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BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod
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BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod

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BlackICE - Historical Immersion Mod

Update: v3.0.7a


SUBSCRIBE: Blackice HOI4 and Blackice gfx-addon
Blackice HOI4 (mkI) : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=707136443
Blackice gfx-addon: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842834893

Black ICE HOI IV Version 2.5

First up, make sure you subscribe to the GFX addon. This basically adds in all the event images for BICE.
Due to workshop size limits we had to split this GFX aspect off from the main BICE.

Black ICE - The Historical Immersion Mod for HOI IV
Black ICE is a mod which aims to overhaul HOI IV in order to make a more immersive, historical, and challenging experience for the player.

In short you need all 3 workshops to enjoy BICE

-Black ICE Historical Immersion Mod

-Black ICE news-event GFX + sounds/music

-Black ICE HOI IV event GFX

It is recommended to play BICE with Historical AI Focus on. Ahistorical gameplay will lead to unexepected stuff and might even CTD.
At the moment we only support historical gameplay.

BICE adds in a huge array of new units, equipment types, country specific armor, aircraft and ships for all the major nations.
National Focus trees have been worked on for all the majors and many of the minor nations, often thanks to other mods which have generously allowed BICE to use their NF trees.
Laws and politics are greatly expanded and allow for great detail in how you choose to run your nation.
We have also worked on and expanded the OOBs, templates, and production for all nations. Some techs will provide new units, some will provide upgrades and some will provide new equipment for existing units.
To help offset the costs of equipment specialised factories can be built such as tank factories, artillery factories, small arms factories etc. These map buildings will lower the cost of the associated equipment.
The AI has also been improved and is capable and fully functioning with all the techs, equipment and units where it makes sense in terms of gameplay and history.

BICE HOI IV is a huge and expansive work. If you played HOI3 BICE you will know what you are in for. If not, be warned BICE is not for the faint hearted. BICE tends to frighten casual players and takes a very dedicated and demands a serious and mature strategy gamer's attention.
To put it simply, BICE isnt for everyone. If you like high detail, complicated and multiple choices, options, and possibilities, BICE is for you.

Paradox Forum Link for indepth discussion and the latest news. make sure you register HOI IV on the forum to access the paradox mods section.

BICE GameGuide by Crouching Lemur

BlackICE on Discord

BlackICE version ARCHIVE: (from 2.5.6a)

Current BICE 3.0 team credits
Lead dev's:
Handsome Jack


with thanks to

Energico, Msslupu, duel_obliteration, yuudachipoi, George Parr, Maulwurf, ryjz, pxroberto, ichatv,
franc sher, erwin78, verenikin, Silvercloud, Stjern, Alkin, Aranax, Artur, atheory, Cassian, coop, #
Thedeciderr, Comrademisha, Deadend85, Mackman113, Oumajgad, Timasaurus007,
solfall, Sunwhisper, Wunder wuffle, Xxroxx, Alex Kamal, Spaceraider, Indyclone77

With credit to other mods added

'The Belgian Lion Roars Again' by Thinking_waffle
'A Swedish Tiger' by Herman Lindqvist
More Unit Levels - Vanilla range by CrouchingLemur
'France Total Rework' French National Focus by Faust
The Dutch Lion Roars Again - A Dutch National Focus Overhaul by paTchie
Star and Crescent Turkish National Focus mod by pompelmo
Polish NF mod " Miedzymorze Extended by Aravial, ZMIANA, and Binch"
China National Focus by Kappa
TURK Leaders mod by Barbaros
Better Ireland v2.0 by Antonius Magnus
Portugal Total Rework by EagleEye
Lords of Winter - Finland Focuses by Nightingale
Viva España - A National Focus and Overhaul Mod for Spain by Verenikin
Japanese National Focus by Verenikin
Gfx-ship Profiles by Cpack
Carpet Bombing Effects by Steven(Steam)
immersive equipment mod by machotacoman
Expert AI mod by Chrondite
Italian Generals mod by leonardus and loffreda65
HoI4: Partisan Mod by Micteca
The Iraqi Uprising by Z4STY0
Mandatory Palestine + Arab Revolt Expansion by TragicNumberOne
'War on the Top of the World' by Thinking_waffle
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54 minutes ago
Can you pls do a quick fix on radios
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[MidOrFeed]FIQz 1 hour ago 
also I put the low setting and went for the minors but there was no result
[MidOrFeed]FIQz 1 hour ago 
Thanks for this mod,but lately I can't start a new game. I go into the game choose a country and then written initiation the game and no longer loaded, can you help?(advance thanks)
Iron Legionary 4 hours ago 
@darthkenson Turning down the volume doesn't help, you have to turn it back up to hear everything else, and then constantly turn it back down when going into the tabs. Is there a file that can be edited or removed that I can fix it with?
Handsome Jack  [author] 4 hours ago 
No its not 1 Org. Thats one 1 just given to these units for free. The Command to add Equipment to a unit is not localised by PDX, so its not visible in the tooltip. All Infantry gets Radios, which boosts Org as well
timm.g 4 hours ago 
have got two remarks: 1. please take a look at the returning expeditions. it is not funny to welcome back two tankdivisions from the spanish civil war with each 70/240 tanks. all of their equipment ist reduced by more than 2/3th. it will take more than a year to fill them up again. 2. did you realy change the benfits of the different radios (arty, tank, truck, recon) to just +1 organisiation or will you fix this?
Handsome Jack  [author] 8 hours ago 
Nebo, the factory number in the top is scriped for your starting country alone. That displays the 36 German factories, Ai does not cheat, its called "Improving the AI"
tim.buyck 9 hours ago 
@Darkeson/ Forgot to say thanks : so thanks. Great mod and I do not mind the minor issues much.
tim.buyck 9 hours ago 
@Darkenson. My cavalry and garrison units can't handle the partisans and get their butt kicked by stacks of up to 6-7 partisan units. SS does a bit better. And building a police station is difficult if you constantly loose the territory to partisans popping up. Anyway. I will start a new game and add more SS-and Cavalry units. I needed to do that anyway due to the fact I can't produce radio's anymore :(
darthkenson  [author] 9 hours ago 
Well there you go! Another happy camper:)
Kaiser Wilhelm II 9 hours ago 
Never mind got it to work just reinstalled the mod and also set everything to the lowest settings just in case