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Gerzee Race
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Gerzee Race

Adds a strong but timid primitive race with unique eating habits and body structure. Great at nature-based labor and usually no knowledge of combat, but have the physique to be trained into walking tanks. Often brutal backstories, considering how they end up on rimworlds. All original content.

The aim here to add a race that helps space feel like its filled with a wide range of species.

A fairly primitive race, the Gerzee mostly spend their lives foraging for plants, running from large predators, and socializing with the family that have not yet been eaten by those large predators. Though the Gerzee tower in size over most humanoid species, being a fairly small and herbivorous prey species on their home planet means they’ve evolved to run at the first sign of danger. This timid nature and their comparative strength have made them attractive stock for space slavers, and so the Gerzee slaves (and escaped slaves) have begun showing up on rimworlds.

With their four eyes on top of their flat head, bulky bodies, and large fingers, most humanoid equipment simply doesn’t fit the Gerzee physique. And while they can eat plants most humanoids could not, Gerzee cannot eat cooked food. A few glitterworld scientists have guessed that it has something to do with a sensitivity to what heat does to food, but since slavers don’t mind feeding their slaves cheap hay, no one has bothered to actually find out why. All they know is that the Gerzee make great cheap slaves, and that those who get past their timid nature can become quite dangerous.

-Gerzee can now use grenades and rocket launchers.

  • Baby and Children Patch available.
  • Combat Extended Patch (CE) available.
  • Prepare Carefully locks up and prevents apparel choices (beyond my skills to fix)
  • If you want guns from a certain mod to work for these and it fits the lore of what this creature can grab, let me know and I'll add it to what they are allowed to use.

Mod order using all combos:
---Children, School, and Learning
---Combat Extended
---Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
---Gerzee CE Patch
---Baby and Children
---Gerzee + Baby and Children Patch
---BnC Alien Support

  • Big, somewhat fast, strong immune system, suited for cold environments.
  • Can eat grass, dandelions, hay, and other plants that humans can't eat, as well as nutrient paste and kibble. But not meat or cooked meals. And doesn't care about hunger until having a completely empty stomach.
  • Short lifespans (18 years and become adults at 2.5)
  • Multiple children born at once (when using AlienRace-friendly children mods). Currently works using a combo of Children, School, and Learning --> Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 --> Gerzee Race --> Baby and Children --> Gerzee + BnC Patch --> BnC Alien Support
  • Doesn't mind an awful barracks and is actually a fan of smaller spaces.
  • Unique set of Gerzee-specific backstories.
  • Naturally are 0-skill fighters and are easier to hit due to their size. But are potential walking tanks if trained well, due to the greater HP and brutal fist damage.
  • Can only use "big" weapons (spear/Ikwa, sword, horn, tusk, greatbow, grenades, rocket launchers, and minigun). I'll also enable any gun from a mod etc that you can make a good argument for (e.g. a trigger not needing normal hands to use)
  • Can only fit big or adjustable clothing (duster, parka, warveil, warmask, shieldbelt, and flak gear).
  • Fast base-speed for natural tasks, such as taming animals, mining, smoothing, and stone cutting (meaning a level 1 skill Gerzee is much faster than a level 1 skill from another species).
  • Slow base-speed for modern tasks, such as tailoring, medicine, and research.
  • Most are unable to cook or do research.
  • Worth a lot of money when being sold as a slave.
  • Three-fingered hands, four-toed feet, four eyes total.

-The Free Gerzee: Peaceful tribe of ex-slaves just trying to get by.
-The Gerzee Wrathful: Violent tribe of escaped slaves who have mentally snapped from years of slavery and are now very willing to harm, well, pretty much everyone. Unlike most Gerzee, they're pretty decent at violence. Spoiler: There is also a fairly unique and powerful pawn-type in this kind of group.

G as in good + er + zee

PLANS (and some just-hopes) for the future:
-More backstories and pawntypes.
-[hope] Have stronger punches transfer to stronger melee weapon attacks as well.
-[Hope] Make it so Gerzee can eat some meat / cooked foods for emergency nutrition, but get food poisoned for doing so.
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brightsideguy  [author] Jul 14 @ 2:56pm 
Update: Added grenades and rocket launchers to weapons Gerzee can use.
brightsideguy  [author] Jul 11 @ 5:54pm 
No worries. Have fun!
Raven7600 Jul 11 @ 5:57am 
thankyou so much :) <3
brightsideguy  [author] Jul 11 @ 2:43am 

Woops! I accidentally threw in a piece of code I was testing on the last update. It should be fixed now.
Raven7600 Jul 10 @ 1:05pm 
keep getting this on my debug after loading mods

Could not resolve cross-reference to RimWorld.LifeStageDef named NewbornStage (wanter=lifeStageDefs)
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
Verse.DirectXmlCrossRefLoader:TryResolveDef(String, FailMode, Object)

I have got the Babies patch and i dont us CE. my mods are in the right order as well. please help i really want to play with these guys :)
brightsideguy  [author] Jul 8 @ 1:38am 
Thanks! I am indeed planning on making another race. Have the plan already laid out, will just take some time.
SmoothJazzWineTasting Jul 6 @ 2:31pm 
This is a really nice vanilla mod that goes good with the Crystalloid race in being vanilla and not strange/game breaking in mechanics. Thanks for making it! I hope you make others.
brightsideguy  [author] Jul 6 @ 12:36am 
I'm glad you like it!
CosmicBluNebula Jul 5 @ 10:50pm 
*in that
CosmicBluNebula Jul 5 @ 10:50pm 
I like this race mod compared to others, instead of strippers with horns (Kijin) or furries (Xenn, Orassans, Calistans etc) the Gerzee have a simple design, i find it very vanilla friendly, comparable to the slither that regard.