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i'm a chill friendly gamer dragon 'n stuff, also like to jam out to music genres like industrial, electronic & heavy metal
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if you ACTUALLY want to be my friend and not decide to belittle me then please comment your reasoning in the comments section UNLESS its a random friend request then i WILL ignore it AUTOMATICALLY. (friend requests from games are exempt from this rule)

Please DO NOT ask me to trade for my pricey stuff that stuff stays with me - it will be MY CALL whether i want to trade away my expensive items or not, I'LL ask to trade with YOU, not the other way around.

my overall alignment is neutral good, maybe a little chaotic good. if you don't like the "neutral" or "chaotic" part then we probably shouldn't even be friends at all and if you have no idea what I'm talking about then look it up on Google or whatever search engine you use.

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