Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hey look buddy, I solve no problems, No. Problems.
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Friend Requests and Rules

If I ignore or block You thats mean You didnt read this or You does not conform to the following! You have to read the " My Rules " section! :denied:

:csgocross: If you are adding me for a trade, please go through the below mentioned rules and links beforehand in order to avoid wastage of time.

:csgocross: My Rules

:csgocross:Do not ask for free stuff.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:csgocross:I don't want to see ("I want to pay whit paypal money for your items") I removing these players automatic!!
:csgocross:I don't accept Your request if Your profile or inventory is private!!! Cause then You trying to hide sometheing!!!
:csgocross:I don't accept Your request if You are trade banned (don't care why you got banned)
:csgocross:I don't accept Your request if I see You advertise gambling sites!!!
:csgocross:I never gonna scam anybody
:csgocross:When you trying to scamm Me I report and block You :)
:csgocross:I don't click on any links what You send me in chat, so dont ask for it!
:csgocross:Yeah I don't give My API key on opskins
:csgocross:I don't trade with You if You have tradehold
:csgocross:Before You add Me please leave a comment on my profile about why You want to add Me
:csgocross:pls don't invite me for play games or join groups
:csgocross:Be polite and I will be too :)


-my profile:
-my outpost link:
you can send trade offer for me when im offline, later i check it all :)

:csgocross: I'm Selling

-Yes You can pay with overpaying with items if You don't have enought pure

:csgocross: From Me:

-I love playing video games
-I also have origin acc with these games: battlefied3, nfs2016, nfs mw 2012, star wats battlefront 1(the new one)
-I also have uplay acc with these games: rainbow 6 siege, far cry 3 blood dragon
-Favorite films Series:Brooklyn 99
-Favorite films:Insidious, Die Hard

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I like stabbing you. 41 minutes ago 
If u get mad at "f2p´s" for killing you, that means ur getting mad at some1 who is better than you but doesnt spend money on a *free to play game* so yeah. This whole f2p´s♥♥♥♥♥♥is completly idiotic, please stop it
DJ Feb 19 @ 8:09am 
If you want t-pose for Scout you need to use Force-a-nature, The Winger and Atomizer
Sαgє Feb 3 @ 6:19am 
Still want the Revolver?
Groner Jan 29 @ 8:45am 
TENEBRIS CADIT Jan 27 @ 6:12pm 
+rep best banana
ye thx + REP