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LBPR - Additional Features - v7.1.4
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LBPR - Additional Features - v7.1.4

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Bulding and Placeable Mods That Work Great With LBPR
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Note: If you are a new user to the mod, this mod is now plug and play and does NOT require the script to install the mod anymore.

If you have already been using the mod with a game save that exists prior to June 1st, 2020, please see this guide on steps you need to take,[] as this will finally resolve an old bug this mod has had.

Mod is updated and compatible with the latest revision of the game. See Change Notes as appropriate for new changes and additions.

All manual downloads now require logging into the Discord server for access, including previous versions.

Mod Updating Guidelines

If you are having trouble updating the mod, please visit this documentation.[]

Description of Mod

Mod id: 1444947329


Effective immediately, all Steam comments are now disabled permanently. Please direct questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and bug reports to the Discord link below.


This mod is built for and optimized for LBPR and is strictly an add-on. It is not intended or designed for PvP, though I try to at least consider a PvP angle before I commit to making a change.

This mod adds a wide variety of new features that are in particular highlight the best of LBPR. Here are some of just a handful of the highlights.

  • New Tavern Building Set

  • Tons of alternative snappable placeables (see screenshot above).

  • Adjustable Elevator Speed for all Elevators + 2 New Larger Elevators

  • Many placeables that can be dyed. These include torches, candles, tents, beds, banners, carpets, and many more.

  • New longer and more durable drawbridge.

  • Unique Painting placeable that is customizable

  • Window Hatches

  • Collision improvements to many placeables, along with larger vertical range for others so you can be more creative with your builds.

  • Improved Ladder Placement with an optional Metal Ladder

  • Several assets can be resized, or changed to a different mesh all together (and even dyed too in some cases).

LBPR - Additional Features Guide

For a full list of all the features of this mod, along with instructions on how to use the dye system, swap system, elevators, and paintings, please click here to access the guide for this mod.[]

New Saves and Existing Saves

This mod is now plug and play and no longer requires the script to install for new users or new saves.

However, if you were running the mod prior to June 1st, 2020, please see this guide.[] You will need to run a script, or manually replace any building that has been renamed to "mod" in your existing save. Doing either will fully remove the destruction bug that plagued this mod, and the script will no longer be needed. Players have 6 months to run the script before all legacy blueprints will be removed from the mod in order to optimize it.

Mod Removal - Warning

This mod modifies and replaces many vanilla placeables in order to improve their collision, placement range, or both. That means that those placeables become "mod" assets, not vanilla assets. Like any other mod that adds original assets to the mod, if you choose to remove this mod in the future, it will then also remove the "mod" assets added by this mod too.

Known Issues

For a list of Known Issues, see this thread.

Mod Compatibility

Please review this discussion thread on compatibility concerns with language, stack mods, and elevator mods.

Less Building Placement Restrictions Load Order

Here is a list of my mods related to Less Building Placement Restrictions (LBPR), as well as best spots to place other mods, and what their load order should look like.
  • Pippi
  • Any mod that modifies or creates new buildings, placeables, pets, or thralls.
  • Pythagoras mods
  • LBPR - Additional Features
  • LBPR - Fish and Shell Trap Bug Fix
  • Builder's Workbench Reborn
  • LBPR
  • Pickup + or Unlock Plus with Pickup

Update Policy

Conan Exiles, as with many other games with mod support, can sometimes suffer from when mod authors decide to no longer update or abandon their mods. Since April of 2018, I have maintained that I will always keep my mods updated and available, and I do take that responsibility seriously.

Along with that commitment, is my desire to grow and improve all my mods. Sometimes my vision differs from the players that use my mods, and sometimes changes are done because of player input. Inevitably, an update will eventually come for one of my mods whenever necessary, whether that is bug fixes, improvements, or new features. What is unexpected is the volume of negative comments that I receive with every update.

Here is my update policy. The world is a 24 hour world, and when I update a mod, it may not match when your server happens to restart. I cannot control that, everybody has different update schedules. Neither am I able to control when you receive a mismatch error, or have issues downloading the mod. Mod authors have NO CONTROL when issues between you, Steam, or your server occur. At the top of this workshop page is the most common troubleshooting steps I can suggest you try, but outside of that, I cannot provide any further support.

I am committed to making my mods the best that they can be. But I need you to also be on board with helping me achieve those goals, and to be flexible whenever a mod update is planned. Please keep this in mind when leaving feedback.

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