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Hearts of Iron IV

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BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod
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BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod

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BlackICE - Historical Immersion Mod
Black ICE is a mod which aims to overhaul HOI IV in order to make a more immersive, historical, and challenging experience for the player.

Update: v4.1.3
HOI4 HYDRA 1.7.1 checksum: 87C8
Next update will be in septemper 2019
Link to previous version 4.1.2 (GITlab public access)

First up, make sure you subscribe to the GFX addon. This basically adds in all the event images for BICE.
Blackice GFX Addon: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842834893

It is recommended to play BICE with Historical AI Focus on. Ahistorical gameplay will lead to unexepected stuff and might even CTD.
If you report them to us we will fix them.

BICE adds in a huge array of new units, equipment types, country specific armor, aircraft and ships for all the major nations.
National Focus trees have been worked on for all the majors and many of the minor nations, often thanks to other mods which have generously allowed BICE to use their NF trees.
Laws and politics are greatly expanded and allow for great detail in how you choose to run your nation.
We have also worked on and expanded the OOBs, templates, and production for all nations. Some techs will provide new units, some will provide upgrades and some will provide new equipment for existing units.
To help offset the costs of equipment specialised factories can be built such as tank factories, artillery factories, small arms factories etc. These map buildings will lower the cost of the associated equipment.
The AI has also been improved, making it better than its Vanilla counterpart. It does due sadly not use the added naval and air trees, but always use the generic ones. We intend to get that working in the future.

BICE HOI IV is a huge and expansive work. If you played HOI3 BICE you will know what you are in for. If not, be warned BICE is not for the faint hearted. BICE tends to frighten casual players and takes a very dedicated and demands a serious and mature strategy gamer's attention.
To put it simply, BICE isnt for everyone. If you like high detail, complicated and multiple choices, options, and possibilities, BICE is for you.

BlackICE on Discord

Paradox Forum Link

BlackICE Version Archive: (from 2.5.6a)

BlackICE Test Version

Current BICE 4.0 Team

Lead - Devs:
- Panzeroo
- Maverick87
- ColonialRebel
- Aquillo

Current Team:
- Jack
- Koltoast
- Vprozevski
- Doruk
- Jango
- elCirri
- Runsondiesel
- Darthkenson
- Erwin78
- Elouda
- Chemical Art
- Dramien
- Warhammer
- Machotacoman
- Meridio
- Eric
- Franc007She
- Yagashura
- Polarace
- DasWiking
- Jaden

with thanks to

Energico, Msslupu, duel_obliteration, yuudachipoi, George Parr, Maulwurf, ryjz, pxroberto, ichatv,
franc sher, erwin78, verenikin, Silvercloud, Stjern, Alkin, Aranax, Artur, atheory, Cassian, HoI4 Modding Coop, #
Thedeciderr, Comrademisha, Deadend85, Mackman113, Oumajgad, Timasaurus007,
solfall, Sunwhisper, Wunder wuffle, Xxroxx, Alex Kamal, Spaceraider, Indyclone77, Jango, Andret, Grenight
Belgian Panzer, Warhammer,

With credit to other mods added:

'The Belgian Lion Roars Again' by Thinking_waffle
'A Swedish Tiger' by Herman Lindqvist
More Unit Levels - Vanilla range by CrouchingLemur
'France Total Rework' French National Focus by Faust
The Dutch Lion Roars Again - A Dutch National Focus Overhaul by paTchie
Star and Crescent Turkish National Focus mod by pompelmo
Polish NF mod " Miedzymorze Extended by Aravial, ZMIANA, and Binch"
China National Focus by Kappa
TURK Leaders mod by Barbaros
Better Ireland v2.0 by Antonius Magnus
Portugal Total Rework by EagleEye
Lords of Winter - Finland Focuses by Nightingale
Viva España - A National Focus and Overhaul Mod for Spain by Verenikin
Japanese National Focus by Verenikin
Gfx-ship Profiles by Cpack
Better Ideology-icons by thevebs
Carpet Bombing Effects by Steven(Steam)
immersive equipment mod by machotacoman
Expert AI mod by Chrondite
Italian Generals mod by leonardus and loffreda65
HoI4: Partisan Mod by Micteca
The Iraqi Uprising by Z4STY0
Mandatory Palestine + Arab Revolt Expansion by TragicNumberOne
'War on the Top of the World' by Thinking_waffle
No Pasaran! Definitive Version by general.belisario
Young Franco and Historical Salazar Portrait by DirtyDan
*UMC* Germany Completed by Narzgel
New Zealand - For Black ICE by Littmann
Total-War Mod by Stjern
German Focus Rework by MrTsubodai
Kaiserreich Mod
Decisions: Speeches Audio by vpl300
Mila Rodino Bulgaria By Admiral Caon
Cold War Iron Curtain: A World Divided Mod
Modding Co-op Shared Asset GitLab
Naval Rework Mod 2 by Elouda
Expanded Resources Mod
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TÄRKEÄ: BlackICE Bugs and Feedback
10 tuntia sitten
Why do my troops lose the battle in just 1 sec?
I'm a Fascist
16.9. kello 18.31
Stupid question but...
< >
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grizzlyman12121 4 tuntia sitten 
I also recently played a game as Finland and was unable to add Heavy Anti Air and Heavy Anti Tank to my divisions, is this a bug or something i need to research?
grizzlyman12121 8 tuntia sitten 
As Germany
grizzlyman12121 8 tuntia sitten 
What is the best combat width for Infantry and Armor?
jessen1264 21.9. kello 17.05 
oh lol, thanks jack
Eliminatore 21.9. kello 8.46 
Hi, great mod. Been playing it for months. I only have one comment to make. If you play as Italy, and invade early Austria or Yugoslavia you will bug Germany. In fact, if you take Yugoslavia dragging Cecoslovakia into the fight and take it as well, Germany at some point will stop researching focus. I guess this is due to the fact that Germany cannot focus to take Sudeteland. This happen with Austria as well making Germany impossible to focus Anschluss. If you stay on Germany you can see them researching the focus and then delete it over and over. It is possible to fix?
reynolds1948 21.9. kello 0.41 
US in 1938 still only has about 80 recruits per month. Cannot build, deploy, or modify any ships until this changes in 1939-40. No Brooklyn Class CLs can be built, No North Carolina class BBs, no Yorktown or Wasp. All dockyards tied up with ships that cannot deploy. Put wider age choice and has no effect. Political system is still broken. Whatever party the President in he will lose any control of Congress by 1938, the other side will always gain 100% of it.
munkajog 20.9. kello 12.46 
I noticed that all countries have their own transport planes, however, in 1936 every country's transport plane has exactly the same range (900 km). (Does this come from Vanilla?) The only difference is Germany where the transport planes (Ju52) have a range of 500 km. This is little bit strange that even Hungary has better transport planes than Germany. I also noticed that the most famous German transport planes (Gigant versions) are missing from the air tree - would be good to see them.
Jack  [tekijä] 20.9. kello 9.20 
No version requires MTG
Chiron 20.9. kello 8.52 
@jessen....there are many previous versions...including ones previous to MtG. There is a link at the top of this page. It does not seem user friendly to me but I'm not a comp guy. It is posted by 'Doruk' and he has a link so you can ask him for help.
jessen1264 20.9. kello 7.21 
is there a version that doesn't require mtg?