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Cannibal and Insect Meals
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Nov 6, 2018 @ 11:00am
Mar 14 @ 12:51pm
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Cannibal and Insect Meals

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Adds cannibal and insect versions of all base meals.

  • Add these recipes/meals: Pemmican, Kibble, Simple Meal, Fine Meal, Lavish Meal, Packaged Survival Meal
  • Has added texture on the original textures to indicate cannibal-version.
  • Stats and nutritions are the same as the original meals

Alien races supported (Thanks to @Cerrendel)


Since modding is just a hobby for me I expect no donations to keep modding. If you still want to show your support you can gift me anything from my Wishlist or buy me a cup of tea.


  • See if the the error persists if you just have this mod and its requirements active.
  • If not, try adding your other mods until it happens again.
  • Post your error-log using HugsLib or the standalone Uploader and command Ctrl+F12
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  • Do not report errors by making a discussion-thread, I get no notification of that.
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Aug 10, 2023 @ 7:34pm
Hey I created alt art for CannibalSurvivalPack
Jan 2, 2022 @ 1:01am
Addition requests.
[MaD] Jul 22 @ 2:17pm 
Sorry - i was not specific enough i was under the impressions the meal variants where a feature of the framework. Big and Small - Genes & More Does add them.

Slimes utilise this system in a fun way with a twist on the Hemogen system- they grow and shrink based on the amount they eat - they can even engulf. So they are powerful very hard to kill, but need monstrous amounts of food (still a nice fit as a brawler for my android colony).
Mlie  [author] Jul 22 @ 1:59pm 
@[MaD] Can you link to some mod that adds that type of compatibility? Never used that framework before so not sure of how it would be implemented
[MaD] Jul 19 @ 3:25am 
Could you add support for Big and Small - Framework (smol and large meal variants)?

Tryin to feed a Canibal Slime and the paste is driving her mad XD
Stylus Jun 11 @ 12:08pm 
I did spawn them in for testing.. My apologies! Sorry for wasting your time. Great mod.
Mlie  [author] Jun 11 @ 11:46am 
@Stylus Tested this and the counter was reset with no issues. Perhaps you spawned in the meals, spawned meals have no ingredients
Stylus Jun 10 @ 3:23pm 
Check the very bottom of the needs UI. All colonists in your ideology will have an 8 day count down that doesn't reset upon eating your meals. I think this only matters if you have the cannibal meme as part of your ideology.
Mlie  [author] Jun 10 @ 1:45pm 
@Stylus They did the last time I tested. How did you test this?
Stylus Jun 10 @ 12:45pm 
The meals don't reset the ate human meat need for ideologies.
Mlie  [author] May 30 @ 12:41am 
@Futstub Well, its not really for the crafting. Its for the food policies. Some races may only want to eat insect based meals for example.
Futstub May 30 @ 12:14am 
I don't get what this mod would be used for. I mean, I can already craft all of those without it by ticking a box in the bill... what am I missing here..? Óò