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this is the most fun co-op and fanstery warhammer that i played.
the game might look like a l4d clone with the warhammer slap on but it a fun and interesting.

the combat in a mix of chivalry system with more detail and foucse on blocking and strikeing as you chop, bash and crush every skaven rat you see as you complect objects and gain rewards like more close and range weapons, trailmans and hat to each of the 5 interesting characters, the tank dwarf ranger, the brute empire soliders, fire caster brightwitch, the quick shooting witch hunter and the bow welder of death waywatcher.

the enemies are cool with great detail for the weak slave and clanrat, the armored stormvermin, the assasstion gutter runner, the crazy shooting ratling gunner, the poisoned death cloud throwing wind globadiers, the annying packmaster with his man-catcher and the terrifying mass of flesh the rat orge.

the level are good in the layout going of the street of the city of Ubersreik in the middlelands, the outskitsand the underground of the city and the grapichs and sound are stunning.

it a fun game with friends
the lore and setting is fanstic
the game is easy to play and learn
the grapichs are amzing

it not as injoyable alone with bots.
it dose have time where the game dose get a little BS like throwing alot of gutter runners and packmasters at you.