with other passionate players, or a place to get help with your designs, the Better Builders Bureau is the place to be! Hit the button below to join.


The Less Building Placement Restrictions (LBPR) mod, also known as the mod that nobody ever remembers they are using or care about until they no longer have it, is intended to make building and placement easier. It offers a wide, and ever growing list of features that can make your building dreams come true.

From having a Green Arrow show you which direction is front, to dozens of custom Overlap Exceptions, to being able to merge placeables together, to create unique shapes, to quality of life improvements, to taking over your favorite NPC camp and turning it into your own. If you are a building fan at all, you will find enjoyment with this mod.

And, all the major features of LBPR can be toggled on or off for your server or single player playthrough as you desire!

  • Build anywhere you want to, whether that's an NPC camp, a dungeon, or a cave. This can be toggled so that anybody can build anywhere, just admin's, or nobody.

  • Many blockers that can be enabled (vanilla) or disabled as desired.

  • Thrall and Pet placement is easier then ever with it's own sets of toggles.

  • Arrow directionals to help make building placement easier than ever (can also be configured by players to also turn on Funcom arrows if they so wish too).

  • Dozens of custom overlap exceptions made for a multitude of different building scenarios, offering more freedom than ever to help you reach your building goals.

  • Tons of Admin options to customize your server the way you want it to be (see the 2nd screenshot in the Gallery)

Less Building Placement Restrictions Load Order

Here is a list of my mods related to Less Building Placement Restrictions (LBPR), as well as best spots to place other mods, and what their load order should look like.
  • Pippi
  • Any mod that modifies or creates new buildings, placeables, pets, or thralls.
  • Pythagoras Support Beams
  • Pythagoras
  • LBPR - Additional Features
  • Builder's Workbench
  • Unlock Plus with Pickup
  • LBPR

For a list of known mod conflicts, please visit the discord.

LBPR Add-On Mods

LBPR - Additional Features

Pythagoras Support Beam

Troubleshooting, Known Issues and Other Important Information

For a list of common troubleshooting steps, please visit the discord.

Toggle Features

LBPR features full Toggle controls to allow admins the ability to configure their servers as desired. This is best used with hades ModControlPanel, but you may also enable the console using Admin CMD commands. For full instructions on how to access the Admin Panel, please visit the discord.

DataCMD LBPRConfig

Most of the toggles are fairly self explanatory, but if you want additional information, there is documentation available on the Discord that should answer all your questions. The Toggle selection is extensive, pretty much every feature that has been a staple of LBPR has been modified so it can be turned on or off.

The link to fully explain every admin toggle used to be available here, but once again, Trolls made sure they made everybody's life difficult. Visit the discord for documentation.

Update Policy
  • I will update my mods on my terms and my terms alone. If you don't like my update schedule, don't use the mods.

  • Mismatch errors are not the fault of mod creators. If you need help understanding this concept, visit the discord.

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