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Pythagoras: Expanded Building - v2.2.4
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Pythagoras: Expanded Building - v2.2.4

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Mod Downloading and Updating

If you are having trouble updating the mod, we have documentation on our discord to help assist you with common troubleshooting steps.

If you are using a Xbox Game Pass or Epic Games version of Conan Exiles and wish to download mods from Steam, visit this forum link with directions on how you can do that. If this is too challenging for you, please join our discord and we will provide you with a Google Drive download link for all Multigun mods.

How to Download Mods From Steam[]

Important Info

Mod id:2723987721


Please direct questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and bug reports to our Discord. All documentation is also only found on Discord.

The Discord is also home to a dedicated group of veteran volunteer builders who love to help others (The Build Guild). We also have a building tips channel containing dozens of tips, show and tell, and finally a channel specifically for showcasing your finished builds! If you want a place to talk about building and decorating with other passionate players, or a place to get help with your designs, the Better Builders Bureau is the place to be! Hit the button below to join.


Description of Mod

This is the relaunch of the original mod. Players need not take any extra steps to change from the old mod to this one other then switching the Steam ID and the .pak file as appropriate. For any additional questions, please visit our discord.

Pythagoras: Expanded Building (PEB) adds many options for granting additional support to ceilings. There are horizontal support beams as always (more obvious beams and low profile ones), along with various diagonal options, and lattice ceilings that can be hidden inside any ceiling to grant stability.

Then their are extensions to add additional sockets, such as the lattice ceilings adding way more pillar sockets, a double wall extension, a half and fence wall extension that can be hidden inside walls and fences, and a gate frame extension to allow placing any gate frame to the edge of ceilings.

Very unique to this mod is also double door frames! Take nearly any single door found in the game (vanilla, DLC, or modded), and place it in your desired frame and watch it auto scale and turn the door until a functional double door!

For ease of use, all buildings found in this mod have a unique icon and are identified with the hyphen "PEB" at the front of each name.

  • Several Options of buildings that can provide additional stability to buildings.

  • A full Tier 2 Iron Bars set, featuring many unique pieces.

  • Lattice Ceilings that can be hidden inside any Ceiling that grant stability and additional Pillar sockets. Many other extensions that can be hidden inside structures that will provide many additional socket selections.

  • Double and Triple Wall extension to allow two or three walls to be placed right next to each other

  • Unique Weapon Displays

  • 90 Degree Extensions and Options so that you can take any Wall type, Fence, Stair, or Wedged roof and have it fit on a 90 degree turn. (90 degrees requires a longer Wall or etc to fit that side then it would with a traditional Triangle Wedge found in the game).

    Note: This is currently available in only Sandstone. There will be many more options in future updates.

  • Gate Frame extension to allow placement of Gate Frames at the edge of Ceilings (square or wedge).

  • Several beams and extensions that can rotate buildings in ways never before possible (15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, and 180 degrees).

  • Modular Awnings so players can take any roof piece they want and turn it into a custom Awning.

  • Double Door Frames that will turn any single door into a functional double door. The doors will scale automatically to your chosen frame! (Available in 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x1.5, 2x2, 45 degree angled, 1x1 ceiling, and 2x2 ceiling!)

    Note: Some are dyeable with Emberlight Chroma For instructions, please visit our discord!

Highly Recommended Mods to Use with PEB

Known Issues
  • Placing hundreds to thousands of lattice ceilings in a build can cause major lag on the server. They were not made for this purpose. Use only the minimum that you need to use.

  • There are many ways to place building blocks at angles that are not vanilla. This also means you can attach Pillars to those building blocks. However, due to the way Pillars are set up in their blueprints, they will shift on placement (and the behavior will be different on a server versus Single Player). I cannot influence this in any way shape or form.

    Thus, Pillar placement that is anything other then straight up and down (vertical) is a "use at your own risk" as I cannot possibly predict what will happen long or short term.

  • Upon removing more then 1 Door from multiple Double Door Frames with the Construction Hammer, the red "Ghost" image will sometimes display as 1 Door instead of 2 Doors. This is just a minor visual issue, the door will remove or otherwise act as normal otherwise.

Load Order

Here is a list of my mods related to PEB, as well as best spots to place other mods, and what their load order should look like.
  • Any mod that modifies or creates new buildings, placeables, pets, or thralls. (Pythagoras, LBPR - AF, etc)
  • Unlock Plus
  • LBPR

PEB Guide

An extensive guide that fully explains the mod is available on our discord. Unfortunately Steam does not like Google Doc links so I am unable to link it on the workshop page.

Update Policy
  • I will update my mods on my terms and my terms alone. If you don't like my update schedule, don't use the mods.

  • Mismatch errors are not the fault of mod creators. If you need help understanding this concept, visit the discord.

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